Tashan e ishq twiraj story episode 119


Recap: twiraj romance.

Next morning,
Twinkle woke up and looked around. She looked at yuvi and remembered what happened last night. She blushed.
She got up and went to change.
When she had changed, yuvi was already awake.
Twinkle handed him his shirt and he put it on, while saying good morning.
After that they went out and tried to take some lift.
They finally succeeded.

At Luthra house:
Everyone was there as they were worried about Twiraj. Even Roch.
Rohan was trying Yuvi’s phone but at the same time twiraj entered.
All asked them about where they were. And yuvi explained them.
They talked for a while and then everyone went back to their home.
Twiraj and Roch went to twiraj room.

Chinki, teasingly:”twinkle, what happened yesterday?”
Twinkle, smilingly:”nothing”
Rohan:”buddy? What happened?”

Twiraj room:
Chinki:”Rohan, they don’t want to share what happened yesterday but we got to know…”
Twiraj looked confusingly at them.
Rohan:”arey buddy, the love bite on twinkle’s neck says everything.”
Twiraj both smiled feeling embarrassed and twinkle tried to cover it.

Chinki:”no need to hide twinkle, i guess everyone saw it”
Twinkle was blushing and she ran to the washroom.
Rohan and chinki smiled seeing her and then turned to yuvi.
He also left citing some excuse, Roch laughed at them.

After sometimes, in twiraj room.
Roch left from there.
Twinkle came out of the washroom, with her hair wet. Yuvi looked at her.
She went to the dressing table and was combing her hair when yuvi came and hugged her from behind.
Twinkle:”yuvi, leave me!”
Yuvi:”no way!”
Twinkle:”plz yuvi…”
Yuvi:”ok… On one condition…”
And he moved closer to her for a kiss. Their lips were an inch away and twinkle had her eyes close.
Yuvi was about to kiss her when Sonia entered the room.
Twiraj parted away seeing her.
Sonia:”sorry, I didn’t… I will come later on…”
Twinkle:”no, it’s ok.”
Yuvi left from there and leave Twinkle with her.

Yuvi went outside and see that Anita had informed the mechanic about his car and hr repaired it and brought it back.
Anita:”happy? Your favorite car is back”
Yuvi:”thanks mom, love you.”
Anita looked at yuvi and saw that he was all dressed up.

Anita:”where are you going?”
Yuvi:”site, actually Mr. John wanted to see it through video conference so i need to go there.”
Anita:”baby, you just came and now…”
Yuvi:”mom, don’t worry I will back soon.”
Anita:”you rest, i will show him the site…”
Anita:”mom, what do you think that I don’t know you were worried for me even if i called you.”

Anita:”obviously i will be worried naa? What was the need to go to the boxing match?”
Yuvi:”mom, you know i love boxing!” He said excitedly.
Anita:”yeah and i hate that game as you come hurt every time you participate”
Yuvi smiled at her and after taking permission, he left.

Twiraj room:
Sonia was talking to twinkle and trying to know what happened yesterday. Twinkle find it weird as Yuvi said it in front of everyone. But still she wanted to know.

Twinkle:”Sonia, i forgot that i had to go meet my mom, so i will come in sometime.”
And she left from there.
Sonia was angry as she couldn’t get anything from twinkle.
(Actually, she wanted to what happened between twiraj. As she was somewhere jealous of twinkle being with yuvi.)

Dadi was in the hall when twinkle came down. Twinkle asked her to go to Taneja house and dadi agreed.
Sana insisted to go with her, and dadi allowed her.

Taneja house:
Twinkle and Sana entered the house.
Leela saw her and came to her.
Soon dadaji came there. Leela offered chocolates to Sana and she sat quietly eating them.
Dadaji:”twinkle, you came alone, where is yuvi?”

Twinkle looked at him in surprise:”maa, don’t you think that dadaji is concerned only about yuvi these days. He doesn’t even see me now, all time, yuvi yuvi”

Dadaji, teasingly:”right, he is my grandson, so i will ask about him. And about you, you have stayed here all your childhood i spent a lot of time with you, now i want to spend time with my grandson”
Twinkle, pretending to be sad:”so you don’t miss me at all? You don’t care if i am away from you all?”

Dadaji looked at her emotionally and hit her forehead:”how can my princess think of that? I miss you everyday!”
Twinkle smiles at him seeing his concern for her and hugged him.
Leela smiles seeing them.

Leela:”only with your grandfather, what about my hug?”
Twinkle:”ohhh how can i forget you maa”
She hugged Leela too.
Twinkle:”maa, where is Raman uncle and Pinni aunty”
Dadaji:”they went out beta, for shopping”
Twinkle:”shopping? Is there anything special?”

Leela:”i forgot to tell you, there is Eid celebration so i planned a party tonight.”
Leela:”yeah, you know that many of our workers are Muslims so I thought to keep a party”
Dadaji:”yeah, we were about to come to invite you and the whole family.”
Twinkle:”ok then, i will tell them”

Leela:”no beta, we will go there, they won’t like it if we just tell you, especially that Anita”
Dadaji:”yeah beta!”
Sana, who was listening to them, excitedly:”wow party! Aunty, there will be ice cream right?”
Leela, smilingly:”yeah, i know its your favorite”
Sana:”thank you ”
Dadaji:”leela, lets go to her place!”
She nodded yes and the four of them left for Luthra house.

Luthra house:
Yuvi was back and in the hall, talking to dadi and Anita and Sonia.
She was continuously staring at yuvi.
Yuvi was exclaiming his happiness as Mr. John really liked their work. And it was nearly over, just the decorations were left.

Tanejas along with Twinkle and Sana, came in. Sana rushed next to Yuvi.
Dadi greeted them.
Yuvu went to Dadaji and touched his feet for blessings and then to Leela. She blessed him.

Leela invited them for the party while all waited for Anita’s response.
Yuvi was praying that she says yes and she did.
They were quite surprised as they were expecting a fight but was happy that they didn’t fight.

Dadi talked to Leela for a while. Anita was also talking but it was as if she was taunting Leela. And she was taking to Sonia at the same time.
Dadaji went to yuvi and talked to him.
Yuvi:”what happened dadaji?”
Dadaji:”when will you take me there?”
Yuvi:”patient dadaji, i will take you but after the party.”

Dadaji, excitedly:”means tonight…”
Yuvi:”no… After the party means maybe tomorrow, tomorrow afternoon or tomorrow night”
Dadaji:”ok but promise tomorrow?”
Dadaji smiled at him.

Twinkle saw them talking and looked curiously at them.
Yuvi saw her looking towards them and signed dadaji. They both smiled at her and this confused her more.
Dadaji also joined dadi, Leela and Anita. He was speaking to Anita.

(Although both families hated each other, Anita didn’t bring dadaji in between. She talked to him nicely as he considered her as her daughter. How could a daughter speaks badly to her dad. All these years, they were not talking to avoid conflicts but now it was quiet normal for them to talk)

Yuvi looked at twinkle who was standing behind Leela. Yuvi was also standing but behind dadaji.
Yuvi signed twinkle to come to him, while she refused as everyone was there. She was sure that Yuvi would do something.
Yuvi continued to sign her.
And Sonia noticed that. She was fuming seeing them.

Yuvi looked at everyone and saw that everyone was busy talking and sent flying kisses to twinkle. She looked at him angrily but soon blushes as he continues.

Sana saw them and giggles quietly. Sonia was fuming a lot and she got up and went next to Yuvi.
Yuvi stopped his antics as he saw her.
Sonia:”Yuvi i need your help, plz come with me.”
Yuvi:”i will help you but later on as everyone is here. My in-laws are here so I can’t leave.”
Sonia:”you will help me later on right? Plz”
She held Yuvi’s hand.
He was a bit surprised by her actions.
Twinkle saw her and felt a bit bad, she noticed that Yuvi was trying to free himself from her grip.
She went to them without anyone noticing.

Sonia was angry seeing twinkle. Twinkle removed Yuvi’s hand in hers.
Twinkle:”yuvi, Rohan called on my phone as he was not getting you, talk to him”
Twinkle took him from there.

Twinkle brought him next to the dinning table.
Yuvi:”where is your phone?”
Twinkle:”sorry, i lied to take you from there, away from her”
Yuvi, smiles at her:”my possessive biwi (wife)”
Twinkle(in one go):”yeah, i am possessive and I don’t like when she is near you or… Or…. Touching you. I felt like killing her when she does something to impress you… I feel like slapping her hard….”
She was saying all this in one go, so yuvi kissed her on her cheek to stop her.

Yuvi:”wifey, i understood, in short, you don’t like her actually you hate her.”
Twinkle nodded yes sadly.

Again this is witnessed by Sonia who was now very angry and fuming with rage.
She went to her room and threw her phone on the bed angrily.
She remembers Twiraj being close to each and the moments that she saw. And all this angered her more.

After sometimes, Tanejas went.
Anita:”Yuvi, i was thinking to do some shopping for tonight’s party. So you can take us to buy some clothes”
Yuvi:”sure mom!”
Anita:”ok then, i will call Sonia”
Twinkle went to get her purse along with dadi.

Only Yuvi and Sana were in the hall.
Sana:”partner, these days you are full on romance mode”
Yuvi:”what do you mean?”
Sana:”yesterday you guys were out the whole night, i heard you both on the radio and now, you were sending her flying kisses”
She imitate Yuvi: how he was sending flying kisses.
Yuvi:”you are making fun of me? Wait!”
Sana run away while yuvi chased her.
She ran near the stairs and when Yuvi came there, he collided with Sonia.
Yuvi held her hand so that she doesn’t fall down.
He apologized and continued to chase Sana. Sonia looked at him and caresses her hand where he touched her.

Soon everyone came down and Anita asked yuvi to stop the chase. And they left.

Shopping mall:
All the ladies were doing shopping. They entered a big store, followed by Yuvi who was busy with his phone.
Twinkle selected a dress for her and went to the trial room.
Anita shows Yuvi a white shirt and asked him to try it.
Yuvi, reluctantly went to the trial, just after twinkle went in. He entered the same room and locked it.
By that time, twinkle had already removed her dress
The light were off so they didn’t see each other.
Suddenly, they bumped in each other. They both screamed but not that loud. Yuvi put his hand on her mouth to stop her from shouting. And by his touch, Twinkle knew it was yuvi.
Yuvi:”shhhh its me, baby. Calm down”
Twinkle removed his hand:”yuvi, what are you doing here?”
Yuvi:”sorry i didn’t know there was someone here, the door was open”
Twinkle:”ohhh, i forgot to lock it”
Yuvi:”where is the lights?”
Then she realized that she didn’t have her dress and stopped him from turning it on
Yuvi:”what happened?”
Twinkle:”actually…. Wo…”
Yuvi held her hands to ask her what happened and he moved her hands to her waist and realized that she had no dress.

Yuvi:”where is your dress?”
Twinkle:”behind me”
Twinkle was about to get it but it slipped off her hands as Yuvi touched her waist.
Yuvi:”sorry it was unintentionally”
Twinkle:”my dress fell down”
Twinkle tried to reach for it bit couldn’t as she didn’t see it.
Twinkle:”yuvi, i am not getting it.”
Yuvi:”we will have to turn on the lights to see where it is”
Twinkle:”but i am …”
Yuvi:”don’t worry…”
Twinkle put her arms around her to cover when Yuvi turned on the lights.
He looked at her and saw that she was nervously trying to cover herself.

Yuvi picked up her dress and handed it to her.
Twinkle took it and then saw that it had torn a bit and she showed it to yuvi.
Yuvi:”where is the dress you were about to change?”
Twinkle:”it is with Sonia, actually she was outside, that’s why i didn’t lock the door.”
Yuvi:”but she was not there when i came”
Twinkle:”what are we going to do?”
Yuvi opened the door and saw that there was people outside the trial room waiting. So he couldn’t go out to bring a dress for her.

Yuvi, closing the door:”there are many people waiting outside. I can’t go”
Twinkle looked at herself in the mirror, then looked at Yuvi.
Someone knocked at the door and twinkle turned to yuvi and hugged him in fear.
The person:”is there anyone?”
Yuvi:”yeah, plz go to the next one, i am going to take a lot of time, as i am trying lots of clothes.”

Yuvi held twinkle’s hand to break the hug. But his touch made twinkle to close her eyes. She felt butterflies in stomach. And unknowingly smiled while hugging him. And she tightened her grip.
Yuvi touched her bare back and kissed her right shoulder. Twinkle clutches his shirt. Yuvi broke the hug and bring her face to face to him.

Yuvi came close to her while she moved back till she hit the mirror behind her. As the mirror was cold she shivered.

Sonia was looking at some dresses, Anita came to her and told her that she, dadi and Sana were going to the next shop and to call her when they have finished here and to bring twinkle too. Sonia agreed and Anita left.
Sonia smirks thinking of she had done. Actually she purposely said to twinkle that she will hold her dress and be outside. And when twinkle went in, she left from there citing a man to go in that trail room.

But it was Yuvi who went first.

The man came back to her and said that the room is locked and that it was a boy in it, not a girl.
(He was the one who knocked the door)
Sonia:”what? No, twinkle was there”
She went there to check.
She saw 2-3 people and waited for them to leave.
Once they left for the trial, she came near the one Twiraj were in.
She was about to knock when she heard twinkle voice.
Twinkle:”what are you doing?”
Sonia smirks thinking that another boy entered but her mission was accomplished but was speechless when she heard twinkle saying Yuvi’s name.

Yuvi moved closer to her and lean towards her. He came close to kiss her.
Twinkle:”Yuvi, we can’t…”
Yuvi:”baby, don’t worry. There is only a cockroach on your shoulder.”
And he pushed it away.
Twinkle screamed a bit. And he laughed at her. The
Sonia:”twinkle are you still here?”
Sonia:”sorry, Aunty called me. Here is your dress, try it i select one.”
Twinkle opened the door a bit to take the dress.
And she closed it again.
She put on the dress while Yuvi turned around.
He opened the door and saw that there was no one, and they came out.
They came to Sonia. And she act surprised to see yuvi there.
Sonia:”yuvi, you were here? Where were you?”
Yuvi:”in the trial room…. Next to twinkle”
Sonia:”so lets go, aunty and all are in the next shop”
Yuvi:”wait, we will pay for the dress and come”
Sonia:”why are you wearing this dress? Where is your dress?”
Yuvi:”i will just come…”
Twinkle didn’t want to reply her but did as she would ask several times.
Yuvi paid for the dress and the shirt.
He took the shirt as Anita choose it and knew that it would fit him.
There was another bag with him. But the girls didn’t notice it.

After sometimes, they finished shopping and as Sana was hungry they stopped to eat something.

They were really tired when they returned home.

Precap: party and twiraj dance.

Credit to: Zai

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