Tashan e ishq twiraj story episode 108


Recap: yuvi went to music studio and twiraj romance.

Yuvi returned home, Anita was already there. Anita asked him about the meeting.
Yuvi answered that he will have to write new songs and present to them in some weeks.
Anita:”ok… Where is…. Your wife?”
Anita, reluctantly:”ok ok twinkle…”
Yuvi:”she went to meet her mom, she will be back in sometimes”
Anita nodded yes.
Yuvi:”ok i have to go… I have to work”
Anita:”go I will make something for you to eat…”
Yuvi, shouted:”NO…. I mean i am not hungry. Later on i will eat”
Anita, confused and smiling:”ok…”
Yuvi left.

Taneja house:
Leela was talking to dadaji about something.
Twinkle saw her. Dadaji also noticed her and was about to tell Leela but twinkle signs him no.
Twinkle, on her tip toe, walked to Leela, without making any noise.
When she came near Leela, twinkle hugged her and shouted:”maa….”
Leela:”twinkle…” She again hugged her and kissed her forehead.
Leela:”how are you?”
Soon everyone came out.
They talked for some time, in fact they took quite a long time.
Twinkle:”ohhh i forgot to tell you all… Yuvi got a music contract from the famous Music company. He will make an album with them, i am so happy for him.”
Leela and Raman didn’t react on it and twinkle noticed it.
Dadaji, happily:”really? Thats nice! I am proud of him. But will he be able to manage it? I mean he has a lot of things to do… College, business contract and you”

Twinkle:”don’t worry dadaji! I will be there with him. I will support him throughout. I am sure he will manage all of them.”

Leela, rudely:”what about you? Will Anita allow you to finish college?”
Twinkle:”I don’t know… I didn’t think of that. Right now i am thinking only about yuvi. He is so happy to fulfill hid dreams. I will see mine after some days.”
Leela:”no twinkle, you can’t compromise with your life and career.”
Twinkle:”maa, relax, anyway there is still sometimes for college to resume…”
(They had a month break from college and now it remains only a week)

Leela:”but twinkle…”
Dadaji:”leela, let her decide… Beta, you do what you want.”
Twinkle nodded yes.
Raman:”and if that yuvi refuses you then i will not leave him”
Dadaji:”beta, i think you should go now, it’s quite late…”
Leela:”yeah otherwise that Anita will taunt you.”
Twinkle said bye to everyone and left.

Luthra house;
Twinkle entered the house, it was completely dark.
Twinkle to herself:”babaji, where is everyone? Why is it so dark?”
Twinkle called out the servants bit there was no answer.
Suddenly, the light turns on.
Twinkle:”maybe, there was power cut…”
A servant came to twinkle and gave her a chit and then went out of the house.
Twinkle thinks:”i just called them but they didn’t come now all of a sudden….”
She opened the chit and read it.
Note: baby, i have a surprise for you… Go to the kitchen you will get it….”
Twinkle smiles, she went to the kitchen.
She searches for the surprise but she finds a rose and another note.
She smiled and thinks:”yuvi…”
Note:”first surprise you got it, congrats. But i have more for my pretty wife. Next destination terrace…”

Twinkle came on the terrace and searched here and there.
She finds a gift box there. She opened it and found a beautiful white saree and a note.
Note: you like it? I am sure you did. Plz wear it so that you increases its value and beauty. Your husband wants to see his baby in it. Wear it in Sana’s room as there is another gift there”
Twinkle:”so many gifts in a day Mr. Husband… What so special today?”

Her phone rang. She saw that yuvi sent her a message.
Message: be patient baby! You will soon know what is special?”
Twinkle, shocks:”is he seeing me?”
Yuvi sent her back a message: I don’t have to see you to know what you are thinking or to know that since you receive the rose, you didn’t stop smiling and shying”
Twinkle smiled at his answer and then went to Sana’s room.

She changed. She looked really pretty in the saree. Twinkle looked at herself in the mirror and found a small box on the dressing table. She opened it and found earrings in it. It was matching with her saree, white and gold.
Twinkle put the earrings and looked at herself in the mirror.
Twinkle:”i got ready… But where is he?”
Yuvi’s message:”searching for Mr. Husband, he is waiting for you in your room…”

Twinkle entered the room, it was fully decorated with white balloons and white flowers.
Twinkle smiled seeing the decor.
Yuvi came behind her and close the door.
He was wearing a white shirt and blue jeans.
He came to twinkle and hugged her from behind.
Twinkle turned around to face him.
Yuvi:”i was right in saying that you will increase the beauty of this saree”
Yuvi kissed twinkle’s forehead. Twinkle clutches to his shirt.
Yuvi then came down and kissed her eyes.
Twinkle felt shy and turned away, with her back towards yuvi.
Yuvi moved closer to her and moved her hair to one side and kissed her shoulder.
Twinkle closed her eyes feeling his touch.
Yuvi touched her bare back.

Yuvi kissed her neck nape. Twinkle turned around and hugged him. Yuvi moved her hair which had fallen on her face.
He kissed her cheek. Twinkle felt shy and moved away but yuvi caught the end of her saree.
Twinkle looked at him, shying.
He came closer to her and then dropped the end of the saree(pallu, if i am not wrong) on the floor.
Twinkle tried to cover herself with her hands but Yuvi came closer to her and hold her hand. He kissed her hand.
Yuvi picked her in his arms in bridal style.
They have an eyelock.
He put her on the bed and removed his shirt.
He came next to her and kissed her right cheek. He then kissed her on her lips.
Twinkle also reciprocated the kiss. And meanwhile Yuvi pulled the blanket on them and they consummated their marriage.

Precap: new beginning for twiraj or some unknown danger.

Hey guys, thank you for your unconditional love and support.
Hope you like the episode.

Credit to: Zai

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