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Hello everyone. Thank you so much for your support throughout all the time that i am writing this ff. It’s the 100 episode today and i am really happy that i reached till here. And all this is because of you all for your immense love and support.
I really didn’t know at the beginning if it will work or not as there was less twiraj fans and i never thought that i will reach 100 episode. I thought to end it on 20 or 30 episode but didn’t realise that i will be writing so much.
So here is the 100th episode. Hope you will like it and on the same occasion wishing Zain a very happy birthday.

Recap: twinkle’s engagement and dadaji was rushed to the hospital.

Everyone was with dadaji. He woke up abd saw everyone.
Leela:”papaji, are you ok?”
Dadaji nodded yes.
The doctor came there for the check up.
Doc:”he is fine, you can take him tomorrow morning and if someone wants to stay with him tonight, you can”

Leela:”i will stay…”
Raman:”no sis, you will be tired and moreover twinkle wedding’s preparation is still undone. I will stay”
Dadaji:”i want twinkle to stay with me…”
Leela:”but dadaji…”
Twinkle:”its ok maa, i will stay..”
After that they all left.
Chinki stayed with twinkle. She said that she will leave after sometimes.

Next morning,
Taneja house,
Leela, Raman were getting ready to pick up dadaji from the hospital.
Leela:”raman, hurry up”
After sometimes, they left.

In the hospital,
Raman and Leela came in the ward but there was only the nurse who was changing the bedsheets.
Leela:”excuse me, where is the patient who was here?”
Nurse:”he got discharged and went with his grand daughter, her friend and there was a boy with them”
Leela:”a boy?”
Nurse:”yes…” And she went.
Raman:”sis, it might be Mohit with Twinkle and Chinki”
Leela:”yeah you right, but they should have call”
Raman:”sis, maybe twinkle didn’t bring her phone”
Leela:”yeah, maybe”
They left for home.

Luthra house,
Anita was searching for Sana but she was nowhere.
Anita:”where is she? She normally wakes up early”
Sana’s dadi:”don’t know even Yuvi is not in his room”
Anita:”maybe she went out with Yuvi”

Taneja house:
Raman and Leela came back.
Pinni:”where is papaji?”
Leela:”didn’t he reach yet? They left before us”
Raman:”wait i will call them”
She tried twinkle phone but they hear the ringtone. Twinkle didn’t bring her phone with her.
Leela:”try for Chinki!”
He tried but there was no answer.
Leela:”where are they?”
Raman:”i will try Mohit…”
A voice came from behind:”no need…”
They turned around and saw that it was Mohit and his family.
Mohit had bruises and was hurt.
Leela:”beta (Mohit) what happened? How did you get hurt?”
Mohit’s mom:”Leelaji, if you didn’t want this marriage you couldn’t have refuse. What was the need to do all this?”

Leela:”what happened?”
Mohit:”your grand daughter made her boyfriend beat me and see my state…”
All were shocked.
Mohit:”that Yuvraj…”
Leela:”no he is not twinkle bf…”
Mohit:”plz aunty. Even i have eyes, i can see what was happening. I am not blind”
Leela:”he must have force her to do something…”
Mohit’s mom:”ok, where is your daughter?”
Leela:”she is with her dadaji…”
Mohit:”I don’t think so, why don’t you ask Yuvraj mom, where is his son?”

Leela agreed and they all went to Luthra house.
Sana dadi and Anita were still worried about Sana even if they think that she was yuvi.
Taneja family and Mohit and his family came there.
Anita:”what are you all doing here?”
Leela:”where is my daughter?”
Anita:”how will i know that?”
Mohit:”why don’t you ask your son?”
Anita:”why are you putting my son in this?”
Leela:”call him…”
Anita:”he is not at home”
Mohit:”and do you know where he is?”
Anita:”I don’t have to keep an eye on him like others”
Leela:”just call him…”
Anita tried Yuvi’s phone but it didn’t go through.

Anita become worried as he was not answering.

They all were quite worried.
Anita:”don’t know where he is?”

Leela:”that’s enough now. Mohit, plz tell us what happened?”
Mohit:”we were at the hospital when your daughter called that Yuvraj there. And when i caught them and said that i can’t refuse for this marriage he started to beat”

“Don’t lie…” A voice said. They turned to the door and saw Twiraj with dadaji, Chinki, Rohan and Sana.

Twinkle was still wearing her lengha of the Sangeet and Yuvi was wearing a white shirt with a black blazer with jeans.
They were wearing garland.
Everyone was shocked seeing them.
Leela and Anita came to Twiraj and they notice twinkle wearing Mangalsutra and had sindoor on her forehead.

Everyone was shocked.
Anita came to yuvi:”what is all this yuvi?”
Leela was shocked and didn’t react.
Anita:”Yuvi… (Shouting) what’s all this?”
Yuvi couldn’t meet his mom’s eyes.

Leela:”twinkle… Twinkle lets go from here”
Dadaji:”no Leela, they are married…”
Leela slapped yuvi.
Anita:”why are you slapping my son? You should say something to Twinkle”
Leela:”your son must have instigate her, else my daughter can’t think to take such a step.”

Mohit:”see, i told you that this boy…”
Yuvi got angry seeing him.
He was about to beat him but dadaji stop him.
Dadaji:”no yuvi. Don’t do that! And you, Mohit, what did you say to them?”

Leela:”why are you angry on him? Yuvi beat him and you are…”
Dadaji:”oh so he told you that yuvi beat him but did he tell you why?”
Mohit and his family got tensed hearing that.

Dadaji:”his face says that he didn’t. When you will know, you will also beat him…”
Flashbacks shows:
In the hospital,
Twinkle and chinki was with dadaji when she went to drink water. Mohit pulled her in a corner and tried to kiss her while she tried resisting.
Twinkle:”what are you doing? Leave me!”
Mohit:”why? You are going to be my would be wife, so I can…”
Twinkle, angrily:”would be, i am not yet your wife!”
Mohit:”so what? In some days, you be”
Twinkle:”then you should wait for our marriage…”
Mohit:”why wait?” He pulled twinkle from there.
Chinki who came out to see twinkle, saw Mohit taking her.
She was going to follow them when dadaji call her and she told everything to him.
Dadaji, without thinking about himself, follow them with Chinki.

Luthra house:
Rohan was staying at Yuvi’s place.
Sana insisted for ice cream so Yuvi and Rohan took her out.

Back to Mohit and Twinkle.
Twinkle:”where are you taking me?”
Twinkle recognize the way and said:”why are you taking me to the temple?”

Mohit:”oh so my wifie knows the way…”
They got down the car and he pulled twinkle.
Twinkle try protesting and resisting but Mohit didn’t leave her hand.

Suddenly, twinkle, with all her force, pulled Mohit back and they fall down near the bushes.
Twinkle screamed as she got hurt on her hands.
Some people, who were nearby hear the sound and came there.
When they saw Mohit and Twinkle, they misunderstood of what was happening.
Twinkle tried to tell them that Mohit was forcefully trying to marry her but no one paid attention to her.

The people started to say bad things over them but specially on Twinkle. (It’s girl who are mostly misunderstood in these situations. Girls will be the first one to be accused)
At the same time, dadaji and Chinki came there.
They rushed to twinkle.
Twinkle was in tears by hearing what the people was saying about her.
Dadaji:”you can’t accuse her without knowing anything”
Chinki:”right! Why are you saying all these things to the girl not to the boy? She has not done anything wrong, he was trying to…”
Mohit, put all the blame on twinkle:”i was telling her that we should do all this after marriage but she didn’t listen to me…”
Twinkle was shocked by his reply.
One man:”she is such in a hurry right? Then why don’t you get married to him right now?”
Another man:”he is right! Come on take her…”
Mohit:”i am ready to marry her right now”
Dadaji:”no you can’t do this…”
Some people stop dadaji and Chinki while Mohit took twinkle to the temple.

With great difficulty, dadaji and Chinki came to the temple.
Twinkle was pleading them to stop all this.
Chinki phone rang flashing Rohan.
She didn’t hear it as it was on silence.

Without knowing, Chinki answered the call.
Rohan was about to say something when he heard all the noise.
Rohan:”Chinki, what happened? Why is there a lot of noise?”
But he could only hear the noise.
Yuvi, who was driving the car, with Sana behind, saw Rohan tensed.
Yuvi:”what happened Buddy?”
Rohan:”don’t know! I mean there is a lot of noise behind her”
Sana:”maybe she is at twinkle’s house…”
Yuvi:”yeah… Put it on speaker”
Rohan put it on speaker.
They heard the noise but didn’t understand what was going on.
Chinki, finally noticed the call.

Rohan:”chinki what happened?”
Chinki:”plz bring yuvu to … Temple. Mohit is trying to forcefully get married to twinkle.”
Yuvi:”what? But they were about to get married in some days then…”
Chinki:”i will explain you later on… But right now plz, just come here”
Yuvi;”ok, we are coming”

In the temple,
The marriage rituals started, Mohit put the garland on twinkle.
He held twinkle’s hand and he forcefully put it on him.
Twinkle was crying, she tried a lot to release herself from his grip but she couldn’t.
Even the pheras started. Mohit was pulling her around the fire. While twinkle tried to stop him.
Even the pheras were done. The priest gave the sindoor to Mohit.
He was about to apply it on her forehead when he was stopped.
It was yuvi who stopped him.
Yuvi jerked his hand away. Twinkle was happy seeing him and she immediately hugged him and cried.
Yuvi also hugged her.

Mohit got angry seeing him.
Mohit:”why are you here? You call him Twinkle? Right?” He hold twinkle’s hand tight where she was hurt and she screamed.
Yuvi released her hand and pinched Mohit.

The men:”why did you stop all this? You don’t even know that this girl was…”
Yuvi:”was what? Tell me!”
One man:”she was with this boy behind the bushes… Chee”
Yuvi, angrily:”what? What did she do? You just saw her there with a boy and believed what that they were… You didn’t even think to ask her anything. You just gave her the punishment”

Man:”this is against our tradition…”
Yuvi:”which tradition tell you that you have the right to forcefully marry a girl to someone. She has the choice to decide. Who are you to make the girl marry?”

Man:”what she was doing was wrong”
Yuvi:”what was she doing? Did you see her? Tell me did you see her?”
Everyone was quiet.

Yuvi:”why are you silent? Answer me. I am telling you that she can’t do this.”
Mohit:”i am not lying, twinkle did ask me to….”
Yuvi:”shut up! Don’t you dare say something about her. I will kill you”
Mohit:”why? What relationship do you have with her? Ohh she is your neighbor, but… I never saw someone so worried for his neighbor. Why, Mr. Yuvraj Luthra? What relationship do you have with her”

Yuvi:”that relationship which you will never understand…”
Mohit:”then explain it. What kind of relationship which you can’t explain?”
Yuvi, angrily and shouting:”i love her. The relationship of love, of respect and trust which you will never understand”
Twinkle looked at him lovingly. Dadaji, Rohan, Chinki and Sana smiled.

Mohit:”ohhh, then why was she with me? What was she doing in the bushes with me?”
Yuvi got angry on him and started to beat him.
Some men tried to stop Yuvi but he didn’t. He couldn’t bear to hear anything against his twinkle, his baby.

Yuvi was beating him so much that he left from there, running away.
Man:”what kind of girl she is? After all this, she is still here.”
Yuvi was about to answer him but twinkle stop him.
Twinkle, to that man:”you know i am standing here, and didn’t run away, because I know that I am right. I am standing in a pious place. But the one who tried to do wrong things in this pious place, see he ran away. My family trust me and that’s enough for me. I don’t care of what you think of me, because you don’t know me. For me, my family’s trust is more important”

Yuvi and the others smiled by her answer.
Some women who were there also agreed with twinkle.
But some men were still speaking against her.
After hearing all that insults, Yuvi couldn’t bear it, as they were questioning twinkle character.
Yuvi just went and pick up the sindoor and applied it on her forehead. Everyone was surprised and shocked, even Twinkle.

Yuvi to the man:”she is my wife now, and no one had the right to question her or say anything wrong about her”
All the people didn’t have anything to say.
The people one by one left the temple.
Yuvi turned to the family members and got tensed seeing them shocked.
He looked at twinkle.
Twinkle touched her forehead and look at yuvi.
Dadaji came to them.
Dadaji:”twinkle, you should be proud of him. He took a step to save your respect. He proved it today that he is the perfect one for you.”
Twinkle:”but dadaji…”
Dadaji:”i know what you both are thinking but you can’t denied that you are married now. We will explain to your moms.”
Twiraj looked at each other worried.

Yuvi didn’t think of anything else before taking such a step. He thought only about twinkle.

Dadaji:”stop worrying for now… Yuvi has already put sindoor on your forehead but other rituals are also important, we will complete them”
Dadaji called the priest which was there and asked him to carry out the rituals.
Rohan, chinki and Sana helped in the preparation (getting the garland, etc…)

When all were ready, their marriage rituals started. They exchange the garlands. There was the kanyadaan which dadaji did. They took the seven vows (pheras) and finally Yuvi put the Mangalsutra around twinkle’s neck and applied the sindoor.
But there was no happiness on their face, there was only tension of what will happen at home.

After all the rituals were done.
Dadaji:”i should have been in the hospital right now…”
Yuvi, Rohan and Sana:”hospital…”
Chinki:”yeah i will explain to you in the car.”
Yuvi drove the car and Chinki told everyone what happened with Dadaji and why he was in the hospital.

The boy which the nurse saw was Yuvi with Twinkle and Chink. Rohan and Sana were with dadaji inside the room that’s why she didn’t see them.
By that time it was already morning and the doctor gave dadaji discharge before Leela and Raman came.

After leaving the hospital, dadaji wanted to go to the Gurudwara (sorry if i have written it wrong) so they went there. That’s why they came late.

Flashbacks ends.

Present moment:
Twiraj were still at the door, while others were shocked hearing what happened last night.

Precap: not decided about Leela and Anita’s reactions. Will they accept or will they again fight?

Guys thank you so much for your support once again.

Credit to: Zai

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