TASHAN E ISHQ TWINJ= we went with the flow part 7



Hey guys thank you everyone who commented.
This episode is going to be in flashback. The flashback may last 2-3 episodes. Also the voice is going to be in Kunj.
I was in Haryana as I was forced to go in a meeting with Dad and my brothers. Before leaving Delhi I decided from before that I am going to go away somewhere else where I will have no pressure of doing family business. After my first and final business meeting everyone went in the hotel to rest. We all had our own individuals room which made it easier for me to escape. I got all my things that I brought from Delhi and went to the bus stop. I got into the bus that was going to go first and sat down. The bus was actually packed but I managed to find one seat.
K= excuse me is anyone sitting here
Girl= No you can sit down
I sat down next to her and the bus journey began. We were quiet for 30 minutes then I decided to break the ice.
K= I am Kunj he said with a smile
Girl= I’m twinkle she said trying to smile.
K= what happened is everything okay you seem to be upset
T= no I mean yes

K= something is wrong you can share tell me?
T= I don’t know where I am going my wedding got fixed today with a pervert and my father fixed it without telling me. I didn’t know what to do so my brother suggested I ran away
I was a bit shocked when she told me her brother told her to runaway.
T= sorry I don’t know why I shared that with you
K= its ok they say sharing things with someone makes it easier for you.
Twinkle smiled and he smiled back
T= BTW where are you going?
K= I don’t know
T= a bit like me then I guess
K= Yes
T= by looking at you it seems like you belong from a good well brought up family so how you don’t know where your going.
Kunj smiled and told her how he was brought back to Delhi and was being forced into family business and how his life style was taken away from him
T= what are you going to do now?
K= I don’t know where my new destination will be like you.
They continued talking and then the bus stopped.
Bus vendor = whoever wants to get some snacks or use the washroom we are stopping for 15 minutes
K= would you like anything?
T= no thanks

I was about to take my 2 bags with me but Twinkle stopped me.
T= you can leave your things here I will make sure no one takes it.
Just knowing her for some time I wasn’t sure if I could trust her or not so I raised my eye-brow.
T= you can take it of you want trust me I won’t take anything
I left my things behind with her and came with 2 cups of tea and some pakoras
K= here you
T= there was no need for this
K= take it
T= please kunj I don’t want it
A lady who was sitting on the seat near us interrupted.
Lady= Beta take it your husband is giving it with so much love
We just looked at each other for a few seconds and then an idea stuck in both of our minds.
Twinkle smiled at the lady and took the tea from me
K= are you thinking what I am ?
T= kya
K= what that aunty just said
Twinkle smiled and nodded her head. We both then enjoyed out hot tea and Pakoras.
K= you don’t know where you are going neither do I so lets act like husband and wife so people don’t question us
Twinkle was confused and nervous whether she should go ahead or not.
T= But Kunj why will we lie to people about our relationship we have just met each other now
K= I know but right now both of us have no one with us we might need each others support.
Twinkle thought for a while and finally agreed.
K= lets see what Amritsar holds for us
Twinkle smiles and agrees.

Precap=Twinj in Amritsar and their marriage (still flashback)
I hope you enjoyed it please share your previous comments.
Take Care & Loads of Love Simiyy

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