Tashan e ishq twiraj story episode 111

Hey guys, first of all Ramadan Mubarak to all, and sorry for not posting yesterday actually i will post at regular intervals of 2 days for this month. Actually i have exams on my head and Ramadan month too, i won’t be able to post regularly.

Recap: Yuvi’s song and Leela and Anita unite to separate twiraj.

During the evening,
Taneja house:
Leela came in,
Dadaji:”where were you?”
Leela:”actually i went to someone…”
And she quickly left from there. Dadaji felt weird but ignored it.

Luthra house:
Yuvi and his group were in the hall, they were really happy.
The servants were serving them snacks, Anita, Twinkle and dadi, Sana were also there talking to them.
Twiraj were sitting together. Yuvi looked at her.
Yuvi held her hand in front of everyone, but no one noticed it.
Twinkle signed him to leave her but he ignored her.
Twinkle tried to release her hand but in vain. Twinkle took a cushion and hide their hands. Yuvi, who was talking to Rohan, smiled by her actions.

One of Yuvi’s friends asked twinkle:”bhabhi, why are you not eating?”
Twinkle looked at yuvi angrily.
Yuvi, naughtily:”she isn’t hungry…”
And smiled at her.

Twinkle thinks to do something and then gets an idea. She pinched Yuvi’s hand as hard as she could.
Yuvi screamed:”ouchhhh” he took out his hand and rubbed it.
Rohan:”what happened buddy?”
Twinkle, whispering:”tigress twinkle pinched him.”
Yuvi angrily looked at her.

After sometimes, after dinner, the boys left. Rohan and yuvi were outside near Rohan’s car.
Rohan:”what happened buddy? You seems tired…”
Yuvi:”don’t know yaar! I mean i am trying to guess why Leela aunty hates me so much… Just because i am her enemy’s son or did i do something wrong”

Rohan:”what happened?”
Yuvi told him everything.
Rohan:”buddy, they will take time, right to accept it…”
Yuvi nodded yes.
Rohan:”come on buddy. We are going to fulfill our dreams, you should be happy… Tomorrow is a big day, so for now forget all this, give them time they will understand”

Yuvi:”you are right! We need to be focus tomorrow….”
Rohan:”come here!”
Rohan and Yuvi hugged each other.
Pinni and Raman saw them from their garden.
Pinni:”today’s kid….”
Raman:”don’t know what is happening?”

Luthra house:
Yuvi entered the house, Anita, Dadi and Sana went on bed as they were tired due to the journey.
Yuvi closed the door and switched off the lights and went upstairs.
He entered the room. Twinkle was closing the window.
He walked till her and then hugged her from behind.
Twinkle:”yuvi…. You scared me”
Yuvi kissed her neck.
Yuvi:”tigress twinkle pinched me right? Now i will not leave you…”
He started to tickle her.
Twinkle while laughing:”yuvi, stop it…… Plz”

Twinkle moved back and her hand hit the mirror.
Yuvi, caring:”what happened baby? I hurt you…”
Twinkle:”yuvi, it’s nothing. Small wound… No need to worry.”

Twinkle nodded yes.
Twinkle:”ok now you have to sleep because you have an important meeting tomorrow.”
Yuvi:”baby, you go, i will just be back”
Twinkle:”ok, come fast”
Twinkle went to bed and yuvi went out.

Dark place:
Leela was there accompanied by Anita. They were discussing something, arguing rather.
Mohit came there.
Leela explained to him. At first, Mohit tried refusing but the agreed to separate twiraj.
They discussed further the plan.

When Anita and Leela went, Mohit smiled evilly as that what he wanted. He wanted to make twinkle his and now Anita and Leela are helping him.

Next morning,
Yuvi got ready in a black blazer with a shirt and jeans. He joined the group at the music studio.
The manager wished them best of luck for their first recording.
The boys started to play:
Mere nishaan from badtameez dil ( requested by Maanvi in the previous update)
Yuvi started to sing.
(Would request you to listen to the song while reading it)


Na.. Na.. Na.. N..
Na.. Na.. Ne..Na..Na..
Naaaa..Naaa..Na.. Na.. Na

Juki teri palkon mein mil jaaye mujhe panaah
Palkein gire aasu bhari reh jaaye mere nishaan
Tute dil ki mat kar tu fikar mere humnava
Pyaar doon tujhko is kadar reh jaaye mere nishaan

Mere nishaan… mere nishaan…
Mere nishaan… mere nishaan…
Mere nishaan… (x2)

Khaak mein mil jaun main jasie ke ek lamha
Aa lag ja sine say ban ja mera rahnuma
Dekhata hun sapne tere sun le meri jane ja
khwaab ye sach ho jaye agar khuda ho mehrba

Mere nishaan… mere nishaan…
Mere nishaan… mere nishaan…
Mere nishaan… mere nishaan…
Mere nishaan… mere nishaan… (x2)

Na.. Na.. Ne.. Na.. Na..
Na.. Na.. Na.. Na.. Na..
Na.. Na.. Na.. Na.. Na.. Neee

Sajde main tere sar jhukta bas
Chahat ki hai ye dastaaan
Rooth gaya mera rab jo mujhse
To mita de vo mere nishaan..

Mere nishaan… mere nishaan…
Mere nishaan… mere nishaan…
Mere nishaan… mere nishaan…
Mere nishaan… mere nishaan… (x2)

(At some points of mere nishaan, the other boys also joined in)

After the song, everyone started to clap for them. They were very happy about the song and their voices.

The manager congratulate them. After meeting, some people the boys returned back to their respective home.
Yuvi came back and excitedly told everyone what happened.
His happiness knew no bound at that time.

After sometimes, he went to Anita’s room.
Anita:”baby, come in…”
Yuvi:”mom, you told me right that i can tell you everything… Without hesitation…”
Anita:”sure baby! What’s the matter?”
Yuvi:”actually mom, college resumes tomorrow and as you know that it’s last year, would you allow twinkle to continue it?”
Anita, at first fumed hearing that bit then controls herself:”ok but she will returned on time… Means i can give her 2,3 hours after college to be with her friends but not more…”
Yuvi:”love you mom!”
And he kissed Anita’s cheeks.
Anita smiled at him.
Anita:”baby… Sit here. (Yuvi sits besides her) now you are resuming college, how will you manage all these responsibilities… I mean i don’t want you to feel burdened by all this. You have the deal with Mr. John, music album and also… Twinkle… How will you manage all this? Yuvi let me handle the deal…”

Yuvi:”mom, relax… I will manage everything and you are with me. You will not let me fail in any of these responsibilities.”

Anita, sadly nodded yes.
Sadly, because she is trying to make him fail in one of them.

Twiraj room:
Twinkle was talking to Leela, on the phone.
Twinkle:”maa, relax, Anita aunty will agree for me to go to college.”
Leela:”yeah, i know she will agree…”
Twinkle, confused:”what?”
Leela:”i mean… Yuvi is asking her so she will definitely say yes. And yeah how was Yuvi’s concert?”
Twinkle:”maa, not concert, recording…”
Leela, uninterested:”same thing”
Twinkle:”that was wonderful… He was so happy”
Leela:”i am happy to see that he is at least doing something in his life”
Twinkle smiles.
After some talks, they hung up.
And at the same time, yuvi entered the room. Yuvi informed about the college thing and twinkle about what Leela told her.
They then continued to talk which is muted (will reveal later on)
After that, they went to sleep. Twiraj slept in each other’s embrace, peacefully.

Precap: didn’t think of

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