Tashan e ishq twiraj story episode 115

Recap: painting fun of twiraj and roch.

Next morning,
Yuvi woke up quite late as he was very tired. He looked at the time and woke up with a jerk.
Yuvi, to himself:”God, I am late…”
Twinkle came there, with breakfast for him.
Yuvi:”morning, why didn’t you wake me up? I am late”
Twinkle:”you were tired yesterday so i let you slept.”
Yuvi:”but i am late…” He quickly got off the bed. Twinkle stopped him.
Twinkle:”listen, Rohan and group is downstairs. I called them and told them to practice at home instead of studio today. So you are not late.”
Yuvi:”thanks you baby! I will go down” he kissed twinkle cheeks and went in the bathroom.

The whole group had already placed all the equipment and were waiting for yuvi.
Anita was not there.
Yuvi came down, apologizing to them.
The group:”its ok yaar.”
And they started practicing.

They practiced for about 1 hour and then took a break.
They were sitting and talking when they heard someone at the door.
Anita came there with a girl. The girl was wearing a short dress, with high heels and a handbag in her hand.
All of them were looking at them.
The girl:”hey everyone….”
The boys were staring at her.
Boys:”sorry… Hey…”
The girl saw yuvi and came to him and hugged him.
Yuvi felt a bit uncomfortable and twinkle was angry seeing that.
The girl:”i miss you so much Yuvi”
Yuvi, didn’t recognize her.
With a questioning look, yuvi to Anita:”mom….” And signed her who is she.
Anita:”yuvi, she is Sonia.”
Yuvi:”who Sonia?”
Sonia:”idiot, your childhood friend”
Rohan came near Yuvi and whispers to him:”that chipko girl, she always wanted to stay with you, remember in school.”
Yuvi:”oh no! Plz not her.”
Sonia:”actually i came here for a college project.”
Anita:”come beta, sit”
They took seat,
Anita ask the servants to bring some drinks and snacks.
Yuvi and Rohan were still whispering to each.
Rohan:”she has become hot…”

Yuvi:”oh shut up! And don’t forget you have a girlfriend.”
Rohan smiled at him.
Yuvi:”you remember, i hated the way she used to always stick around me. We weren’t even friends but she always told everyone that i was her best friend.”
Rohan:”I remember yaar. Theses years were…”
Sonia:”yuvi, why are you standing there? We met after such a long time….” She pulled yuvi to the sofa and made him sat next to him.
Twinkle felt a bit bad.
She sat close to Yuvi. He was feeling uncomfortable.
Anita and Sonia talked for a while. The boys were tired so they left. Rohan was also leaving but yuvu held his hand and pulled him on the sofa next to him.
Yuvi, whispers to him:”don’t dare to leave me alone with her.”
Rohan:”why are you putting me in this also?”
Yuvi:”friends always support each other in good and bad times”

Rohan:”yeah, and i think that your bad time has start because twinkle is angry with you.”
He signed yuvi to see twinkle. She was very angry and went from there angrily.
Rohan:”go to her!”
Yuvi followed her.

In the kitchen:
Twinkle angrily put the plate which made a noise. The servants looked at her. Yuvi came there and hold his head as he knows she is much angry.
He signed the servants to leave. They all left quietly.
Yuvi thinks:”what to do? How to…”
Twinkle turned to him.
Twinkle, angrily:”what are you doing here?”
Twinkle:”what baby? Go…”
Twinkle:”go to your childhood friend, Sonia (she said it in a very funny way)”
Yuvi, smilingly:”are you jealous?”
Twinkle:”jealous of her… No way.”
Yuvi:”then why are you reacting this way?”
Yuvi:”hmmmm what?”

Twinkle turned around. Yuvi hugged her from behind. He placed his chin on her shoulder.
Yuvi:”baby, no matter how many girls come like her, you will be the only one for me. My heart, love is only for you. No other girl can take your place.”
Twinkle turned back to him and hugged him.
Twinkle:”you will always be with me right?”
Yuvi:”whole life!”
Twinkle hugged him once again.
Yuvi:”ok, now i need to go to her…”
Twinkle:”i will kill you if she tries to get close to you.”
Yuvi, pretending to be afraid:”ok, Mrs. Luthra.”
Twinkle, authoritative but in a funny way. She held his collar:”Mr. Luthra, remember one thing, only Twinkle Yuvraj Luthra has the right on you, no one else.”
Yuvi smilingly:”ok…”
They laughed at the end.

Yuvi went out with Twinkle.
Rohan came to them.

Yuvi nodded yes.
Rohan:”twinkle, you should have tease him a bit. You should have been angry on him.”
Yuvi:”you are my friend only naa? You are against me here”
Twinkle laughed at them.
Anita called them.
Anita:”yuvi, she came here for her project, you will help her right?”
Yuvi:”mom, you know naa… I have recording, college and project… I have an idea, let twinkle help her.”
Twinkle looked at him.
Yuvi smiles at her.
Yuvi whispers to her:”at least by this she will stay away from me”
Twinkle:”yeah sure! I will help you.”
Sonia:”who is she?”
Yuvi:”sorry, didn’t introduce you to her, as you kept on talking. She is Twinkle, my wife”
Sonia:”wife? You got married?”
Rohan, whispers:”he most have got married so as she became his wife”

Yuvi hit him in his stomach.
Rohan, holding his stomach:”Sonia, i am going home, come i will drop you…”
Sonia:”drop me? I am not going anywhere, i am staying here only”
Twiraj, Rohan:”what?”
Sonia:”yeah, aunty said that i am going to be here till my project finishes. I will stay with yuvi.”

Yuvi, thinks:”Oh babaji! Plz save me from her. She will always stick to me… And twinkle?” He felt like crying.

Anita:”come, i will show you your room.”
They left.
Rohan:”great, you will have to manage both…”
Twinkle left from there.
Yuvi:”ahhhhh. The person who said that it is complicated to understand girls, is absolutely right. I just make her understood and she is again angry”
Rohan:”best of luck buddy… I am going.”
Yuvi:”thanks… Tomorrow we will have practice at the studio.”
Rohan:”ok, i will inform the others. Bye”

Twiraj room:
Twinkle was making the bed. Yuvi came behind her.
Twinkle:”go sleep. You need to wake up early in the morning.”
Yuvi hugged her.
Twinkle:”leave me and sleep.”
Yuvi:”now it is the limit, twinkle i told you…”
Twinkle ignored him and continue with the work.
Yuvi:”ok, you don’t want to talk to me right? Then i will also not talk to you.”
He went on bed and switched off the lights.

Twinkle also lay down.

Precap: Sonia trying to be with yuvi all the time.

Hey guys thank you so much for lovely comments and support. Sorry for not posting these days as i am busy with exams which will start on Tuesday and also with Ramazan, so really sorry for being late.

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