Tashan e ishq twiraj story episode 102

Recap: twinkle gharpravesh

Twinkle came out of the washroom. Her hair was wet as she took a bath. She went in front of the mirror. She was trying to tie the dori of the sari, but she was not able as her hand did not reach it.
Yuvi entered the room with some bags and looked at her. He saw her struggling to tie the dori and came to her.
Twinkle saw in him in the mirror and turned around.
Yuvi make her to around, he moved her hair to one side and tie the dori. Twinkle looked at him in the mirror.
Yuvi moved closer to her and kissed shoulder. Twinkle closed her eyes feeling his touch.
Yuvi moved his hand down to her waist. Twinkle turned around and hugged him.
Yuvi kissed her forehead. He came close to kiss her. Twinkle closed her eyes.
He was about to kiss her when they heard a knock at the door.
Twinkle opened her eyes and pushed yuvi. But he caught her hand and pulled her to him.
Twinkle:”yuvi, there is someone at the door…”
Yuvi:”let them knock…”
Twinkle:”yuvi, plz…”
Yuvi nodded no.

At the door, it was Anita.
Anita, angrily:”Yuvi…”
Yuvi quickly moved away from twinkle. Twinkle laughed at him.
Yuvi:”yes mom, coming…”
He went to the door and opened it.
Anita:”why did you take so much time…”
She saw Twinkle.
Yuvi:”mom, actually…”
Anita:”let it be! You will have to go to the site, there are some problems there.”
Yuvi:”yeah mom. I will go…”
Yuvi:”yeah…” And he left from there.

Anita turned to Twinkle, twinkle was worried about what she will say.
Before she could answer Anita easily but now the relationship changed, it’s her mother-in-law in front of her.
Anita:”don’t you think that i have accept you as my daughter-in-law because i am letting you stay here. You were eager to marry my son, right? But I will never let this relationship work, understood!”
She left from there.
Twinkle was tensed.
She thinks:”babaji… I knew that it will be difficult to convince our moms but plz give me courage to do it. And to make my and Yuvi relationship work. Plz”

Taneja house:
Leela was in her room. She was worried, disappointed.
She thinks:”how will my daughter stay there? She will have to bear what Anita will make her do… I can’t let my daughter suffer. I have to do something.”
She thinks of what she can do.

At the site, Yuvi came there.
Yuvi to Raghu (who was previously helping Malhotra) :”what’s happening?”
Raghu:”sir, you here?”
Yuvi:”why has everyone regrouped here? What’s going on?”
Raghu:”sir, actually…. They are…”
Yuvi:”what? Let it be!”
Yuvi moved forward to see what happened.
There was two workers who were fighting.
Yuvi stopped them.
Yuvi:”what’s happening? Why are you both fighting?”
One of them:”sir, he started it”
The other:”don’t lie, you started it…”
Yuvi:”stop it! I didn’t ask you who started it. I ask the reason of your fight.”
Yuvi noticed them tensed.
Yuvi:”ok, you both come in the cabin, i will like to have a word with you”
They followed yuvi to the cabin while the others resumed their work.

In the cabin,
Yuvi:”now tell me!”
One:”sir, actually we…”
Other:”we have stolen a file from the safe…”
Yuvi:”what? Why did you do that?”
One:”we were asked to do it for money but then when we received the money, he is refusing to share it”
Yuvi:”who told you to do that?”
Workers:”don’t know…”
Yuvi:”you must have seen him right? Who is he?”
Workers:”don’t know sir, we haven’t seen him”
Yuvi:”from tomorrow, I don’t want to see your faces here. Get out of here!”
Workers, begging:”no sir, don’t do this. Plz”
Yuvi:”you should not have done this!”
Workers:”sir, we have families…”
Yuvi:”family? Don’t you think that we don’t check your background before giving you the jobs. You both live together, neither of you are married. You both work here to get money so that you can enjoy your night with different girls, right? You are working here just because you are the employees of Taneja group otherwise I wouldn’t allow you to work here”
Workers were shocked that yuvi knows everything.

Yuvi:”get out of here!”
The workers left from there.
Yuvi checked the safe and noticed that a blue file was missing. He got tensed but then remembered that the file was only a copy not the original as the original is in his room. Nevertheless he wanted to know who stole the file.

Luthra house:
Dadi was talking to Twinkle.
Dadi:”beta, don’t worry! I know that your marriage happens in such a worry. But now you are married, you will have to fulfill your duties.”
Twinkle:”dadi, will i have to change? I mean that…”
Dadi:”no, but there are certain things that will change automatically. You will know that with time”
Twinkle:”dadi, will i have to change completely?”
Yuvi, who entered:”no, not at all!”
Twinkle and dadi turned towards the door.
Yuvi came next to twinkle:”dadi, twinkle will stay the same way as she is. Marriage does not mean that the girls need to change. She will always stay my tigress twinkle and my shining star.”
Twinkle looked at yuvi lovingly. Yuvi looked at her and they have an eyelock.
Dadi smiled seeing their love.

Anita, who was upstairs watched all this angrily.
Leela, who came to meet Twinkle also witnessed this. She also got angrily.

Leela entered.
Leela:”Yuvraj Luthra… ”
Anita came down hearing her and twiraj looked at Leela.
Anita:”why are you shouting?”
Leela:”just ask your son, why he did this?”
Twinkle looked at Yuvi confused.
Anita:”what did yuvi do?”
Leela:”how dare he fired my employees without even asking me?”
Anita looked at Yuvi.
Yuvi:”mom, actually when I want there …..”
He told them everything.
Anita:”so it’s good that he fired them.”
Leela:”he could have ask me”
Twinkle:”maa, plz calm down!”
Yuvi:”aunty… I am sorry but those workers…”
Leela:”get one thing clear, Mr. Yuvraj Luthra, i know that you are the head of the project from Luthra group but you can’t forget that you are in partnership so you have to tell everything to your partner”
Anita was about to say something.
Yuvi:”i am sorry aunty! I will take care of this in the future.”
Leela:”you better!”
She was about to leave.
Twinkle got sad that her mom didn’t talk to her in her anger.
Yuvi noticed that.
Yuvi:”aunty… Your daughter is missing you a lot. Don’t you want to talk to her?”
Leela looked at twinkle.
Twinkle was looking at Leela teary eyed.
Leela couldn’t leave without talking to her.
Yuvi smiled.
Yuvi:”bab… Twinkle, take your mom in our room”
Leela went with her.

Yuvi came to Anita.
Yuvi:”mom, sorry! I did what i thought to be good and fired those guys. Was i wrong?”
Anita:”no baby! You are not! Leela just need an excuse to fight with us.”
Yuvi:”i love you mom…”
Anita:”love you too! ….. But that doesn’t mean that i forgive you for the marriage thing”
Yuvi:”then i will have to try harder to convince my beautiful mom…”
Anita:”stop buttering me!”
Yuvi left from there.
Dadi:”moms can’t stay angry with their child for long.”
Anita:”i know! But what can i do? Moms need to be strict at times”
Dadi smiled.

Twiraj room:
Twinkle and Leela entered the room.
Leela looked at the room.
Twinkle:”maa, i am sorry for everything”
Leela:”are you fine twinkle? I mean Anita didn’t say…”
Twinkle:”no mom! She is still angry but she didn’t behave rudely with me”
Twinkle:”yes maa, why will i hide it from you?”
They talk for some time then Leela left.

Precap: twiraj romance

Thank you so much guys for all your wonderful comments.
And i know that Leela and Anita are not behaving rudely with twiraj. They are forgiving them so quickly but i wanted to show that despite all things their moms couldn’t remain angry on them for long.
But they didn’t accept the marriage, they are just worried for twiraj.
Neither Leela accept yuvi nor Anita accept twinkle.

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    1. Dear this is a fan fiction. I mean it is the imagination of a fan who is the writer . This is the story which is written by zai, but u can’t watch it.

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