tashan e ishq twiraj story episode 11


Sorry for this one as it is short, really sorry.
Yuvi and his friends were sitting on his car. Yuvi was impatiently waiting for twinkle. He was continuously looking towards the gate. When twinkle arrived, he rushed to her but twinkle ignored him. Yuvi thinks that maybe she felt bad for yesterday.
After class
Chinki says to twinkle that she will come in some time. Twinkle was waiting for her near the door when someone pulled her in the class. It was yuvi.
Yuvi: “twinkle, I am sorry for yesterday if you felt bad. I should not have kiss you without your permission.”
But twinkle pushed him away.
Twinkle: “yuvi, plz don’t do this. You very well know that our families hate each other. You and I can’t happen. Plz understand”
Yuvi: “twinkle, I know but what’s our fault in this? Why can’t we be together?”
Twinkle: “yuvi, our moms hate each other…”
Yuvi: “we will try to solve their relationship together…”
Twinkle: “but yuvi”
Yuvi: “we can do it TOGETHER”
Twinkle: “and what if I say that I don’t love you”
Yuvi was taken back. He was shocked but said: “don’t joke twinkle”
Twinkle: “I am not… I don’t love you yuvi” and left from there.
Yuvi was shattered and try to compose himself: “yuvi she doesn’t love you.”

precap: some emotional moments between Anita and yuvi.

Credit to: zai

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  1. it was realy tooooooooooo short

  2. sorry mish i know it was too short but i was a bit busy. sorry

  3. it is superb

  4. why mish
    zai already ask sorry but u keep typing like that..
    thats soo rude of u.mish
    zai nice story..

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