Tashan-E-Ishq twinj: when will happiness arrive in our lives few slots (Intro)


Twinkle Sarna- wife of Kunj. Loves him a lot. Cares for the family and pretends to be happy but is sad from the inside . Sisters of mahi and Chinki
Kunj Sarna- husband of twinkle . Loves her a lot. Can do anything for her smile. Brother of yuvraj and abhay
Yuvraj – brother of kunj husband of mahi
Abhay- brother of Kunj and uv husband of chinki
Mahi- wife of uv sister of chinki and twinkle
Chinki- wife of Abhay and sister of mahi and twinkle
Leela – mother of twinkle, mahi and chinki
Usha- mother of kunj , uv and abhay
Manohar- father of Saran brothers
Rt – father of Taneja sisters

Kunj and Twinkle have been married for a couple of years. They had an arrange marriage as both their mothers wanted them to get married. A couple of months after there marriage they fell in love and have always cared for each other and love each other immensely. They have a wedding
planning business .
They pretend to be happy happy infornt of everyone but are upset from inside … Why is this ?

I hope you liked it please comment

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  1. Ayu

    When there’s love then why sadness? U awoke my curiosity!! Pls post next sooon

    1. Simiyy

      Your so cute Ayu… I will try to post soon xx

  2. SidMin

    Interesting story pls post soon πŸ™‚

    1. Simiyy

      Thanks SidMin will post soon ??

  3. Amazing intro.. but why r they sad?.. eagerly waiting for the first part πŸ™‚

    1. Thank you…you have to wait and find out .. will try to post soon dear

  4. Kruti

    The plot seems interesting post d nxt part asap

    1. Simiyy

      Thank you .. I will try to post soon

  5. Aamu

    do cont

    1. Simiyy

      Thanks you so much Aamu

  6. Very nice..

    1. Simiyy

      Thank you hunny ?

  7. Nice…..

  8. Baby

    ohhhhhh god amazing yes if deres love den y sadness eager to know post soon intresting……………..luvd it……….

    1. Simiyy

      Thanks baby … It’s on.y a few slots you will come to know soon

  9. Loveleen

    ohh intro is interesting cz…wen dey love each oder already why r dey sad……waiting fr ur strt….

    1. Simiyy

      Thank you … I will try to post soon Hun

  10. Sujina

    simu…it seems interesting…post asap

    1. Simiyy

      Thank you di … I will

  11. SIDMIN-Daamini

    So interesting simiyy !!!!!! Plzz do continue u r gaining my curiosity……

    1. Simiyy

      Thank you di … I will
      Thanks I will

  12. Twinjfan.tamanna

    Really nw m not able to wait so plz post soon

    1. Thanks ??

  13. nice concept. …plzz ☺post soon

    1. Thank You !!!

  14. Rashiverma2199

    Simmy waiting for the episode….awesome prologue….

    1. Thanks i will post soon

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