Tashan-E-Ishq twinj: when will happiness arrive in our lives few slots (Chapter 4)


4months later
Nothing much had changed . Chinki and Abhay were blessed with a baby boy who they named Varun. Chinki craved for her elder sisters love when she was pregnant as she was the only person who understood her and her mood swings . When chinki was little she would be spoilt by twinkle a lot. But due to the circumstance at home she would not talk to twinkle. Twinkle was aware of this and the 2sisters would secretly meet in the Gudwara before she was pregnant. After she was pregant she was told not to go out a lot. She would still talk to twinkle secretly on the phone.

Twinj residence
K- listen I have something to tell you ?
T- yeah what?
K- Maya and Cherry are back with Veer
The moment twinkle heard the name veer she began to cry like a water fountain.
Kunj understood this and hugged her.
T- I want to go and meet him
Before Kunj could reply they got a phone call and rushed to Sarna mansion
Everyone was crying . Twinkle and Kunj were shocked to see Veer lying dead .

Twinkle ran to veer but was pushed by usha
U- stay away from him you manhoos
M- twinkle you could never digest the fact that I had a baby not you
Ch- maya stop it
M- what huh my son is lying dead and she is caring as if he is her son…. She gave birth to a dead child that day … She has no rights to go near veer… Kunj I told you to marry Alisha but no you chose her
Kung was getting angry
Ch- it’s not the time to talk about this
U- no Jamia Ji she is saying the truth… What has twinkle ever done for our family …. She couldn’t even give birth to a child that too twice
Kunj was getting angry and asked everyone to stop
K- stop crying twinkle
U- you are still supporting your wife wow… What had she ever done for you.
K- stop it mum…. The lion in kunj was now awakened … Twinkle never gave birth to a dead child Maya did ! This shocked everyone
U- what are you saying
M- do you not feel ashamed of your self Kunj
Ch- he is saying the truth maya

D- I am sorry mr cheery we can only save your wife or child
Cherry was crying and he asked for maya to be saved
D- mr cherry your wife will not be able to give birth a a child now
D- congratulations Mr Saran it’s a boy
Kunj went inside the room and saw twinkle and his baby
K- thank you so much for giving me the best gift ever he said and kissed her forehead
Outside Kung saw cherry and he told them everything
Kung was shocked
Twinj decided to give there baby to maya with a heavy heart
Flashback ends

K- veer was my son not yours
Everyone was shocked to know this …
M- no your lying he is my son
Ch- he is Kunj and Twinkles son cherry said holding Maya from the shoulders
Everyone was still not able to digest the truth
Twinkle ran to Veer and stroked his head and was crying a lot
Kunj went and took his hand and kissed it.
All the family members looked on with tears in their eyes.
Suddenly they heard someone take s deep breath . It was veer . He slowly opened his eyes a smiled.
No one could believe this mirical .

Twinj looked at each other and smiled.
Twinkle was about to take veer in her hands but maya pushed her and took him.
M-mera bacha
Twinkle couldn’t take it anymore and ran out of the house followed by Kunj, uv, abhay, mahi and twinkle
She ran on to the road crying.
She was about to get hit by a car but Kunj quickly saved her.
K- pagal hai tu …. Kya Karne wali thi …. You promised never to do anything silly again …
She said nothing but just cried
Kung also had a few tears in his eyes….
Twinkle was about to say something but fainted…
A- Bai here’s some water .
Kung sprinkled water on her and hugged her. But she fainted again …
Y- let’s take Babi hospital … Abhay go get the car

The doctors were checking twinkle whilst everyone was waiting.
Y- Bai how could you have hid such a matter from us..,,
K- maya didnt know the truth and she found out today…. Everyone must be worried st home go and check on them
Mahi- I will stay here with jiju
K- no need he said with a stern voice…. Mahi now that twinkle is not here today I will tell you that she has always loved both of her sister but you never loved her . Chinki still kept in contact with her but they would never talk in front of other people….. That day you thought twinkle was going to take adi and go

Twinkle was playing with adi in the lounge and he was crying a lot so she decided to take him park
She told maya to tell mani but maya never
When she came back Mahi snatched adi from her hand and asked her to stay away from her baby
T- what happened mahi?
Mahi- you were going to take my baby away naa .
T- no I told maya that I am taking him out …l
M- when … No you never ….
Mahi- please do just because your bay couldn’t survive don’t mean you gonna take mines…. Your baby died in your womb … How can you be like that
Twinkle was hurt by her sisters words and went to bedroom

She wrote a letter for kunj…..
Dear my handsome husband
I love you so much but could never give you happiness, I a, leaving the noise as no one is happy with me maybe not you too . Please get married again and stay happy love twinkle.
When Kung got his letter he found out what has happened and went to ding twinkle.
His phone rang and he rushed to hospital .
D- your wife has meet with an accident but she managed to survive
When Kung went to twinkle he shouted at the too much and then they decided to leave the house….
Flashback ends
K- how could you blame her… Don’t you know how maya is like… She always wanted me to marry her friend Alisha …
Mahi- I am sorry juju
K- just go!
Mahdi left with chinki and abhay and uv
D- mr sarna your wife is going through a lot of stres and it is not good for her …
Kung went and hugged twinkle …
To be continued …
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Precap- Bebe entry with more suspense

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