Tashan e ishq twinj – we went with the flow part 6


Next morning.
Twinkle wakes up and sees that she is cuddling Kunj. She looks at him
She stroked his hair and went to get ready.
She came out and saw Kunj is still sleeping.
She tries to wake him up but he still doesn’t.
She then moves her wet hair in his face so that he wakes up.
Kunj- aahhhh it’s raining
Twinkle- Kunj please stop it and wake
Kunj- Twinkle please let me sleep for 5 more minutes
Twinkle – Kunj your not going to get 5 more seconds she said and pulled the blanket off him
Kunj reluctantly sat up
Twinkle- Kunj you have to go work then your friend is coming tomorrow so you have taken some days off

Kunj obeyed her and did as she said.
The day was spent with Kunj going home and Twinkle preparing for the guest to come.
Next morning
Twinkle- Kunj what should I wear?
Kunj- Twinkle wear anything
Twinkle- Kunj its the first time i am going to meet someone as your wife and you are telling me to wear anything
Kunj smiled and took a simple peach salwar kameez.
Kunj- you have never worn this before so wear this
Twinkle with a smile-Ok
She was about to go but Kunj stopped her by holding her hand
Kunj- Twinkle this is for you he said and showed her two silver karas (big bangles).
Twinkle- what was the need for this

Kunj- normally when a son earns his first money he gives it to his mother but I couldn’t do it here. I know we got married to each other to save each other as we had no one else . So I thought to buy you these bangles I know it’s not the best but I brought this for you. Accept it as a wedding gift if you can.
Twinkle- kunj please the bangles are so beautiful but I will only accept these bangles on one condition
Kunj- condition?
Twinkle- You have to make me wear them she said with a smile.
Kunj smiled and made her wear the bangles.
Twinkle- Thank You
Kunj- go get ready now
Twinkle comes to the lounge after getting ready
Kunj looks at her and gets lost in her as she looked breath taking
Twinkle smiles. She goes near him and clicks her fingers in his face making Kunj come to his sense

Twinkle- where are you lost?
Kunj- in you he said causally
Twinkle smiles
Kunj- Twinkle I am going to collect them from the airport. I will call you when I am near home
Twinkle nods her head
Kunj- Bye
Twinkle- Bye
Kunj- bye
Twinkle- ok bye now go
He was about to leave but he called Twinkle
Twinkle- what happened?
Kunj wen close to her and kissed her on the cheek and went
Twinkle smiled.

Mahi and Uv came out of the airport
Kunj comes and greets them both
In the car
Uv- Kunj how come bhabhi didn’t come ?
Kunj- she is at home
They reach twinj flat soon
Kunj opens the door and welcomes them in their home.
Twinkle comes – tum aage Kunj
She is then shocked to see Mahi and Yuvraaj
Mahi goes towards Twinkle and looks at her
Both of the sisters look at each other with tears in her eyes and hug each other
Uv- Kunj you got married to Twinkle
Kunj- yeah but how do you know her
Uv- she is my sister in law Mahi younger sister
Kunj is shocked to hear this.

They all then go in the lounge and sit down
Mahi- I understand you ran away from home but how come you didn’t contact me
Twinkle- Di I thought that you might tell bhai
Mahi- why would I do that
Uv- atleast you met your sister now
Mahi smiles and nods her head
Twinkle then looks at Mahi and ask her in sign language if everything is ok between her and uv and Mahi smiles.
Uv and Kunj are confused as they don’t understand anything.
Yuh I go and freashen up they all then sit down together after dinner.
Uv- BTW I don’t understand one thing
Kunj- what?
Uv- how did you and Twinkle meet and get married
Twinkle and Kunj look at each other and laugh
Mahi-why are you laughing
Twinkle- it’s a long story
Mahi- tell us
Kunj starts to narrate the story

Precap- flashback how Kunj and Twinkle met

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    Awww!!! Tumhare epis are always cuteness overload!!! Thats why i enjoy them soooo much!!! That sisterly bond though?
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