Tashan e ishq twiraj story episode 110


Recap: twiraj romance and Mohit’s comeback.

Luthra house:
Yuvi was busy with his guitar. He seems happy.
Yuvi, to himself:”one song done… Thank you twinkle.”
Twinkle came there asking:”thank you for what?”
Yuvi hugged her:”I finished the song… I am so happy.”
Twinkle:”play it then, i want to hear it…”
Yuvi:”baby, actually…”
Twinkle:”what happened?”
Yuvi:”actually i have always play my songs first in front of mom, don’t mind, I promise her that.”
Twinkle smiles:”it’s ok yuvi. Anita aunty has the first right on you”
Yuvi:”i love you… For understanding me”
Twinkle:”love you too for being always by my side”
They hugged.

In a market:
Leela and Pinni went to the market. They bought some groceries.
They were walking when suddenly Leela bumps into someone. It was Mohit.
Mohit:”sorry… Oh aunty… I am really sorry. Let me help you…”
Leela:”no need. We will manage”
Mohit:”at least let me drop you till the car…”
He took the bags from them and followed them to the car.
Near the car,
Mohit:”aunty, tyre is punctured… (He point to the tyre) how will you go? Let me drop you”
Leela was hesitant but complied as she had no option.
Mohit dropped them to Taneja house.

Yuvi who was in the garden, saw them.
Yuvi, to himself:”what is he doing here?”
Mohit saw yuvi and he smiles. He helped Leela with the bags. Leela and Pinni entered the house.

Mohit came to yuvi.
Yuvi looked at him angrily.
Mohit:”how is my twinkle?”
Yuvi:”shut up! Don’t even take her name…”
Mohit:”what will you do? I will take her name…”
Yuvi grabbed his collar.
Mohit:”ohhh relax, yuvi.”

Leela, to Pinni:”i think i forgot my phone in the car, maybe Mohit didn’t leave, i will check”
Leela came out but yuvi had already released mohit.
Leela, to mohit:”actually my phone…”
Mohit went to the car and gave her the phone.
Leela looked at yuvi.
Leela:”any problem?”
Mohit:”no aunty, i was just apologizing to him…”
Yuvi looked at Mohit, confused.
Mohit:”aunty, now i will leave. Namaste”

Mohit left from there.
Leela was also going when yuvi stopped her.
Yuvi:”aunty…” Leela turned back.
Yuvi:”aunty, i know that you are angry with all what happened, and it’s difficult for you to accept my and twinkle’s relationship but aunty…”
Leela:”Yuvraj stop it. If you are trying to apologize to me then no need. If you had thought of us then you would not have taken such a step.”
Leela:”i have forgiven twinkle as i know that you have instigate her otherwise she wouldn’t have done this. She wouldn’t betray her mom. And remember one thing, i am tolerating you because of twinkle, once she will see your true side, she would not want to stay with you. I will never accept you as i know that you will only hurt my daughter”
Saying this, she left.

Yuvi was sad hearing all that.

He returned home sadly.
He came on the room, twinkle who was talking to Chinki on the phone, saw him sad.
Twinkle:”i will talk to you later on chinki…”
And she hung up.
Twinkle, to yuvi:”what happened Mr. Husband?”
Yuvi:”nothing, Rohan and my group will come in sometimes for rehearsal of the song.”
Twinkle:”so you will be busy… Can i go to maa’s place?”
Yuvi:”sure, why not? You can go anywhere you want. You don’t have to take permission from me”
Twinkle:”them i will go, you call me when you finish”
Yuvi:”ok, wait…”
Yuvi pulled twinkle in the kitchen.
Twinkle:”why here?”
Yuvi took out a plate from the fridge and give to her.
Yuvi:”give this to dadaji… He wanted to eat this”
Twinkle:”what’s this?” She was about to open it.
Yuvi:”don’t open it! That’s my secret with him.”
Twinkle:”ok baba”
Twinkle left from there.

Taneja house:
Twinkle entered the house, there was no one in the hall.
Twinkle, shouted:”maa, dadaji, mami, anyone?”
Leela, dadaji and Raman, Pinni came out.
Leela hugged twinkle.
Leela:”how are you beta?”
Twinkle:”fine maa…”
Pinni:”what’s this Twinkle?” Pointing to the plate.
Twinkle:” Even I don’t know, yuvi sent it for dadaji.”
Dadaji, happily:”ohhh, he remembered…” And he quickly took the plate and went in the kitchen.
He opened it and there was rasgulle in it.
He tasted one.
Then he called yuvi.
Dadaji:”beta it so delicious… Thank you so much”
Yuvi, smilingly:”dadaji, only one… You are not allowed to eat sweets.”
Dadaji:”doctors are so cruel, they forbid you to eat the things you love.”
Yuvi laughs at his talks.
Yuvi:”dadaji, you promised me”
Dadaji:”ok, ok”

Dadaji:”why didn’t you come with twinkle?”
Yuvi, remembering Leela’s word:”actually… I have rehearsal for the album.”
Dadaji:”is it only because of this?”
Yuvi:”yeah, dadaji”

Rohan:”yuvi, come yaar. Let’s start.”
Dadaji:”beta, you go and practice well”
Yuvi:”bye dadaji”

Yuvi came to Rohan and the group.
They started to practice.
After sometimes, the manager of the music academy came there.
Manager:”wow, it seems that you are putting your 100 % in it. I am happy to see that. Why not test your song?”
The boys looked at each other confused.
Manager:”i mean to say that you will play in your neighborhood and lets see how many people you can gather.”

The boys smiled at each other but also were nervous.
Manager:”so done? And yeah this will be a kind of publicity for you as i am going to call some media people”
Boys nodded yes and smiled.

The boys came out to install the instrument.
Yuvi messaged twinkle and told her that he has to perform outside.

Taneja house:
Chinki also came there.
Leela and everyone were talking to twinkle.
Raman:”so beta everything is fine right?”
Twinkle nodded yes.
Raman:”and that yuvi? Is he being to handle his mom and you?”
Twinkle:”yes Mama… He is doing his best”
Leela:”but he is still immature, when you will face bigger problem he will not be able to handle it.”
Dadaji:”leela, that’s how people learn. He will also learn when he will face problems”

Twinkle smiled at dadaji.
Twinkle:”and maa, i am more immature than him.” And laughs.
Leela fumes at her reply.
Twinkle checks her phone and saw the message.
She informed everyone about it and they went out to see.

The boys were still busy in installing the instruments when yuvi saw twinkle. She signs him all the best.
He smiled at her. Rohan also noticed Chinki there.
Yuvi teased him:”ohh so you call your girlfriend here…”
Rohan:”stop it”

Yuvi noticed Anita, Sana and dadi who just came. He smiled and waved at them. He went to them. He hugged Anita.

Anita:”what’s happening here?”
Yuvi explained to her and then after Anita wishing him all the best, he went on stage.

The boys started to play the song awaargi by darshan raval in badtameez dil

Tanha main ghuma galliyan sheher
Aya kayal tera ayi na tu nazaar
Ayi na tu nazaar
Ayi na tu nazaar

Yuvi and Rohan moved along the people who gathered.

Iss dil ki aaj main lelu khabar
Dard isse na juno main kya
Dhoobde jisse hai meri nazaar koi to dede uska pata
Ohhh meri zindagi takra jaa tu mujhse kahi
Ohhh meri zindagi takra jaa tu mujhse kahi
Mujhse kahi

Yuvi went to twinkle then Anita

Raate kati aaye bhaar kar
Gusre hai din jaise koi sazaa
Chahat hai dil ki tu abh jaaye mil
Kab se rahi hai teri yaadein sata

Khawab dekha tera shamoo sher
Tu aagi he hai haakin hai mera
Sine mein rehte hai armaan tere
Alfaaz banke tu hooton pe ayya
Ohh meri zindagi takra jaa tu mujhse kahi

Ohhh ohhh ohhho ohhho ohhho
Na nan na
Ohhh meri zindagi takra jaa tu mujhse kahi
Ohh meri zindagi tu hai meri awaargi

The song end and there were many people who gathered around them. The manager was also happy about that.
Manager:”wonderful, you all can come in the studio tomorrow morning to record this song. And Yuvraj, i am sorry that i wanted you to separate from you group, but now I know you all are together.”
Yuvi:”thank you sir!”
They shakes hands.

The media came to the boys but the manager stopped them to answer any question for now.
Yuvi went to Anita.
Anita:”wonderful beta! But this song you wrote it before na?”
Yuvi nodded yes.
Yuvi:”the new song, will be special”
Anita hugged him.
Sana:”congrats partner…”

Taneja looked at them.
Leela:”he could have meet you once”
Twinkle:”maa, how would you feel if tomorrow in my happy moment when i will go to yuvi first instead of you?”
Leela kept quiet.

Twinkle went to Luthras.

Twinkle:”you were superb boys”
Anita fumes at twinkle.
Leela notice that.
Boys:”thank you, bhabhi”
Rohan:”now she is your wife, so our bhabhi”
Yuvi, whispers to Rohan:”then Chinki is also our bhabhi”
Rohan and Yuvi laughs.

Leela went aside and call someone.
After sometimes, Anita came there.
Anita:”why did you call me here?”
Leela:”listen, both of us are not happy with this marriage… So i was thinking that…”
Anita:”you want to separate them”
Leela:”you also want that right?”
Anita thinks a bit then nodded yes.
Leela:”so can we join hands to break this relationship?”
Anita:”i am with you on this. I don’t want my son to suffer in this relationship”
Leela:”neither do i want twinkle to suffer”
They shakes hands.
(The first time after several years, Anita and Leela came together but to destroy their own children’s happiness)

Precap: Leela and Anita make plans to separate twiraj. They asked Mohit to join them.
Later on Mohit smiles as he only wanted this. He wanted to make twinkle his.

Hey guys, thank you so much for your comments and love. Hope that i am reaching your expectations. I know that maybe the story is going for too long and its becoming quiet boring now. I will try to keep it on but don’t know till when.

Credit to: Zai

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