Tashan e ishq twiraj story episode 107

Recap: twiraj fight, family fight

Next morning,
Yuvi woke up and didn’t find twinkle next to him. He checked the bathroom bit she was not there.
Yuvi to himself:”maybe she went down…”
He got ready and then went down.

Anita, Sana, dadi and twinkle were in the hall.
Twinkle was busy talking to Sana and Anita to dadi.
Yuvi:”good morning everyone…”
Anita:”morning baby.”
Yuvi looked at Sana who was signing him something but he couldn’t get what she was saying.
Sana went to him and whispers:”partner… The contract…”
Yuvi:”wait naa… First plz bring the file for me”
Sana nodded yes and went to bring it.
Twinkle noticed them.
Sana came back and handed yuvi the file.
Yuvi:”mom… I want to tell you actually show you something”
Anita looked at him:”what baby?”
Yuvi gave her the file.
Anita went through it.
Yuvi nodded yes.
Anita was very happy for him.
Anita:”maaji (dadi) yuvi got a contract to make an album with a music company”
Twinkle was very happy for him. All of them congratulate him. Anita hugged him.
Twinkle sends him a flying kiss.
Anita:”you are fulfilling your dreams… I am so proud of you yuvi”
Yuvi:”thanks mom. I need to go there for a meeting…”
Anita:”yeah go and work hard. I am so proud of you”
Yuvi, hesitantly:”mom, can i take Sana with me?”
Sana was happy all of a sudden at the thought to go with yuvi.
Dadi:”beta, Sana has an important exam today”
Sana makes a puppy face to show her sadness.
Yuvi, hesitantly:”so can i take…. Twinkle?”
Anita, rudely:”as you wish”
Yuvi:”thanks mom! Love you”
Anita:”i need to go but best of luck”
Anita left from there.
Sana and dadi also left.
Yuvi:”baby… Come, get ready fast” he pulled her to the room.

Twiraj room:
Yuvi opened the wardrobe to select her dress.
Yuvi:”hurry, hurry!”
Twinkle:”yuvi, i take a lot of time to put saree so you will have to wait.”
Yuvi:”no need to wear saree.”
He handed a pair of jean and a blouse.
(Twinkle got her stuff from her house when she went for paghpera)

Twinkle took it but yuvi pulled her back.
Twinkle:”leave me yuvi…. You will get late”
Yuvi:”you take time to wear the saree, i can help you to take it off…”
Twinkle, shyly:”no need Mr. Husband! That i can do it”
Yuvi, naughty:”sure? I don’t mind helping you in that”
Twinkle:”yuvi…. Let me go now”
Yuvi:”Mr. Husband wants his morning bribe”
Twinkle was about to kiss him but then she shouted:”Anita aunty…”
Yuvi released her immediately. And looked towards the door. But there was no one.
Twinkle laughed at him.
And went to change.

Taneja house:
Leela came in with some employees, she was checking a file. Unknowingly, she called twinkle.
Leela:”twinkle…. Twin…”
Then she remembered that twinkle was not there.
Pinni:”sis, what happened? You are missing twinkle?”
Leela:”very much! She was always making noise, she would be running here and there. And now….”
Pinni:”sis….” And hugged her.
Then Leela got busy with her employees again.

Music studio:
Twiraj reached there. The manager (the person who were talking to yuvi yesterday)
came to them and welcomed them.
Yuvi introduced twinkle to him.

Manager:”so Yuvraj, i want you to meet your team, who would work with you and your group” (Yuvi is not alone, there is his friends who are part of his group)
Yuvi:”ok… (To twinkle) baby, you will have to…”
Twinkle:”no problem!”
Manager:”lets go then”
The manager ask his PA to take care of twinkle.

Twinkle were asked for coffee but she refused.
She waited impatiently outside.

After sometime, Yuvi came out and they left the studio.

In the car
Yuvi was very happy. He felt as of he was the most happiest person on the world.
Yuvi:”baby, I can’t believe that this would happen so soon”
Twinkle smiled at his excitement.
Yuvi:”this call for a celebration, we will…. We will do something”
Twinkle:”we will do whatever you want but first talk to you mom.”
Twinkle, on Yuvi’s phone, called Anita and put it on speaker. Anita was happy for him and congratulate him.

After that, they hung up.
Yuvi:”baby, what do you want to do?”
Twinkle:”i am hungry…”
Yuvi saw a samousa vendor. He stopped the car and they both went there.
Twinkle:”wanna have a competition Mr. Husband?”
Yuvi:”challenge? Ok”
They started to eat as many as they can. After sometimes, Yuvi gave up.
Twinkle:”i won…”
Yuvi:”I can’t eat so much. How can you eat so much?”
Twinkle:”my speciality”
Yuvi:”yeah no one can eat this much”
Twinkle smiles.
Twinkle noticed some children on the roadside.
She took a plate and gave it to the children.
Yuvi looked at her lovingly.
Yuvi ate one more samousa.
Twinkle saw him and came to him.
Twinkle with a questioning look:”you said you are full?”
Yuvi:”yeah but that was…”
Twinkle:”you lie to me…” Twinkle chased him while he escapes her.
Twinkle took a bottle of water and threw it him.
Yuvi:”baby? Now you are gone”
Yuvi also took a bottle and chased twinkle and threw it on her.
The children laugh seeing them.

Precap: Didn’t think of it.

Really sorry guys for not posting for these days. Actually i was unwell so couldn’t do it. Really sorry

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