Tashan e ishq twiraj story episode 105

Precap: twinkle first rasoi.

After applying the ointment,
Yuvi went into the room.
Yuvi:”God… Salted halwa is not good”
He drinks a lot of water.

Twinkle was removing the plats and after taking the bowl of the halwa.
She thinks:”yuvi doesn’t eat so much normally…. There is something wrong.”
She saw that yuvi left some leftovers in his plat and she tasted it.
Twinkle makes a weird face.
She thinks:”babaji what is this? I have put salt instead of sugar. Twinkle, how can i do such a mistake… And yuvi…. Yuvi ate all that just to save me”
She left the plays and went in the room.

Twiraj room:
Yuvi was drinking water.
Twinkle came there and looked at him.
Yuvi stopped drinking seeing her.
Yuvi:”baby… Come here!”
He make her sit on the bed.
Twinkle looked at him.
Yuvi:”mom gave you your nek for your first rasoi now my turn…”
Twinkle stop him and hugged him.
Yuvi, confused:”baby, its not time to romance…”
Twinkle broke the hug:”why did you do that?”
Yuvi with a questioning look.
Twinkle:”you ate the halwa despite it being salted”
Yuvi smiled at her.
Yuvi:”it was your first time, how will i not eat it.”
Twinkle:”i love you…”
Yuvi:”me too”
They hugged.

After sometimes,
Yuvi went to Anita’s room.
She was working on some files.
Anita:”come in… I know that you are here to ask me something. Right?”
Yuvi nodded yes.
Anita:”go, take her to her house…”
Yuvi:”how did you know that i…”
Anita:”i am your mom, i know you”
Yuvi:”thank you mom!”
Anita:”go now!”
Yuvi:”mom, love you”
Anita, smiles:”go now”
Yuvi left.
Anita:”I can’t refuse my son but i will have to do something”

Twiraj and Rohan and chinki came to taneja house
Whole taneja family were happy seeing twinkle.
Leela came and hugged her.
Dadaji came to yuvi and hugged him.
Dadaji whispers to him:”thank you beta!”
Yuvi, whispering:”again thank you”
Dadaji smiled at him.
Pinni brought the aarthi thaal and Leela performed her aarthi.
Twiraj came inside and all the family members were talking to twinkle.
Yuvi and Rohan felt left out.
Rohan, whispering:”yuvi, you don’t seem to be welcome here”
Yuvi smiled awkwardly.
Dadaji:”beta, so everything is fine right?”
Yuvi nodded yes.
Dadaji:”the tigress twinkle is not troubling you?”
Yuvi smiled at him.
Leela, rudely:”you must ask twinkle this question if this boy is not troubling her”
Yuvi felt awkward.
Twinkle also noticed it but couldn’t do anything.
Pinni:”twinkle, how was your first rasoi?”
Twiraj exchanged looks.
Yuvi:”aunty it was very good, I didn’t know that twinkle would make such a nice one”
Leela, rudely:”do you think that my daughter can’t make it?”

Yuvi, nervously:”no aunty. I didn’t mean that…”
Dadaji:”so my daughter made good halwa…”
Raman:”did you not bring for us?”
Chinki:”how could she bring it? Yuvi ate the entire bowl…”
Twiraj told Rohan and Chinki about it.

Dadaji looked questioning at yuvi, while he bend his head down.
Leela:”means that Anita didn’t eat it. Good or else she would have taunt you even if it was good…”
Yuvi felt a bit bad because no matter Anita was her mom and he couldn’t hear anything against her.
Twinkle noticed that:”no maa, Anita aunty even gave me nek even if she hasn’t eat it. It was so sweet of her”

Dadaji whispers to yuvi:”you ate the whole halwa?”
Rohan:”dadaji, Yuvi ate the salted halwa made by your daughter. He ate it as if he never got food.”
Yuvi smiled as he was feeling shy.
Rohan:”that’s was so cute of him”
Dadaji:”i am happy beta, i know that you will take full care of my twinkle.”
Yuvi assures him that he will take care of twinkle.
Yuvi:”dadaji actually i have some work to do. May I…”
Dadaji:”sure beta! You came for my sake now you can cone to take twinkle at night.”

Yuvi:”thank you dadaji!”
Dadaji:”thank you?”
They laughs
Yuvi and Rohan left from there.

The whole family spend some time with Twinkle.
Leela noticed that her hand was burnt.
Leela, worriedly:”twinkle, what happened to your hand?”
Twinkle:”actually in the kit…”
Leela:”did Anita did this?”
Twinkle:”no maa that….”
Leela:”that’s why I was worried for you. That woman can do anything to you”
Twinkle:”maa she didn’t….”
Leela:”i will talk to her. How dare she hurt my daughter”
Raman:”even yuvi must have supported her. He has always do this. I will not leave that boy…”
Twinkle tried to make them understand but they misunderstood all. They didn’t listen to twinkle. Even dadaji tried but they were already determined to face Anita.
Leela pulled twinkle with her and went Luthra house.

Precap: Anita and Leela fight and twiraj fight also

Thank you guys for your support and love. Sorry that i was not able to reply to you all in the previous episodes. But i read it and once again thank you so much.

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