Tashan e ishq twiraj story episode 104


Recap: twiraj romance and someone entered Luthras house.

The next morning,
Twiraj were sleeping in each other’s embrace. Twinkle woke up and smiled at yuvi.
She bend down to him and kissed him on his forehead.
Yuvi smiled in his sleep.
Twinkle:”so you were not sleeping…”
Yuvi opened his eyes and said:”no…”
Twinkle was getting down the bed but Yuvi pulled her and she fell on him.
Twinkle:”yuvi, let me go…”
Twinkle tried to leave but yuvi held her tightly.
Twinkle:”yuvi… I need to go downstairs.”
Yuvi:”I won’t let you go…. Before…”
Yuvi:”before my morning kiss”
Twinkle:”really? Then you will get it once you wake up!”
Yuvi:”no let it be. I want to sleep. Forget the kiss….”
Twinkle:”so you love your sleep more than me?”
Yuvi:”hmmmmm yep!”
Twinkle pick up a pillow and beat him with that.
Yuvi:”oh will you kill me?”
Yuvi:”ok sorry sorry!”
Twinkle:”you will not escape today Mr. Yuvraj Luthra”
She chased yuvi around the room. While he tried to escape him.

Taneja house:
Leela was worried and walking around the house.
Pinni came to her and asked:”sis? What happened?”
Leela:”don’t know how will twinkle manage and what if that Anita doesn’t send my twinkle today?”
Pinni was confused at first but then understood.
Pinni:”ohhh first rasoi and paghpera (sorry if it is written wrongly)
Leela:”yeah, don’t know if twinkle will be able to make the sweet dish and come here. And you that Anita, she will taunt twinkle about every single thing.”

Dadaji heard their conversation and thinks:”twinkle will surely come for the ritual”
Dadaji called yuvi.

Luthra house:
Yuvi’s phone rang and Twiraj stopped with the chasing.
Yuvi, naughtily:”go take your bath! You are getting late baby!”
Twinkle:”ohh see who is saying this?”
Yuvi:”ok, ok.”
Twinkle smiled and then went in the bathroom.
Yuvi picked up his phone and saw dadaji’s name.
Dadaji:”beta, how are you?”
Yuvi:”fine… And you?”
Dadaji:”better now… Actually i want to tell you something…”
Yuvi, confused:”yeah dadaji, tell me”
Dadaji:”today is twinkle first rasoi (cooking ritual) and you know that…”
Yuvi:”that twinkle does not know how to prepare any sweet dish. Don’t worry dadaji i will help her.”
Dadaji:”and beta there is also paghpera so you will send twinkle right?”
Yuvi:”of course dadaji. Don’t worry i will talk to mom”
Dadaji:”thank you beta!”
Yuvi:”dadaji, now i am your son then no need to thank me”
Dadaji:”ok then i will see you later on…”
Yuvi:”do i need to come too?”
Dadaji:”not necessary but plz come.”
Yuvi:”ok then i will come”
Dadaji hung up the phone.

Yuvi thinks:”how am i going to help twinkle in the kitchen and how to convince mom to let her go for paghpera?”

He saw something on the table and got an idea.
Yuvi:”one problem solve but the other?”
Twinkle came out of the washroom. She was wearing a pink salwar kameez.
Yuvi looked at her and couldn’t take off his eyes.
Twinkle:”what happened?”
Yuvi, back to his senses:”nothing… Actually, baby, wear this…”
Yuvi:”because today is your first rasoi and…”
Twinkle:”what? I didn’t think of that! What am i going to do?”
Yuvi:”that’s why i am telling to wear the Bluetooth so that i can guide you while cooking.”
Twinkle:”intelligent husband…”
Yuvi:”thank you thank you!”
Twinkle wore the Bluetooth.
Yuvi:”you go down and me in the bathroom.”
Twinkle nodded yes and she left the room.

Twinkle came down and took blessing from dadi and Anita.
Anita reluctantly blessed her.
Sana came there.
Sana:”hi twinkle”
Sana:”so what will you make on your first day? It’s your first cooking….”
Anita:”rasoi… She needs to cook something sweet”
Twinkle was nervous but smiled nevertheless.
Dadi took twinkle to the kitchen.
Dadi:”beta, you make whichever dish you want. I will help you.”
Anita came there:”no, no one will help twinkle. She became my daughter-in-law and i want to see if she will be able to become a good one”
Dadi and the servants went out of the kitchen.
Twinkle:”babaji plz help me. Don’t know if yuvi will be able to help me but plz plz help me”
Twinkle’s phone rang and she connect it to the Bluetooth.
Yuvi:”so my baby is already in the kitchen?”
Twinkle:”yeah now plz tell me what to do”
Yuvi:”what do you want to make?”
Twinkle:”you decide…”
Yuvi:”hmmmm…. Mom’s favorite halwa and mine too. Ok first….”
And he tells her the recipe and twinkle followed his orders. Twinkle has messed up the whole kitchen.
Twinkle, looking at the halwa:”thank you yuvi”
Yuvi:”why? How does it look?”
Twinkle took a picture and sent it to yuvi.
Yuvi:”it looks fine”
Dadi called her and she went out.
Yuvi and Sana came in the kitchen. They were shocked seeing the kitchen’s state.
Yuvi:”Twinkle was cooking or fighting with the ingredients?”
Yuvi looked the halwa and tastes it.
He made a weird face after tasting it.
Sana:”even i want to taste…”
Yuvi made her taste it and she also made a weird face.
Sana:”it’s salted…”
Yuvi:”yeah i think she put salt instead of sugar”
Sana:”what will Anita aunty say?”
Yuvi:”i will make another one and replace it”
But the servants came and was taking the plate. Yuvi tried to stop them but they said that Anita asked them to bring it immediately.
Yuvi and Sana was worried.
They came out and saw that Twinkle, dadi and Anita were already on the table.
They also went to sit.
Yuvi tried to tell twinkle but as she standing far from him, she couldn’t get what he was saying.
Dadi was about to serve the halwa to Anita. Twinkle was happy as it was her first time.
Yuvi stopped dadi.
All looked at him confused.
Yuvi:”my wife made it right? I should be the first one to taste it right?”
Dadi smiles:”yeah sure!”
Dadi served him and he ate it quickly.
As dadi was about to give Anita once again, yuvi asked for more.
Yuvi:”dadi, plz give me more. It is really good that i think that i will eat only this”

Saying this, yuvi finished the whole bowl.
Sana was looking at him with pity but was also laughing.
Anita and twinkle looked at him confused as normally yuvi doesn’t eat so much.
Anita to twinkle, quite rudely:”even if I didn’t eat it, i am giving you your nek (gift i think) as by seeing yuvi, i can guess that it was good or else mu son doesn’t eat anything bad”
Twinkle smiles as age thinks she was successful in making her first rasoi.
Anita and dadi left from there.

Sana whispered to yuvi:”was it good partner?”
Yuvi looked at her angrily and she ran from there.
Twinkle came to yuvi:”you liked it so much that you ate all?”
Yuvi smiled at her and said:”it was my baby’s first cooking obviously i will like it”
Yuvi noticed that twinkle burnt her hand.

He asked worriedly:”what happened to your hand?”
Twinkle:”nothing it’s just burnt”
Yuvi:”and what did you put on that?”
Twinkle make a cute face.
Yuvi:”you put nothing? Wait!”
Yuvi brought the ointment and put it on her hand.
Twinkle looked at him lovingly.

Precap: twinkle went to taneja house. Leela questioned twinkle about her hand.

Credit to: Zai

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