Tashan e ishq twiraj story episode 101


Recap: twiraj wedding

Twiraj were still at the door,
Mohit:”that’s false! I didn’t do anything to twinkle. They are lying”
Dadaji:”you are saying that i am lying…”
Mohit:”yeah, I didn’t do anything”
He went to Twinkle and said:”you got what you wanted. You wanted to marry your bf and you did it… Great Leela aunty, your daughter betrayed you.”

Leela came to Twinkle and slapped her.
Everyone was shocked.
Leela:”you showed that this boy has more importance than me. For this boy, you betrayed your mom. And now lying about Mohit…”
Yuvi:”aunty, whatever dadaji said about Mohit was true, he tried…”
Leela, angrily:”i am not talking to you.”
Twinkle:”maa, Mohit did…”
Mohit:”you are again blaming me? I didn’t see such a characterless girl in my whole life…”
Twinkle came to him and slapped her. Mohit was about to hit her but Yuvi came in between.
Yuvi:”don’t you dare touch her” He stared at Mohit angrily.
Mohit:”see aunty…”
Anita:”yuvi? How could you do this? You very well know that i hate this family to the core. And still…”
Anita looked at him disappointed.
Mohit:”thank you so much aunty for this insult.”
Mohit and his family left from there.

Dadaji:”your anger is justified but you can’t ignore the fact they are married. And now Twinkle is Mrs. Twinkle Yuvraj Luthra. And right now, your daughter-in-law needs to perform the gharpravesh (entering the house)”
Anita looked away in anger.
Twiraj felt bad. Even Leela was angry.
Dadaji:”so no one is ready to do it.. Anita? …. Leela? …. Pinni?…
Sana’s dadi:” I will do it”
Dadaji:”Ok then, Chinki plz get the aarthi thaal ( prayer tray)
Chinki nodded yes and after asking yuvi the direction, she brought the thaal.

Dadi did the gharpravesh. Twinkle entered the house with yuvi, performing all the rituals.
Dadaji:”we must leave now Leela. Your daughter is in her in-laws’ place.”
Leela:”how can I leave her with this woman, alone in this house?”
Dadaji:”you will have to. Let’s go, Raman, Pinni”
The tanejas left with Chinki.
There was only Rohan, Sana, her dadi, Anita and Twiraj.

Anita left for her room. Twinkle was nervous seeing that. Yuvi hold her hand to assure her.
Rohan:”so i think i should leave… Now I can’t share the room with my buddy now”

Yuvi smiles at him.
Sana dadi:”come on beta, take her to the room, she must be tired”
Yuvi nodded yes and left with twinkle.

Yuvi’s room (now twiraj’s room)
Twinkle entered the room and looked around. It was completely a boy’s room except it was neat and clean as Anita makes sure that it is clean.
Twinkle smiled at yuvi.
Yuvi:”so this is my room… Sorry our room”
Yuvi noticed that Twinkle was upset and nervous.
Yuvi:”don’t worry! We will convince them. We will try our best to do that for us. I just need your support (he hold her hands) if you are with me, then we can convince them”
Twinkle smile at him. His words somewhat comfort her.
She thanked yuvi for what he has done yesterday.
Yuvi:”since when my baby say thank you to me”
Twinkle smiled at her.
Yuvi:”i think you should change… You wearing this lengha since yesterday and it’s looking heavy to me”
Twinkle nodded yes.
Suddenly she realized, that she has no clothes, at Yuvi’s place.
Yuvi, as if he read her thoughts:”don’t worry…” He went to the wardrobe and took out a gift. He gave it to twinkle.
Twinkle:”what’s this?”
Yuvi:”actually i bought it for you some days back. Rohan went for shopping for Chinki and I went with him. I liked this for you but didn’t know that i will have the opportunity to give it to. But now… Take it”

Twinkle went in the bathroom and opened the gift. It was a beautiful sky blue sari.
Then she changed.

Precap: some cute moments between twiraj but still family problems

Hope you guys liked and sorry for not posting yesterday. And thanks to all of you for your love and support, even to the silent readers.

Credit to: Zai

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