Tashan-E-Ishq twinj: when will happiness arrive in our lives few slots (Chapter 3)

Twinkle and Kunj are in there care on the way to Sarna Manshion
K- don’t worry… And smile cause I don’t like it when my siyappa queen is upset
Twinkle smiled at her husband and nodded her head
T-Kunj are you sure I am looking good?
K-No… Your not looking good… Your looking the best he said with a smile…. He got her hand and kissed it

T- Thanks….
Twinkle was wearing a navy blue Lengha that had a golden border at the bottom. Her choli was long sleeves that had golden border… Her duppata had gold sequences with a gold border … She had her hair tied up in a pony tail and wore gold earring and gold karas….
Twinkles PoV
I am going to enter that house again where I was once brought in with lots of love… But then I was insulted so much that I was going to take my own life …. If it wasn’t for Kunj I don’t think I would have survived …. My own mother and sisters also insulted me so much …. I don’t want to enter that house again but I have to as I promised abhay… Please baba ji give me strength
PoV ended
Kunj PoV
Baba Ji please give my twinkle lots of strength … I don’t want anything to happen that would hurt her again…
PoV ended
Twinkle and Kunj arrived sarna mansion ….
They were standing at the door . When suddenly some thoughts crossed their mind

Twinkle and Kunj were standing outside the door dressed in their wedding outfits.(same wedding outfits as tei)
Usha with a smile welcomed her new and oldest daughter in law home with a smile. The whole house was decorated with fresh flowers.
There ghar pravesh was done with lots of love.
A- Bai…. Babi can’t enter the house like this…
K-what do you want?
A- look I know Maya di is not here but she told me that I should only let you enter the house if you give a gift for her…
K- here take this…
Y- looks like bai is in a hurry to go in…
A- why is that?
Y- duffer it’s his suhagraat today
This made both twinkle and Kunj blush

K- shut up both of you !
He was about to enter the house with twinkle when usha stopped him.
U- you have to carry her in your arms and take her inside …
Kunj obeyed his mother and carried twinkle in his arms they had a short eyelock whilst abhay and
UV hooted
Flashback ends
K- come lets go inside
As soon as they entered they saw that nothing had changed . Everyone was busy in the ritual.
Twinkle didn’t want to face her sisters so she went to meet her father and father in law
T- namatey papa … Namastey papa ji
Rt and Manohar were both glad to see twinkle they blessed her
Some time after

U- Kunj tell your wife to come and do the ritual if she wants to …
Twinkle heard this and became upset …. Kunj managed the situation and went to chinki and gave her the gifts whilst twinkle feed abhay mithai
Lady- twinkle when will you give us good news? Both your younger sister/in laws have given us good news….
Lady2- yes I know you we going to be married for 5years soon
Twinkle had tears in her eyes but said nothing
K- aunty we will have children when the right time comes ….
After the function ….
A- thank you so much for coming Babi….
T- it’s ok…

K- uv here are some gifts for adi… Me and twinkle went shopping so we brought some for him and the would be baby ….
Y- thank you so much
Ma- there was no need for this ….kalvaiti here take these gifts for your children
Y- Mahi!
A- Babi ….
Twinkle and Kunj left the house
The car journey was silent home .
Twinj reached home changed there clothes and were lying down on their bed
Twinkle was not facing kunj and Kunj knew she was upset so he pulled her towards him and she put her head on his chest and her arms ariund his whilst whilst he hugged hugged her…
K– don’t cry and waste your time on people who are not worth you
T– it’s easy to say… But my own sisters who I have known all my life are like my enemies
K- so is mine … Anyway forget all this and only consantrate on us ok …..
They both slowly drifted to sleep

Preach – 4 months leap ….. Flashback

Maya- Kunj sister only daughter of usha and Manohar … Has a big secret


  1. SidMin

    |Registered Member

    Simiyy Loved it πŸ™‚ Intresting so only The ladies hate Twinkle but no problem with Kunj Maya’s character is doubtful and felt bad with the way Mahi behaved with Twinkle Loved the episode post the next episode soon can’t wait πŸ™‚

  2. SidMin

    |Registered Member

    Simiyy Loved it πŸ™‚ Interesting so only The ladies hate Twinkle but no problem with Kunj Maya’s character is doubtful and felt bad with the way Mahi behaved with Twinkle Loved the episode post the next episode soon can’t wait πŸ™‚

  3. Ayu

    |Registered Member

    😒😒😒why are they so rude? Disgusting!!!!!
    But i loved it!! Pls unveil the flashback sooon!!!!

  4. Riya

    When I read intro of ur ff I had loved it happy to read ur ff plss post next episode asap eagerly waiting for it actually d thing is if you post 4 episodes a day or a long episode I will be unsatisfied hehehehe luv u dear ☺😘

    • Simiyy


      Thank you Riya I am glad you like it…. I can’t post 4episodes in day as I have got college to go to but I will try to make it longer… Love you too 😘😍

  5. Twinjfan.tamanna

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    no words…outstanding.. fabulous..loved it ..bus mai yeh kehsakthi hun ki plz post asap…plz..jaise me TEI ko wait karthi thi waise ab maih tumhare ff ka wait kar rahin hun…so plz post asap…

    I will nt be able to cmmnt I guess as my exams are going on..so plz add one from my side…

    love u..

    • Simiyy


      Thank you soo much … It means a lot… I will try to post soon….
      Don’t worry if you can’t comment …. Studies come first and is important… Good luck for your exams 😘😘😘😘 love you too

  6. Chiku

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    Awesome ❀️❀️❀️❀️😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘
    Plz jaldi se next updload karde babes

  7. Kruti

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    I am so loving it….my curiosity is increasing day by day……very well written……felt like slapping mahi for her behaviour

    Continue soon

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