Tashan e ishq twiraj story episode 103


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Recap: twiraj moment and family fight.

At night,
Twinkle was in the room, she was closing the window. Yuvi entered the room.
Twinkle turned to him.

Twinkle:”so what?”
Yuvi:”everything’s fine between you and Leela aunty?”
Twinkle:”she talked to me as before but I don’t think that she has accept our wedding.”
Yuvi:”i know even i talked to mom… She also seems not to accept so soon.”
Yuvi was a bit upset.
Twinkle noticed that.
Twinkle:”don’t worry baby!” She imitates yuvi when saying “baby”
Yuvi smiled at her.
Yuvi:”I don’t say it like that!”
Twinkle:”you always say it like that”
Yuvi laughs and then asked:”seriously?”
Twinkle laughed and nodded no.
Twinkle:”you says it very cutely.”
Yuvi:”so you were making fun of me….”
Twinkle nodded no.
Yuvi:”yeah you were… Wait…”
Yuvi moves closer to twinkle.
Twinkle:”no no…”
Yuvi tickles her.
Yuvi:”you are making fun of me….”
Twinkle, laughing:”sorry, sorry…. Yuvi…”
Twinkle moved backwards and was about to fall on the bed, yuvi tried to catch her but both of them fell on the bed.
Twinkle had her eyes closed. Yuvi smiled seeing her.
Yuvi moved closer and kissed her forehead. Twinkle opened her eyes and looked at yuvi. They have an eyelock.
Yuvi then kissed her cheeks.
Yuvi moved closer to her and was about to kiss her lips. Twinkle closed her eyes. Yuvi kissed her and twinkle also reciprocates the kiss.
Yuvi moved down to her neck and kissed her on the neck.
Twinkle closed her eyes feeling his touch.
Yuvi again kissed her on the lips. Suddenly they heard a noise outside the room. And they parted away.
Yuvi and twinkle looked at each other and then laughed.
Yuvi:”bad timing.”
Twinkle laughs at him.

Anita called yuvi. He and twinkle came down.
Yuvi:”mom, what happened?”
Anita, quite afraid:”there was someone here.”
Dadi also came there.
Dadi:”even i heard a noise…”
Twinkle:”we also heard…”
Yuvi:”i will check… You guys stay here.”
Yuvi checked the house but found no one.
He came back and told them that there was no one.
Anita:”i saw someone here”
Yuvi:”where is Sana?”
Dadi:”don’t know!”
Yuvi and everyone went to her room.
They opened the door and saw that she was sleeping.
Twinkle:”she is sleeping”
They were about to leave when Yuvi noticed a shadow.
Anita:”what happened yuvi?”
Yuvi told them them to keep quiet.
He went to the window.
He caught someone. That person was covered with a black blanket. Sana woke up because of the noise, she was afraid and went to twinkle.
Yuvi tried to remove the blanket but couldn’t.

The person pushed yuvi and escaped through the window. Yuvi fell down.
Anita and Twinkle went to him.
Anita:”yuvi… Are you fine?”
Yuvi:”yeah mom! I am fine… But who was he?”
Twinkle:”what was he doing in Sana’s room?”
Yuvi:”maybe by hearing the noise, he hide here.”
Anita:”yeah maybe…”

Yuvi went outside to check and told the watchman to check if everything was fine.
Yuvi thinks:”what’s happening? First there was a theft on the site now in home…”

Precap: Didn’t think of.

Credit to: Zai

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