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Part 9
(Present time)
Kunj= so that’s how me met and got married he said finishing off
UV and Mahi looked at each other and ended up laughing loudly. Twinkle and Kunj looked at each other confused
Twinkle= Why are you laughing?
Mahi= we have never heard such a story before
UV= exactly 2 strangers living together and getting married as they don’t know anyone he said and they continued laughing
Kunj= please stop laughing now
YuHi stop laughing and then they continue to laugh. It get late so they go upstairs to their room to sleep.
Yuhi Room
Mahi hugged Uv
Mahi= I never knew I would find Twinkle one day and that she would be married she said having some tears.
UV= Jaan please stop crying he said wiping her tear. You should be happy that you found her. Kunj is a really good guy I know they got married in a unique circumstance but he will always keep her happy.
Mahi smiles and they both go to sleep
Twinj Room
Twinkle and Kunj were lying down on the bed with a pillow barrier this time in case they end up cuddling like the previous night. Twinkle was smiling endlessly and Kunj was happy to see her like this.
Kunj= You are so happy to see your di aren’t you.
Twinkle= Of course Kunj I never knew that destiny would make us meet again she said with a smile and Kunj had tears in his eyes which was noticed by Twinkle
Twinkle= What happened ?
Kunj= I wish I could see my sister again in life.
Twinkle felt bad for him so held his hand.

Kunj continued to talk= Being the youngest son I was spoilt and both my brother abhijeet and mihir didn’t like the fact. On the other side my sister Chinki loves me a lot. She would always share her secrets with me rather than my brothers. When I was in London she used to come 3 times a year to see me and we would face time each other every day. Twinkle when she was born I was only 3 but I was happy to have a younger sister. Papa named her Chanchal as she was the only girl and she had brought lots of happiness in our life and would spread lots of happiness in the house. But she was so cute that I started to call her Chinki. No one liked it at first but soon everyone started to call her that. He continues to about Chinki and has tears in his eyes.
Twinkle wipes his tears and he hugged Twinkle and cried. She reciprocated.
Twinkle= Kunj don’t worry I am sure you will meet her one day she said trying to pacifying him.
They broke the hug. Kunj was trying to sleep but couldn’t. Twinkle noticed this and removed the pillow barrier. Kunj turned around and Twinkle made him place his head on the lap. Twinkle was massaging his head and he went to sleep. Twinkle smiled to see him asleep and went to sleep soon too.

Next morning at 5
Kunj woke up and saw he saw sleeping on Twinkles lap. He gently moved but Twinkle woke up.
Twinkle worriedly= what happened Kunj? Why did you wake up?
Kunj cover her mouth= How much do you talk? He then sat up and made her sleep on his lap. Twinkle smiles and goes to sleep.
3 hours later Twinkle woke up and saw she is sleeping on Kunj lap. She quietly got up without waking Kunj up and made him lay down properly. She then went to get ready and went downstairs to make breakfast. She went in the kitchen and started to knead dough for Parathas. Whilst kneading the atta Twinkle was thinking about Kunj and a smile appeared on her face.
Mahi= Ohhhoo someone is smiling
Twinkle= Di you woke up
Mahi= yes but why are you smiling
Twinkle= nothing I am just happy to see you she said with a smile
Mahi gave her a side hug.
Twinkle= Di I am happy to know Jiju loves you a lot.
Mahi smiles.
Twinkle= Do you know why he was behaving like that before.
Mahi= chotti maa… anyway forget all that and let me help you make breakfast.
The sisters make breakfast together and were gossiping at the same time. Kunj and UV came down and were happy to see their wives happy.
UV= if all your gossips have finished can we have breakfast please
This broke the sisters moments and they all had breakfast together. Soon they all left for the Gudwara.
They were coming out of Gudwara and then they ended up bumping into Cherry and their parents.
Screen freezes on their tensed face

Precap= 5 months leap
I hope you enjoyed this extra-long episode
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