tashan e ishq twiraj story episode 10


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In the car
Twinkle: “yuvi I was just stopping you… I am sorry…”
But yuvi continued to drive silently.
Twinkle thinks that it would be better to stay quiet for the moment and would clarify later on.
Yuvi stopped the car abruptly outside their houses. They both got out. Yuvi asked her to go. Twinkle tried to clarify but yuvi left.
Twinkle went in her room and talks to God: “babaji, what have I done? I shouldn’t have slapped him, he helped me. But that was the only way to stop him else he would have kill that guy. I will have to talk to him. And that too now.”
@yuvi’s place
Yuvi was in his room bare chest and was playing his guitar angrily.
Twinkle came to his place and said: “thank God, there is no one” and climbed the stairs. She entered yuvi’s bedroom.
Twinkle: “yuvi, please listen to me…”
Yuvi stopped playing. He gave her an angry look and then looked away. Twinkle came to him and put her hand on his shoulder but he shoved her away.
Twinkle: “yuvi… sorry” and cried saying: “I had no other option to stop you.” Yuvi turned around, came to her and pinned her against the wall.
Yuvi: “why did you slap me? I was helping you.”
Twinkle: “you would have kill him…”
Yuvi: “yes! I would have! I will kill the one who tried to harm you, twinkle. I can’t see you hurt.”
Twinkle: “why?”
Yuvi: “see in my eyes, you will find the answer”
Twinkle: “I don’t see anything”
Yuvi: “because I started feeling for you twinkle. I don’t know how, when, but that’s true.”
Twinkle was surprised and shocked listening to this.
Yuvi: “Yuvraj Luthra has fallen for you twinkle. I love you twinkle” and hugged her.
Twinkle was shell shocked and couldn’t react.
Yuvi looked at her and kiss her cheeks and twinkle closed her eyes and hugged him. Yuvi next kissed her neck and she was lost also and reciprocates his actions. Yuvi was about to kiss her on the lips when they heard Anita calling yuvi downstairs.
They both composed themselves. Twinkle was surprised by herself and wanted to leave. Yuvi held her hand to stop her from going downstairs as Anita was there. Yuvi asked twinkle to wait for his signal to leave.
Yuvi went to Anita who was drinking water.
Anita: “where were you I was calling you?”
Yuvi: “mom, wedding went nice?”
Anita: “yes but where were you?”
Yuvi hugged her saying: “I miss you mom, I will not leave you next time” and signals twinkle to leave.
Anita tried to break the hug but yuvi continued saying I miss you mom. Till then twinkle left.
Anita asked yuvi what happened suddenly but yuvi ran to his room.
Twinkle came to her house and Leela and whole were already there.
Leela: “where were you twinkle? U left before us?”
Leela shakes twinkle and asked her to answer. Twinkle: “I went with a friend” and headed to her room. Leela was a bit surprised but didn’t say anything.

Twinkle, in her room, was thinking about what happened at yuvi’s place. She was confused and worried remembering yuvi’s love confession. She remembers all their encounters while staring at the moon.
Next morning,
Yuvi was getting ready in front of the mirror and he was really happy. But then remembered that twinkle didn’t answer him. Yuvi to himself: “I will ask her today and apologize if she felt bad for yesterday” And hurriedly climbed down the stairs.

@ twinkle house
Breakfast table
Twinkle was lost, Leela came in angrily with Raman. Pinni asked the matter and they said that they lost the deal to Anita.
Leela angrily: “this Anita, she is snatching everything from me. I won’t leave her and her son”
Twinkle felt bad and asked Leela to calm down. Chinki came and twinkle left with her.

precap: twinkle rejects yuvi due to their moms

Credit to: zai

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