Tashan e ishq Twiraj story episode 121 part 2


Precap: dadaji going out with Yuvi and Rohan

There was a small crowd surrounding some dancers.

Dadaji was really excites seeing all this. A man came to Yuvi, he greeted him.
Man:”after such a long time, Yuvraj”
Yuvi:”yeah! But here nothing has changed, its still the same.”
Rohan:”with same people…” And he pointed to a group of boys. There were the one with whom Yuvi had a fight years ago.

Yuvi:”leave them, we came here for dadaji, let them.”
Dadaji came there:”this is so awesome.”
The group of boys came to them.
Their leader, with whom Yuvi had a fight:”look who came back here! I thought that you got scared and run away. What brings you here, Mr. Yuvraj Luthra?”
Rohan was about to answer him but Yuvi stopped him.
Yuvi:”listen, i have not come to fight…”
Boy:”ohhh, then? Did you forget our long time fight when he (Rohan) came in between and got beaten in your place. I was thinking to end this fight today. After all, how many time would you come there, now that you are married. Your wife won’t leave you alone, right”
Yuvi:”you want to fight? Then come on…”
Yuvi:”even i want to see how much you improved in these years.”
Dadaji:”Yuvi, let it be. You both came here for the singing and dancing environment don’t ruin it”
Boy:”ok, then… Lets see how Yuvraj Luthra sings… Come on guys, take up your places. In fact i have an idea, why don’t we compete in singing in front of everyone here?”
One boy from the group:”done, now you are dead. No one ever beat Roy (the boy) in singing”
Rohan:”we will see”

The group of Roy went on stage.
Dadaji:”are you both sure about this? I mean you guys are under contract right?”
Yuvi:”yeah but whatever happens here doesn’t go out, so no worry”
Dadaji nodded ok.

The group performed on the song aaj phir peene ki tamana hai from the film loveshuda
They danced around the girls present there who seemed uncomfortable.

Yuvi and Rohan went on stage after their performance.
Roy:”best of luck, Yuvraj”

Yuvi and Rohan sing and danced on the song vele from the movie student of the year.

Assi vele sab vele aa vela ho ja re… (x4)
O o motoron mein dhik-chik dhik-chik gedi-shedi maare hai
Fursaton ko dhuaan dhuaan kar ke shaam udaa de
Kar rahe badmashiyan bole Uncle-Auntiyan
Apni asi yaariyaan duniya pe mukti paaye
Saanu vele kehnde.. saanu vi
Assi kehnde kehnde.. saanu vi
Inna shining shining future bright si
Saanu vele kehnde.. saanu vi
Bas kehnde hi rehnde.. saanu vi
Oye mitran de sang sab kuch all right si
Tadi tadi apni aisi hai ki kit-pit saare dekhenge
Badi badi aankhein kholege deewana humko bolenge
Yaar hai apne favour mein
Ghoome hai phir toh tevar mein
Changi saariyaan apni yaariyan hai forever hoye
Bottlon mein * dale karobar banate
Vekhne hum totta shotta peeke do Patiyale
Saanu vele kehnde.. saanu vi
Bas kehnde hi rehnde.. saanu vi
In a shining shining future bright si
Saanu vele kehnde.. saanu vi
Bas kehnde hi rehnde.. saanu vi
Oye mitran de sang sab kuch all right si
You think you go fast
But I know I’m faster
I’m school ya I’m party ninja master
You think strike like you never ever imagine
Drop the boom from million fathoms
Dil mein boatein chalti hain
O dhadkan gote khati hai
O waare nyare hote hain
Jo humse ankh lad jaati hai
Karti hai kissy wissy oye
Kehti hai miss you miss u oye
Dil ki haarti jaan saarti 
Sab mutiyare hoye
Ladkiyon ke nede tedhe
Gaddi tez chala ke
Karte hain hum hello bye bye po po horn baja ke
Saanu vele kehnde.. saanu vi
Bas kehnde hi rehnde.. saanu vi
In a shining shining future bright si
Saanu vele kehnde.. saanu vi
Bas kehnde hi rehnde.. saanu vi
Oye mitran de sang sab kuch all right si
Assi vele sab vele aa vela ho ja re… (X4)

Some boys also joined in to dance with them.
Dadaji was enjoying seeing them. And all seemed to appreciate their performance.
Everyone clapped for them after the performance.
Roy and his group fumes seeing that.
Roy came to Yuvi.
Roy:”what do you think? You came here after so many years and now competing with us?”
Yuvi:”you kept the challenge, i just accepted it”

Roy:”trying to be smart with me….”
He tried to punch Yuvi but Yuvi hold his hand and jerked him.
Roy fell down.
Yuvi:”i told you I don’t want any fights. So stay away”
Rohan:”Dadaji, buddy, lets go…”
Dadaji nodded yes and they left from there.

Parking lot:
Yuvi, Dadaji and Rohan were walking towards the car when someone hit Yuvi on his back.
He fell down. Rohan and Dadaji turned around to see Roy and his group.
Rohan:”why do you always want to fight with Yuvi?”
One boy:”don’t get into this”
Roy went to Yuvi who was getting up and beat him.
Yuvi tried not to fight back.
(Yuvi is not fighting back as he would really beat Roy till the end and he didn’t want that. He wanted to end the fight)

Rohan tried to stop Roy but his friends blocked him.
Dadaji went to them and pushed Roy away and helped Yuvi to get up.
Yuvi wasn’t that much hurt.

Roy:”how dare you push me old man?”
He was about to hit dadaji but yuvi stopped him.
Yuvi:”don’t you even dare to”
Roy beat Yuvi and their fight started.
Yuvi and Rohan fight back Roy and his friends till they run away.

Yuvi and Rohan hi-fi each other.
Dadaji:”You both are alright?”
The boys nodded yes.

Yuvi:”dadaji, lets go”
Dadaji:”no boxing match… I have seen enough fight for today.”
Rohan:”but where will we go now?”
Dadaji:”i will tell you….”

Twiraj room:
Twinkle and Sana watched movie Sultan and Sana slept. Twinkle was still waiting for Yuvi.
Twinkle thinks:”should i call him? But he told me that he will be late…. In other words he said not to wait for him, so i should go to sleep….”
She went on bed but she was continuously thinking about Yuvi.

Finally, not able to sleep. She took her phone and put her earphones and listened to music. She walked around the room, dancing a bit but making sure not to make any noise so that Sana doesn’t get disturbed.

In the car:
Dadaji is giving instruction to Yuvi where to go.
Yuvi:”dadaji, where are you taking us?”
Dadaji:”you will see…”
They drove for a while and then suddenly he screamed stop.
Yuvi stopped the car with a jerk.
It was a little garden but with superb view. They could see the entire city from there.

Yuvi worked ahead and saw a tree with small pieces of paper tied to the branches and with the light, it seemed that the tree was decorated by lights.
Yuvi:”dadaji, what’s this?”
Dadaji:”this? You see the paper tied there, it is all wishes. I used to come here with Twinkle. She used to tie up her wishes here and no one knew what it was. Since childhood she did so and see how the tree looks nice ”
The boys took pictures of it and Yuvi though to send it to twinkle but then thinks that she might have slept.

Precap: big fights coming between twiraj

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Credit to: Zai

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