Tashan e ishq twiraj story episode 109

Recap: twiraj marriage consummation

Next morning,
Twiraj were still sleeping. Twinkle slept on Yuvi’s chest. After sometimes twinkle woke up. She looked at yuvi and remembered what happened yesterday. She smiled and felt shy.
She looked at Yuvi who was still sleeping. Twinkle smiled and kissed his forehead.
Yuvi woke up and looked at her.
Yuvi:”taking my advantage when i am sleeping?”
Twinkle looked at him nervously and nodded no. Yuvi laughs seeing her.
Twinkle:”making fun of me?”

Yuvi:”no…” Twinkle was about to get off the bed but yuvi held her hands and pulled her back.
Twinkle:”yuvi i need to go…”
Yuvi:”no you don’t have to…”
Twinkle:”what will your mom say that i am a sleeping daughter-in-law”
Yuvi:”mom will not say anything, no one is at home apart from us.”
Yuvi:”oh no I forgot to tell you… Mom, dadi and Sana went to visit mom’s friend who is not well in Mumbai, Sana insisted to go with her so dadi also went. They will come in some days.”
Twinkle:”ohhh ok”
Yuvi:”so you don’t have to go down this early….”

Twinkle:”so you want me to stay here, like this, all day?”
Yuvi:”i didn’t think of whole day but just because my baby is saying that so yeah all day”
Twinkle looked at him with a severe look.
He kissed her cheeks.
Twinkle hugged him. Sometimes after, twinkle looked at yuvi.
Twinkle:”what are you thinking?”
Yuvi, naughtily:”about yesterday…”
Twinkle shies away.
Yuvi:”ohh my baby is shying.”

Twinkle turned her face and shies.
Yuvi turned her face again to him, he kissed her on the lips. Twinkle also reciprocate the kiss.

Taneja house:
Leela was worried about something.
Raman asked her the reason but she didn’t say anything.
After sometimes, she left from there worriedly.

Leela went to her office and went directly to her cabin.
Leela:”what are you doing here?”
A guy turned around. It was Mohit (who tried to marry twinkle forcefully)
Mohit:”aunty, i came to apologize to you. I know that maybe you won’t believe me that I didn’t do anything to twinkle but nevertheless i am apologizing to you.”

Leela:”whatever Papaji has said about you I can’t ignore that…”
Mohit:”i know that’s why i am apologizing to you. Aunty plz forgive me.”
Mohit:”aunty how is twinkle? I mean i still care for her even though I didn’t get married to her”
Leela looked at him without saying a word.
Mohit left from there.
Leela was lost in her thoughts.

Luthra house:
Twinkle came out of the bathroom while drying her hair.
Yuvi was already ready.
Yuvi came in with his guitar in his hand. He looked at her.
Twinkle:”what are you looking?”
Yuvi:”nothing… I need to write songs…”
Twinkle:”so what’s the problem?”
Yuvi:”you know whatever songs i sung till now, it was from my heart, it depended on what i was feeling at that time but now i really don’t know to write…”

Twinkle:”do it like always… Write down your heart, whatever you feel. And those lyrics would be the best… Out of the world lyrics.”
Twinkle:”now Mr. Husband, you work, i will be back”
Twinkle left the room.
Yuvi tried to play some tune and write down the lyrics.
After sometimes, twinkle came there with a tray for lunch.
Twinkle:”come on Mr. Husband, eat something then you continue…”
Yuvi put his guitar aside.
Twiraj feeds each other. They smiled at each other.

The screen shifts to Mohit.
Mohit, to his parents:”I can’t forget how i was insulted, by twinkle and her so called boyfriend. They will pay for this insult. I will make everyone suffer.”

Precap: Mohit says that today, twinkle will regret slapping me and refusing to marry me.

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