Tashan e ishq twiraj story episode 114

Precap: twiraj know about the plan of Leela and Anita. Rahul sir trying to separate them.

As the principal gave them the permission to go home, Roch (Rohan and Chinki- the name said by Liya in the previous update) and Twiraj went to the hotel- Mr john project.
The construction was done by now. They need to paint it and decorate it. As they couldn’t appoint painters, they decided to do it themselves.

Outside the hotel:
The four were standing there, looking at the hotel.
Yuvi was very happy that his first project was almost done.
Twinkle looked him while he was still looking at the building. She smiles seeing him happy.
Rohan:”so yuvi, from what do we start?”
Yuvi:”first, by changing…”
Roch and twinkle:”changing?”
Yuvi:”will you guys paint in branded clothes? I don’t think so!”
Roch and twinkle:”but we don’t have exchange clothes…”
Yuvi:”i have arranged everything. I got mine and twinkle clothes, and brought for you also. I mean, i asked the driver to go to your house… And i called Chinki’s mom to tell.”
Roch and twinkle:”ahhh ok”
Twinkle:”so smart Mr. Husbafnd”
Yuvi:”after all i am Mrs Luthra’s husband”
Chinki:”ok, so we should go and change.”
They went to change inside one by one.

When they already change, they came in a room, with buckets of paint and paintbrush.
Yuvi and Rohan were wearing a normal T-shirt with cargo shorts.
Twinkle and Chinki was also wearing normal white T-shirt with suspender shorts. They also had red hair bandana.

Rohan:”lets start…”
Yuvi:”we start from this room.”
They all started to paint a corner of the room.
Rohan signs Yuvi to put up some music. Yuvi out music on his phone.
Imagine any song you want.

After sometimes, Twinkle came near yuvi and apply paint on his cheeks. Yuvi looked at her. He came to her and he also applied on her but a bit more than him.
Soon they started to play with the paint by applying on one another. Roch saw them and came to stop them but Twiraj started to put on them also. And all 4 continued to play with the paint.
After sometimes, yuvi looked arround and saw that they have wasted quite a lot of paint. He tried to stop them, but in vain.
Suddenly, he screamed:”STOP IT”
The three stop.
Yuvi:”guys we are wasting the paint, plz stop it.”
Roch, twinkle:”sorry…”
They were almost completely covered with paint.
Yuvi and Rohan’s group came there. They laughed seeing their state.
Rohan shake the brush and paint fell on them too.
Yuvi:”Ro.. Stop it”
The group also joined in to paint. After a 4-5 hours they got tired.
As his group got tired, yuvi told them to go home. They refused at first but yuvi insisted as they need to rest for college the next day. The group painted 3-4 rooms and went.
The group left.

Yuvi:”Ro…. You also go, I will manage… And yeah, drop twinkle also.”
(Ro is Rohan)
Twinkle:”yuvi, i will stay with you…”
Rohan:”even we are not going anywhere. We will stay with you.”
Yuvi smiled at them.
He nodded yes and they got back to work. They had to paint the ceiling but they didn’t have ladder.
Rohan and Yuvi were trying to find a solution while the girls kept on painting the wall.
Rohan, to yuvi:”what will do for the ceiling?”
Yuvi, rubbing his hair,:”don’t know… Wait maybe i know.”
Yuvi pinpoint at the girls. Rohan smiled to him.
Yuvi and Rohan came to twinkle and Chinki and pick them up in their arms.
The girls were surprised by their sudden move.
Twinkle:”yuvi, put me down.”
Chinki:”yeah its not the time to romance, put us down”
Rohan:”we are not romancing you…”
Yuvi:”we picked you up so that you can paint the ceiling.”
Twinkle and Chinki:”ohhh ok”
The girls began to paint the ceiling. Rohan and Yuvi tried to maintain the balance.
But Yuvi step on something due to which he losses his balance and Twiraj fell down.

Twinkle fell on yuvi. Twiraj have an eyelock.
At the same time, Anita, Sana, Dadi with Leela, Dadaji, Raman and Pinni came there.
Chinki saw them and signed Rohan. He put her down.
Rohan sees both families looking at twiraj.
Rohan went to them.
Rohan:”buddy, are you find?”
The eyelock broke and twinkle got off of him. Twinkle then noticed the families.
Rohan forward his hand to Yuvi for him to get up. Yuvi got up and saw them. He was a bit embarrassed. Dadaji smiled at him, which made him feel more embarrassed.

Chinki:”aunty, how come you are here?”
Leela:”we thought to help…”
Anita:”you four, take sone rest, we will continue it.”
Dadaji:”yeah, we bought food also for you.”
Twinkle went to Leela and her family to hug them.
After the hugs,
Roch, twinkle sat down and started to eat the food. The families started working without arguing for the first.

Yuvu went to Anita.
Yuvi:”mom… Leave it i will do it.”
Anita:”no baby, you rest.”
Yuvi:”mom, all these years, i have rest and you kept on working. Now its my time to work and you to rest and enjoy.”
Anita:”i will but not now. In some years, after you finish college, then all work will be yours. But not for now. Go, eat…”
Yuvi nodded yes and joined Roch and twinkle.
Dadaji smiled seeing Yuvi and thinks:”thank you babaji, twinkle’s choice is the best for. Yuvi is the perfect one for her.”

After having food, the four again joined to paint, but dadaji stopped them.
Dadaji:”enough, enough of work today. We will continue tomorrow. You have to rest also.”
Yuvi:”but dadaji…”
Anita:”he is right…” Everyone was a bit shocked as Anita actually supported Dadaji.
Anita:”i mean that, baby, you can’t finish the paint in one day. All will be done gradually. And also if you keep working like this, it will affect your health.”
Yuvi nodded yes and they packed up the stuffs.

Luthra house:
Twiraj room:
Yuvi came in the room, he had already changed. He actually took bath in Sana’s room as twinkle had to bath as well.
He looked vet tired. He hold his back. He had backache. He tried to lay down but couldn’t.
Twinkle came out and saw him.
Her hair was wet as she had to wash it due to paint.
She came near yuvi.
Twinkle:”what happened?”
Yuvi:”my back…”
Twinkle:”yuvi, Anita aunty is right, you should not work so much, that is affects your health”
Yuvi:”ok, i will not do it again.”
Twinkle:”good, now remove your shirt”
Yuvi, surprised:”baby, if you want to see me shirtless, then you can say it directly…”
Twinkle, smiled sarcastic:”very funny. But i am saying it to apply balm on your back.”

Yuvi:”ahhh ok”
Yuvi removed his shirt. Twinkle came close to him and apply the balm.
Yuvi looked at her reflection in the mirror. Twinkle, aware of his gaze on her, continue to apply the balm.
Twinkle also looked at his reflection in the mirror and they continue looking at each other for sometimes.
Twinkle:”done.” She helped him to put his shirt.
Twinkle:”now don’t wake up. Just sleep.”
Twinkle went back to the mirror and was drying her hair.
Suddenly, there was a knock on the door.
Yuvi was about to go but Twinkle stared at him angrily, as if threatening him not to get down.
Twinkle went to open the door. It was Anita.
She came in and sat next to yuvi.
Yuvi:”mom, you need something?”
Anita:”baby, is your back hurting too much?”
Yuvi:”actually… Yes”
Anita:”take this medicine, it will calm the pain, and you will sleep well with it.”
Yuvi took the medicine and Anita turned off the bed side lights.
Twinkle smiled seeing her love for Yuvi.
Anita, to twinkle:”if he needs something, call me”
Twinkle nodded yes.
Anita left.

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