Tashan e ishq twiraj story episode 113


Recap: new teacher, planned by Leela and Anita.

@ night,
Twinkle talking to Leela on the phone.
Leela:”everything is fine naa?”
Twinkle:”maa, perfect! Stop worrying for me…”
Leela:”how can i stop worrying about you?”
Twinkle:”maa, you always wanted to see me happy right?”
Leela:”yes, i want you to have the happiness of the world.”
Twinkle:”i am happy, but it seems that you are still angry with me.”
Leela:”no beta, i am not…”
Twinkle:”then why are you trying to…” (She stops.)
Leela:”what beta?”
Leela:”I would never want you to cry. I want you to be happy.”
Twinkle:”maa, Yuvi is trying his best to keep me happy and i am very happy with him. And if i won’t be able to stay away from him.”
Leela remembers what she planned with Anita.
Leela:”beta, i will call you later on.”
Leela thinks:”Am I doing right to separate her and yuvi?….No, what i am doing is for her wellbeing. She won’t stay happy with Anita and yuvi.”

Twiraj room:
Twinkle was in tears after talking to Leela.
Yuvi entered with some files in his hands.
He saw her crying and went to her.

Yuvi:”baby, what happened? Why are you crying?”
Twinkle:”nothing, i was talking to maa…”
Yuvi:”you are missing her?”
Twinkle:”why our moms are not understanding us? Why are they trying to separate us?”
Yuvi:”baby calm down. See the good side of it, our moms came together… Even if to separate us… They will stay together, talk to each other, maybe they will sort out their differences by themselves… And we know about their plans so we will stay together but not let them know about it.”

Twinkle:”its good that you saw them discussing about their plans.”

Flashbacks shows:
In episode 111
At night when yuvi went out saying to twinkle that he will come in sometimes.
He went to the kitchen to drink water when he saw Anita leaving from there.
Yuvi, to himself:”mom? Where is she going at this time? Is there some problems?”
He decided to follow her and he saw everything. Even that Mohit was with them.

And then when he went to inform twinkle about Anita giving her the permission to go to college. He told her everything which was muted.

Flashbacks ends.

Yuvi:”I don’t what they are planning but we have to stay a bit careful especially from that Mohit…”
Twinkle:”we will always stay together right?”
Yuvi, smiles at her:”always! I promise.”
Twinkle hugged him.

Yuvi:”ok now, i have a lot of works to do…”
He took the files and started to study it.

Twinkle looked at him and then went to change. When she came out of the washroom, yuvi was still with then files and his laptop.
Twinkle came to him.
Twinkle:”yuvi, now stop naa. Continue it in the morning.”
Yuvi:”baby, I don’t like waking up early, don’t worry i will manage.”
Twinkle:”no, now you will go on bed…”
She closed the laptop and pulled him to the bed.
Yuvi try resisting.
Yuvi:”baby, don’t do this!”
But twinkle pulled him with all her force and she herself fell down.
Yuvi laughs at her.
Yuvi:”i told you not to pull me.”
Twinkle:”stop laughing at me.”
Yuvi:”ok…” He tried controlling his laughter.

Twinkle:”stop it…”
Yuvi:”ok, ok”
They went to bed.
Yuvi turned off the lights. Twinkle pulled the blanket on her. Yuvi looked at her.
Yuvi:”baby, is it hurting a lot?”
Twinkle angrily, hit him with the pillow. And turned opposite to him to sleep.
Yuvi also lay down to sleep.

Next morning,
Twinkle woke up and saw that yuvi was already awake and ready. He was working.
Twinkle:”good morning!”
Yuvi, without looking at her:”morning baby.”
Twinkle got off the bed and went to him.
Twinkle:”still not done?”
He saved the work.
Yuvi looked at her. Twinkle was still in a sleepy mood. He kissed her on her cheek.
Yuvi:”get ready fast or else our new teacher will scold us for being late. I will give this to mom and come”

Twinkle nodded yes.

Anita’s room
Anita was searching for something. Yuvi knocked at the door.
Anita:”baby, come in”
Yuvi:”what are you searching for?”
Anita:”baby, i have an important meeting today, i am not finding the file. I still have to make the presentation.”
Yuvi smiled and shows her the file.
Yuvi:”i have done it mom! Relax!”
Anita:”when did you do this?”
Yuvi:”the client called me… Anyway you were busy doing something else these days…”
Anita, shocked:”what do you mean?”
Yuvi:”mom relax, you were busy in the other project right? That’s why i did it”

Anita thought about how she planned with Leela as she thought yuvi was pointing towards this thing. But actually yuvi was saying about that.

Yuvi:”mom, here you go!” He handed her the file and the pen drive of the presentation.
Yuvi:”best of luck mom!”
Anita, still tensed:”thanks beta!”

Yuvi came back in the room.
Twinkle was getting ready. She was struggling to tie her Mangalsutra. Yuvi looked at her. He came to and hold her hand.
He tied it around her neck. He touched her neck and twinkle closed her eyes feeling his touch. He kissed her neck.
Twinkle turned around:”Mr. Husband, we are getting late”
Yuvi:”no we still have to wait for Rohan and Chinki. They are coming here.”
Twinkle, smilingly:”Rohan and Chinki are behind you, Mr. Husband”
Yuvi release her and turned back to see Rohan and Chinki smiling at them.
Rohan:”sorry, really sorry, buddy! Didn’t want to disturb you.”
Chinki:”Rohan, i think that we should wait downstairs.”
Twinkle:”no lets go.” Twinkle and chinki went downstairs.
Rohan:”full on romance yaar.”
Yuvi, shying:”lets go!”
Rohan:”ohhh blushing and all. I didn’t see any boy blushing like this.”
Yuvi:”wait that you get married, even i will not leave any opportunity to tease you. Then i will see if you blush or not.”
Rohan:”there is still time for that!”
Yuvi:”yeah but it will come”
Rohan:”ok, lets go!”

They left.

On the way:
The four of them were talking.
Rohan:”don’t know what this rude teacher will do to us today?”
Yuvi:”don’t know, but i am not going to tolerate if he comments again on our relationship.”
Chinki:”whole class will not tolerate. We will support each other.”
Twinkle:”we will stay together!”

They reached college.
They arrived in class, all students were already there and completely silent.
Yuvi, to all of them:”guys, what happened?”
Rohan:”never saw all of you so silent”
They entered the class and saw that Rahul sir was already there. He was seated at the desk behind the door, thus they didn’t see him.
Yuvi and Rohan looked at their watch,
Rohan, to yuvi:”is my watch late or is his in advance?”
Yuvi:”we are not late, he arrived before time. There is still 5 mins before class starts.”
Twinkle:”why is he here so early?”
Chinki:”don’t know, let’s see”
The four greeted him.

Rahul sir:”good morning, come sit.”
The four sat down.
Rahul sir:”so do you guys always come together? I mean i can understand for these two (twiraj), they are married but you (Rohan and Chinki)?”

One student, their friend:”yes sir, they always come together…”
Rahul sir:”did i ask you?”
The bell rang.

Rahul sir started his class. The students were having fun when he had his back towards them.
They were irritated.
Rohan and Yuvi were talking.
Rohan:”football match during lunch time, you will play”
Rohan signed the whole group.
Rahul sir saw him.
Sir:”will you stop signing each other! Where do you think you are?”

The class went on like this only with Rahul sir explaining and students not listening, only sometimes.

Lunch time:
The boys went on the football ground. And the girls went to play badminton and other games.
Some male teachers joined the boys. Those teachers were the students favorite one.
The boys were playing when one of them hit the ball and it hit Rahul sir. His clothes got some mud on it.
Rahul sir picked up the ball.
All the students were looking at him, even the girls stopped playing.

Yuvi went to him.
Yuvi:”sir, ball plz…”
He stared at yuvi angrily.
Yuvi, again:”ball, sir”
Rahul sir:”see what you have done.”
He shows him his clothes.
Yuvi:”sorry sir, we were just playing!”
The male teachers who were playing with the boys came there.
One of them:” Rahul, really sorry!”
Rahul:”its ok!”
Yuvi was surprised at his answer.
Rahul sir gave the teacher the ball.
Sir:”can i take yuvi for a minute?”
The teacher:”sure…”
The male teachers went back to the ground.

Rahul to Yuvi:”I didn’t see such mannerless pupils… You could apologize properly.”
Yuvi:”i said sorry.”
Sir:”you would have got the habit now to say sorry.”
Yuvi, confused:”what do you mean?”
Sir:”you are married now, you will have to say sorry every time.”
Yuvi:”excuse me sir, but I didn’t give you any right to comment on my personal life. Since you came, you are commenting on my relationship, I don’t need your opinion on my life. You are a teacher, I don’t want to disrespect you but plz stop interfering in my life”
Yuvi left from there.
Sir, to himself:”i will break that relationship, I didn’t know that it will be so difficult but i will do it. I promised my friend”

Yuvi came back to the ground.
Twinkle run to him.
Twinkle:”yuvi, what did he say?”
Yuvi was angry.
Rohan and Chinki also came there along with the group.
Yuvi, angrily:”how dare he? I wanted to say so much to him, but can’t. He is our teacher.”
Twinkle:”yuvi, what happened?”
Yuvi:”i just don’t want to see him.”
Rohan:”ok buddy. Calm down. Let’s continue the game.”
Yuvi:”yeah let’s go!”
Rohan, to Twinkle:”let it be twinkle, yuvi is angry now. He won’t listen to me. I will ask him later on”
Twinkle nodded yes.
The boys continued to play till the end of lunch time.

Then they went to classes but their teacher didn’t come. The principal came there to inform them.
The principal told them if they want, they could go home and all said yes. The principal let them go.

Precap: twiraj, Rohan and Chinki decorating the hotel

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Credit to: Zai

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