tashan e ishq twiraj story episode 12


Outside college
Twinkle was disturbed and chinki came to her.
Chinki: “twinkle first promise me that you will not tell anyone nor you will something”
Chinki: “promise but what happened?”
Twinkle shared everything with her and she was shocked.
Chinki: “Yuvraj Luthra loves you… he kissed you…” twinkle nod yes.
Chinki: “twinkle, do you love him too?”
Twinkle waited a bit and then said: “no, I can’t love him. Maa hates him so much”
Chinki: “forget about aunty, what does your heart says” but twinkle discards that thought. Rohan came to yuvi and asked yuvi what happened.
Yuvi also shared it and Rohan consoles him. Rohan brought yuvi back home and Anita asked yuvi what happened but yuvi went to his room.
Anita: “Rohan what happened? Yuvi is upset, why?
Rohan: “nothing aunty, he had a bad day. That’s it”
Anita: “I will see him”
Anita went to yuvi’s room. She saw him lost with his guitar in his hand, lying on the couch.
Anita: “yuvi…baby what happened?”
Yuvi: “nothing mom, just not feeling well”
Anita: “baby you know that you can share everything with me, right?” yuvi nod yes.
Yuvi rest in Anita’s lap.
Yuvi: “mom, don’t know why but I am missing dad today.” Anita looked at him emotionally. Yuvi: “I don’t really remember the time spent with him but I know that he would be a lucky man to get you.” Anita laughed at his answer.
Yuvi: “sorry mom, I made up cry” and wiped her tears.
Anita: “your dad was very proud of you, yuvi. He was really close to you. He told me when you were born, that you will make us proud”
Yuvi: “yes mom, I will”
Anita: “you have already, yuvi. Your dad always said something to you when you were small. U remember?” yuvi nod no.
Anita: “he always said to follow your heart and passion and you will always win:”
Yuvi: “I will mom. Now I will follow what my heart says”
Anita: “along with your heart, don’t leave your passion, yuvi, your music”
And yuvi slept in her lap.
Anita thinks: “what happened to him? I have never seen him so much upset, I hope he will be fine”
Next morning
Yuvi woke up and Anita brought his breakfast in his room.
Anita: “yuvi, is something bothering you?” yuvi nod no.
Rohan came to yuvi’s place.
Rohan: “yuvi, you are”
Yuvi happily said: “yeah let’s go”
In Rohan’s jeep
Rohan: “yuvi, u are fine? No I mean yesterday, you were so upset and today?”
Yuvi: “yeah, I have decided that I will make twinkle realize my love and I need your help”
Rohan happily agreed.

precap: yuvi asked chinki’s help to prove his love to twinkle.

Credit to: zai

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  1. nice epi n thnks 3epi sath me dalne k lye..wtng 4 nxt epi 😛

  2. Zai jald se jald epi’s dalte jao plz.u’r superb

  3. Wow! it’s to good

  4. cant wait for the next episode.plz write soon.i am just now being the bigest fan of twinraj.plz dont end this sooon.

  5. Thanks zunera. I will post it as soon as possible

  6. thank you everyone for your wonderful comments but i will be posting at night as i resumed school today. i will try to post everyday. thank you for understanding

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