Tashan e ishq twiraj story episode 106


Recap: twinkle paghpera,

Leela came in Luthra house and shouted Anita to come out.
Anita, dadi and Sana came down.
Anita:”what happened? Why are you shouting?”
Leela:”how dare you hurt my daughter?”
Anita:”what did i do?”
Twinkle:”maa, Anita aunty did not do anything”
Leela:”you stay quiet twinkle”
Dadaji:”leela lets go, don’t make a scene here…”
Leela:”i am making a scene, she has hurt my daughter and you are saying that me to keep quiet”
Twinkle:”maa, she didn’t do anything”
Anita, dadi and Sana were confused about what was happening.
Anita:”what do you mean? What did i do?”
Twinkle:”nothing aunty, plz you go upstairs. Mom just had a misunderstanding, i will solve it.”
Twinkle looked at dadi and tell her to take Anita upstairs.
Dadi:”anita, lets go upstairs… Let them solve it, come lets go”
Anita:”no i want to know why she is accusing me. Tell me Leela, what did i do?”
Leela shows twinkle’s hand.
Leela:”this… You burnt her hand.”

Anita:”what? I didn’t do anything. I didn’t even know that she burnt her hand”
Twinkle:”yes maa, she didn’t even know”
Leela:”i knew that you will try to do something but didn’t think that you will do that.”
Dadi:”Leelaji, its true what Anita is saying, we didn’t even know when twinkle got hurt”
Leela:”ohh means that you don’t know about it. Then your son might have done it.”
Anita:”Leela! Don’t dare to bring my son in this! He saved your daughter by getting married to her… He went against me for her and you are accusing him”

Dadaji:”leela now you are going too far. Yuvi loves Twinkle a lot he will not even think to hurt her…”
Leela continued to fight back. Twinkle tried her best to stop Leela but in vain.
Soon their fight got heated.

Sana went aside and called yuvi.

Yuvi was with Rohan. They were talking to someone. That person was congratulating yuvi for something.
Yuvi:”thank you!”
The person went.
Rohan:”congrats buddy! You wanted this only.”
Yuvi:”this was my dream yaar! I thought to do it after college but it’s happening now itself. I am so happy yaar!”
Rohan:”more than this Anita aunty and twinkle will be happy.”
Yuvi:”even mom wanted this. And twinkle will be very happy.”
Rohan:”come on, lets go home and tell everyone”
Yuvi nodded yes.
Yuvi’s phone rang and he picked it up.
Yuvi:”sana, give the phone to mom, i have something really important to tell her, hurry”
Sana:”partner, they are fighting…”
Yuvi:”who is fighting?”
Sana:”Leela aunty and Anita aunty!”
Yuvi:”what? But why?”
Sana:”plz come back quickly!”
Yuvi:”ok, ok we are coming”
Rohan:”why are they fighting now?”
Yuvi:”I don’t know! Lets go”

Luthra house:
Leela and Anita were fighting when Yuvi and Rohan came there.
Yuvi:”what is happening?”
Anita:”see what are they saying, they are saying that we burnt twinkle’s hand.”
Yuvi looked at Twinkle.
Yuvi:”aunty, her hand was burnt while making food.”
Twinkle:”yes maa, that’s what i am trying to tell you”
Anita:”see and you are accusing me.”
Leela:”i know that you did this, they all trying to save you, twinkle tell me the truth…”
Twinkle:”maa that’s the truth!”
Leela:”ok you will not tell me right? But Mrs Anita Luthra if my daughter is hurt once again, i will file complaint against you. And you will be in jail. You only deserve to be there if my twinkle again.”
Dadaji:”stop it now Leela, lets go from here.”
Raman:”and your son also will rot in jail if anything happen to twinkle.”
Dadaji:”enough now. Lets go from here.”

Dadaji pulled Leela from there followed by Pinni, Raman and Chinki.
Rohan also left.

Anita to twinkle:”why did you not tell your mom from there itself. If you would tell she wouldn’t have make such a scene.”
Dadi:”Anita, now let it be. Everything is under control now.”
Anita:”no nothing is under control, every time she will be hurt, they will blame us. Twinkle from now on you will not enter the kitchen, nor you will do any work here. I don’t want you mom to come here and say all this again. I am begging you, you will not do anything in my house.”
Twinkle:”but aunty…”
Yuvi:”twinkle leave it! Mom is right. You will not do anything”
Yuvi nodded no.
Anita left from there. Dadi followed her.
Yuvi throws a file on the sofa (the file was given by the person he met earlier) and went in his room, twinkle followed him.

Twiraj room
Yuvi angrily came in.
Yuvi, angrily:”what?”
Twinkle got scared.
Twinkle, scared:”i tried to stop mom but…”
Yuvi:”but what twinkle? I know that my mom has not accepted you till now but she will never try to hurt you. How could you mom accuse her?”
Twinkle:”yuvi, maa will be worried about me. I am married in a house that has not accept me till now. Your mom hated me and she still hates my mom. Obviously she will be worried.”
Yuvi:”maybe she was worried that does give her the right to say anything about my mom.”
Twinkle:”i know but try to understand her. It’s difficult for a girl. Every mom will be worried and especially my mom because she knows that your mom didn’t accept me….”
Yuvi:”i know that my mom didn’t accept you till now, did your family accept me?”
Twinkle:”maybe, they didn’t fight with you”

Yuvi:”yeah they didn’t fight with in the morning. You didn’t notice twinkle that except dadaji no one was talking to me, didn’t you think that how i felt that time. At least here dadi, Sana are talking to you. Even mom…even though rudely, but what about your family?”
Saying this, yuvi left the room angrily.

Twinkle felt bad as she noticed that yuvi was not at all welcomed in her house.
Twinkle:”babaji, yuvi is somehow right. Here at least they talk to me but at home… I should not have talk to him like that.”

Yuvi came outside in the garden.
Yuvi:”God what’s happening? Everything was fine. This was supposed to be the best day of my life. I was so happy that my dream was getting fulfilled but now everything is ruined. I thought that mom and twinkle would be happy for me but all these fights. And i behaved very bad with twinkle, I scolded twinkle and hurt her. Why did i say all this to her?”

Sana came to him.
Yuvi looked at her.
Yuvi:”for what?”
Sana shows him the file.
Sana:”you got a contract from the music company, you are going to make an album with them, that’s what you wanted to tell everyone right?”
Yuvi nodded yes:”but I can’t tell them now”

Twinkle came there.
Yuvi and Sana looked at her.
Yuvi:”partner, put the file in my room plz”
Sana nodded yes and left.
Twinkle came near him and sat next to him.
Twinkle looked at him.
Yuvi didn’t want to look at her as he was feeling guilty to scold her.
Twinkle also was feeling guilty that she said so much to him.
Twiraj, at the same time:”i want to tell you something”
Twinkle:”me first…”
Yuvi nodded yes.
Twinkle:”i am sorry yuvi. I know that my family behaved rudely with you in the morning. I am sorry.”
Yuvi:” even i am sorry twinkle, i mean we already know they will not accept easily and they will not stop fighting so soon. I am sorry i hurt you a lot.”
Twinkle nodded no.
Twinkle:”i hurt you, I didn’t think how you felt in the morning. I am sorry.”
Yuvi hugged her.
Yuvi:”am sorry too”
Dadaji looked at them from the terrace and smiled.
Dadaji thinks:”babaji plz bless them so that they stays together and fight the obstacles. They are children but still they solved their differences in some times only and looked at their moms, its been so many years but still they are fighting.”

Precap: yuvi told everyone about the contract. Everyone congratulate him.

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