tashan e ishq twiraj story episode 1

Hey guys. This is the first time I am writing a fan fiction. Plz support. This is tashan e ishq and the story is about yuvi and twinkle. I like their jodi a lot that’s why I am writing it.

The story starts in a conference room where a meeting is being held. A deal of millions of rupees is being carried out. Two women are trying their level best to get the contract : Anita Luthra and Leela Taneja. Both hate each other and their rivalry is well known in whole Amritsar. They can’t stand each being neighbours.
Finally the deal went to Leela Taneja and everyone congratulate her except Anita. Seeing this Anita started to burn of jealously and leave the room angrily.

Both of them reach their house, Raman ( Leela’s brother ) congratulate her and Leela thanked him. As Anita was going, Leela taunt her for her loss and after a while, a fight started with each of them accussing each other and the whole neighbourhood gathered.

At Leela’s house, a girl is shown, her face is covered under the blanket as the sunlight is disturbing her. She finally wakes up by the noise due to the fight. She is Twinkle Taneja, a bubbly and easy going girl. She is her mother’s star and she is very much pampered by her family.
As she peeps out of the window she saw the scenery and she climbed down the stairs hurriedly.

As she comes out, she couldn’t stand the humiliation of her mum and she shouted at Anita : ” Stop it! How dare you talk to my mum like this! ”
Anita : ” look, the princess came to defend her mother. Listen I don’t want to talk to such low standard people like you.”
Twinkle : ” you have no right to talk to my mum like this! ”
Anita : ” Leela, control your daughter else…”
Leela : ” Else what?What will you do? You can’t do anything. You can’t touch my daughter. ”
Anita : ” oh… really”
Twinkle : ” what will you do? ”

At that time, a boy screamed : ” hey twinkle Taneja…”
Everyone turns around. There was a red sports car and a boy closing the door. He is Yuvraj Luthra aka Yuvi. He is handsome and every girl want to be with him. He has lot of tashan ( attitude ) in him but he is good at heart.He joined his mom to support her.

He starts defending his mom and argues with twinkle.
Yuvi:” Don’t talk to my mum like this! ”
Twinkle : ” listen…”
Yuvi:” why? Are you a princess that i have to listen to you? A princess with no fashion sense. ”
Twinkle : ” who are you to talk about my fashion sense? Look at yourself, you look like a monkey man, u wear torn jeans and show ur body. ( First episode argument )

Finally, twinkle dadaji ( grandfather ) came out and stopped their arguments. And the crowd dispersed and went to their respective house.

Twinkle’s residence : Twinkle: how dare that yuvi talk to me like that? I wi dddefinitely teach him a lesson” while her mom is trying to calm her down.

Same is happening at yuvi’s place.
He is very angry at twinkle.

A voice speaks : ” Did u see how much they are fighting but what destiny have kept for them will change their lives ”

How was the first episode? ?? Plzz give your suggestions and plz support me.

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  1. Hi Zai….a nice story….keep on writing I dear….I think dis one ll b quite interesting..

  2. its a nice story bt i wld like if u add more spice to it nd plzzzz i would like to see kunj…

  3. zai it is awesome ….plz update soon

  4. Wow …after a long time twiraj. .yayyy plz continue it was nice but need more interest …..but don’t seperate twiraj. .make more fighting but love each other

  5. Hey zai….. Awesome ff.. I think it would be interesting….. But same as Komal said even I would like to see Kunj

  6. Thank u guys

  7. loved it..awesome.. please continue.. i love this pair

  8. sravana bhargavi

    Wow !!!loved it .twiraj rocks

  9. I too like twiraj

  10. Who is main lead kunj or yuvi I don’t get it as I don’t not watch it as am staying in hostel can any body tell me …….

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