Tashan e ishq twiraj story episode 118


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Recap: twiraj radio romance.

Twiraj were walking on the road trying to take lift but at that time there was no one.
Twinkle:”yuvi i am tired…. We are walking since… I don’t know how much time…”
Yuvi:”baby, come on little bit more.”

But twinkle went to the side of the road and sat there.
Yuvi followed her.
Yuvi:”little bit more…”
T:”no I can’t”
Y:”ok we will stay here for sometimes.”
Twinkle looked at him.

Yuvi noticed her and asked:”what?”
T:”i thought that you would… Would carry me like in movies. When the girl gets tired of walking, the boy picked her up in bridal style.” She said as if dreaming of that and all smilingly.

Yuvi:”baby, movies are movies, this is real life, and I won’t be able to carry you as…”

Twinkle:”why? Am i heavy? You are saying that i am fat?”
Yuvi, giggles:”no, I didn’t mean that. I meant that i am tired too…”
Twinkle, as if annoyed:”okay!”
Suddenly it started to rain. Yuvi pulled twinkle with him. They tried to search a place where they could take shelter.
Twinkle then pointed out a small hut. And they went there.
Yuvi:”is anyone here?” But there was no answer.
Twinkle:”I don’t think this look like an abandoned hut”
Twinkle was feeling cold as she was fully drenched. Yuvi saw her and told her to change.

Twinkle:”change? And what do i wear?”
Yuvi looked around, there was a small wardrobe there. He searched in it but found only a blanket, then he removed his shirt and gave it to her.
Twinkle:”but you? Won’t you feel cold cold?”
Yuvi nodded no to her.
He asked her to change and put the blanket so that he doesn’t see her.
Twinkle went to change and Yuvi tried to light up the bonfire.
He was successful. Twinkle came out wearing his shirt.
Yuvi looked at her and was mesmerized seeing her.
Twinkle came next to him.
He was still staring at her.
Twinkle:”why are you staring at me?”
Yuvi smiled at her and nodded no.
Twinkle:”it’s so peaceful here. Away from everything, from the noise of the city.”
Yuvi looked at her lovingly while she was describing the place.

Twinkle, looked at him:”i am talking since long and you are only listening to me.”

Yuvi:”i was just looking how beautiful you are.”
Twinkle blushes away and she went up to the small window. She opened it and appreciate the rain.
Yuvi came behind her and hugged her.
Twinkle:”thats so beautiful.”
Yuvi:”yeah. Wish we could stay here forever”
Yuvi makes her turned to him and kissed her forehead. Twinkle looked at him.
Twinkle was afraid seeing something.
Yuvi saw her afraid and asked her.
Twinkle pointed behind him.
Yuvi turned around to see and saw a snake there.
Yuvi also was a bit afraid.
Twinkle moved behind yuvi.
Twinkle:”yuvi, make it go away!”
Yuvi:”arey, you are saying as if i am a snake charmer that i will make it go or control it”
Twinkle:”yuvi, i am scared of snake…”
Yuvi tried to make it go by telling it to go.
Twinkle:”it will not go like this”
Yuvi:”so try you”
Twinkle, trying to look brave:”yeah i can make it go.” She also tried by throwing small pebbles on the snake.
Yuvi:”come on twinkle.”
Twinkle:”shut up!”
Yuvi:”twinkle you are tigress, then why are you scared of such a small snake?”
Twinkle:”do you think that i am tigress for real that i will not be scared of snake?”
Yuvi, whispering:”by seeing your attitude and tashan, anyone would say that you are a tigress.”
Twinkle:”shut up, lets make it go together”
But when they looked back, the snake was gone.
Twiraj:”where did it go?”
Twinkle:”i made it go away” she said proudly.
Yuvi:”great job” he said sarcastically.

Twinkle:”but what if it comes back?”
Yuvi:”ohh look its behind you…”
Twinkle screamed and hugged Yuvi but they both fell down.
Twinkle was on top of Yuvi.
Twinkle was still hugging him.
Yuvi:”baby, i was joking…”
Twinkle looked at him angrily:”i could have died of heart attack.”
Yuvi turned her and he came on top of her.

They have an eyelock.
Yuvi stared at her lovingly. He moved close to her and kissed her on the lips. Twinkle also reciprocate the kiss. They parted away after sometimes.
Yuvi kissed her neck twinkle closed her eyes feeling his touch.
He moved her hair was on her face. He again kissed her again on her lips.
And they make love.

Precap: didn’t decide

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Credit to: Zai

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  12. It was fantastic zai sooooo cute….
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