Tashan e ishq twiraj story episode 112


Recap: twinkle got permission to go to college, yuvi will be managing business, album and college together.

Next morning,
Twiraj got ready quickly as they were getting late. Yuvi wore normal clothes: jeans and a shirt. Twinkle wear a blouse and jeans too.
Dadi gave them breakfast. And then they left.

In the car:
Yuvi picked up Rohan and Chinki.
The four were talking about classes when Yuvi’s phone rang.
Yuvi:”guys, quiet!”
He picked up the call and talk through Bluetooth, it was Mr. John.
Yuvi talked to him about the project and till then they reached college.

Rohan, Chinki went ahead while twinkle and Yuvi stayed back, as yuvi was not yet finish over the phone.
They came out of the car.
Yuvi:”baby, plz give me the red file in my bag.”
Twinkle gave him. Yuvi was busy in his talks.
Twinkle looked at her watch, she got tensed because they would reach class late.
She signs to yuvi to hurry up.
Yuvi also through sign told her to go, but she didn’t budge from there.

After sometimes, yuvi hung up the phone.
Twinkle:”what happened? Any problem?”
Yuvi:”actually the project, there was a mistaken by the workers, so i need to go on site after college.”

Twinkle:”i will come with you…”
Yuvi:”as you wish but for now…. (He looked at his watch) we need to run.”
He hold her hand and they both rushed to the classroom.

All students were already seated but the teacher was not yet there.
The students were discussing about the replacement teacher as their actual teacher is on holiday.
Rohan:”replacements won’t say anything to us… We can do anything…”

A voice came from the door:”Good morning!”
The teacher entered, they were expecting a young teacher with whom they could have some fun but it was not the case. The teacher looked quiet severe. He was not that old but looked experienced.

Teacher:”hello students…”
Students:”hello sir…”
Teacher, severely:”didn’t you school teach you to stand up and say good morning…”
The students were surprised seeing the teacher.
Teacher:”never mind, i will teach you good values… So from now on, you will stand up and say good morning, from tomorrow”

The students already had a bad view for their new teacher.
Chinki, to twinkle:”this teacher will not spare us…”
Twinkle:”yeah you are right!”

Yuvi, to Rohan:”there will be no fun… At all”

Teacher:”so let me introduce myself, i am Rahul but for you only sir…”
He started the class.
Rohan whispers to yuvi:”he is going to torture us for the few weeks…”
Chinki, who was in front of them:”we are going to suffer…”
Yuvi noticed twinkle watching Rahul sir.
Yuvi:”baby what happened? Why are you looking at him like this?”

Rohan, teasingly:”jealous, but don’t worry she is already your wife, she will not leave you…”
Yuvi smiles sarcastically at him.
Twinkle:”i think that i have seen him somewhere but can’t remember.”
Chinki:”maybe in the last year conference of teachers which happened in our college. You might have seen him.”

Twinkle:”yeah, maybe…”
Sir, at once, screamed:”I don’t want to hear any talking in the class. Especially, this small group… (Pointing to twiraj, Rohan and Chinki)”
He came near their seats.
Sir:”seems you are best friends…” He noticed twinkle’s Mangalsutra around her neck.
Sir:”and one of them is already married, wow. Marriage at such a young age. Parental pressure or because of something else….”
Yuvi got angry:”Sir, you are our teacher, but that doesn’t give you the right to comment on our personal lives.”

Sir:”calm down angry young man… You are saying as if you are her husband…”
Yuvi, laughs a bit:”actually sir, I am… I am her husband”
Sir:”that’s even more amazing, a married couple in the class. Claps for them, to congratulate them.”
But the students didn’t do anything, they were all supporting twiraj.
Rohan:”sir, this is their private matter, you don’t need to interfere.”
Sir:”amazing class… Everyone defends each other. Now that you four were talking, let me just separate your seats so that you don’t disturb my class again.”

He separated twiraj, Rohan and Chinki. He continued his class.
All students especially the four of them, were extremely miffed with their new teacher.
Finally his class was finished and it was lunch time.

Outside class:
Twinkle:”i hate this teacher! How dare he commenting on our relationship”
Chinki:”twinkle is right, everyone hates him. He is just a temporary teacher and behaving as if he is the principle.”
Rohan:”our first day was spoilt because of him.”
Yuvi:”ok guys, enough. I know he is strict and all that you have said. But plz for now i need your help, for the project of Mr. John. There is less time left for the construction to finish. Only 2 days i think. I will need help for decorations and painting… I can’t afford to appoint painters because of high cost. So we will need to…”

Rohan:”to paint, done we are with you.”
Twinkle:”yeah we will do it together.”
They joined hands and the four hugged.

In the classroom:
Rahul sir called someone and said
“The work is difficult, yuvi and twinkle are supporting each other. It is not easy to separate them.”
He was sent by Leela and Anita. They wanted to create differences between twiraj using the peer pressure and society’s views about their marriage. Rahul sir is Leela’s old friend who is a teacher. Twinkle had once seen him in childhood, that’s why she felt she knows him.

Leela:”plz keep trying, i want my daughter to be free from this relationship.”
Rahul sir:”ok don’t worry. It might take time but i will surely do it”
They hung up.

Anita, to Leela:”are you sure that this would work? I mean I don’t think that yuvi and twinkle will consider societal and peer pressure. We mist have tried something better.”
Leela:”then why did you not say it before?”
In a tainting voice.

During lunch,
Twiraj were sitting together with Rohan and Chinki together.
Both couples were busy in themselves.

Rohan and Chinki were discussing about going out for date.

Yuvi:”so Mrs. Twinkle Luthra, I was thinking that after visiting the site later on, we could go for long drive, if you wish.”
Twinkle:”long drive, interesting. We will go at night. It would be better”
Yuvi:”ok Mrs Luthra…”

After some hours, college ended.
Rohan and Chinki went together by rickshaw and twiraj together.

Twiraj went to the site.
Yuvi received many complaints from some people of the community as they were getting disturbed by the construction noise.
Yuvi tried to explain to them that it’s only a matter of 2 days, the noise. But they didn’t comply.
Twinkle noticed that, she went on to talk to the people.
Twinkle:”we are very sorry that the noise are disturbing you, but as he said that in 2 days, it would be over. You supported us all this time, plz a few days more. And you know this building, hotel, is for tourists purpose. This means that when tourists would come here, they will be able to see your goods that you sell in the shops. This would only increase your business. So i would request you to plz collaborate with us.”
The people looked at each other and thinks about what twinkle has said. Finally they agreed but request to stop the noise at some particular hours.
Yuvi looked at her and smiled.
Yuvi:”my baby can become business women later on. You would be the best”
Twinkle:”later on… Not now. Come on hurry!”
Yuvi:”oh yeah!”

Yuvi finished his work as quickly as possible. Then they returned home.

Precap: twiraj, Rohan and Chinki scolded by Rahul sir. And them having fun while decorating the hotel

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Credit to: Zai

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