TASHAN-E-ISHQ Twinj We went with the flow Part 8


Hey guys thank you so much everyone who commented. I decided to post the next part quicker.
It is still going to be in flashback and Kunj voice.
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We began to talk about each other about anything and everything. I was talking with Twinkle then I could feel some weight on shoulders. I looked at saw that Twinkle had fallen asleep. I tried to wake her up but she was in deep sleep like Kumkaran. The lady who thought me and Twinkle are husband and wife interrupted and asked me to let her sleep.

Lady= beta let your wife sleep she looks in so much peace whilst she is sleeping on you.
It felt a bit weird and I gave small smile.
Lady= So how long have you been married for?
I didn’t know what to say so I just made up an answer
K= just 2 weeks
Lady= that’s nice so you are just newly married
I nodded my head and smiled. I thought that she won’t ask anything else but aunty never stopped?
Lady= So did you do love marriage or arrange
K= Love
Lady= where did you meet ?

In my head I didn’t know what to say and that right moment Twinkle woke up. She saw that her head was on my shoulder on said sorry.
Lady= beta why are you saying sorry he is your husband
Twinkle didn’t know what to say so she just smiled.
Lady = beta your husband told me that you have been married for 2 weeks and did a love marriage but he felt shy to tell me your love story
T= LOVE STORY I mean love story
Lady= yes beta
Twinkle looked at me and I looked her as we didn’t know what to say
T= umm aunty we went to the same college and fell in love eventually
Lady= that’s cute

The aunty asked us a few more questions and Twinkle just answered them on the spot. After a good 25 minutes that aunty finally decided to leave us alone. Twinkle and I looked at each other and breathed a sigh of relief and laughed. 2 hours later we finally reached Amritsar. We came out of the bus and were about to go but that aunty stopped us again. Twinkle and I looked at each other again.
T= ji aunty
L= beta stay blessed
We both smiled at her.
L= I have never seen such a cute couple together. I know that you 2 are not married.
Twinkle and I looked at each other shocked
L= don’t be shocked. There is something about you 2 that tells me you will make a made for each other couple. I know that you might not believe me but you will get married soon marked my words and stay blessed.
After saying this the lady left. Twinkle and I were both shocked.
We both then went and to a hotel and we luckily got 2 separate rooms and rested.
The next morning we both went to the golden temple. I then took some of my certificates and started to find jobs and to my luck I also got a job of a manager in a retail shop. The job would start 1 week later which means we would only have some time to find a house. We managed to get a house but the neighbours and people near very suspicious that we are not really married and it started to get irritating.
I then decided to ask Twinkle if she is ready to take a massive step
K= Twinkle sit down and listen to me
She done as I told her
K= We both don’t know where life is taking us so lets get married
T= Married what are you saying Kunj?
K= I know we don’t even know each other that well but it’s the only solution that can stop people from asking us questions.
Twinkle thought for a while and finally gave in.
The next day we went to the Gudwara and got married we also went to the lawyer to sign our marriage contract.

PreCap= Yuhi reaction on their marriage
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