Tashan e ishq Twinj – We went with the flow part 5


1 week has past since Twinkle seen her brother and sunny.She didn’t want to leave the house as she was to scared and Kunj wanted her to come out of the house.
Kunj- Twinkle lets go out and get a few things as my friend is coming with his wife in 2 days.
Twinkle- no you go
Kunj- come na we will go get some stuff we need then we will go out to eat and have your favourite hazelnut ice cream.
Twinkle- please don’t force me Kunj
Kunj a bit annoyed- fine then I will go on my own and I might see a s*xy girl,who might think I am single ? he said to irritants her.
Twinkle- wait I will change and come.
Twinkle gets ready and they leave.

Uv enters his room and is shocked to see Mahi packing so many thing.
Uv- Jaan how many things are you packing we are only going for a couple of days.
Mahi- I know but I don’t know what to take.
Uv smiles
Uv- do you know Kunj ran away from his house as uncle was forcing him into business and he wanted to live life his way. But he still kept in contact with me.
Mahi smiles- I thought he was being forced to get married to someone else as you told me he his married
Uv- he is marriage ed but he only met his wife 1 month ago and they got married straight away.
Mahi- wow I can’t wait to see them and know there love story
They both smiles at each other.

Twinj enjoyed there day out and Kunj also managed to make Twinkle smile.
Kunj- wait here I will come with the bike.
Kunj leaves and Twinkle was waiting for him
Cherry,sunny and some of their other friends were in a bar when suddenly Sunny noticed twinkle.
He stood up
Cherry- what happened yaar?
Sunny- I told you I saw your sister that day and look she is there he said and went towards Twinkle.
Cherry in his mind- what is Twinkle doing her.
Twinkle was waiting for Kunj then someone touches her. She turns around and is shocked to see Sunny.
She starts to run but Sunny holds her arm.
Sunny- what happened Janeman?
Twinkle- leave me please she said trying to let go.
Cherry and His other friends arrive .
Cherry- ohhy leave her he said coming in between
Sunny pushed cherry who fell a few steps back and Twinkle took this opportunity and ran.
They all chased her.
Kunj saw Twinkle running and immediately stopped the bike and went to her rescue.
Twinkle was running and suddenly upped into someone.
She saw that the person is Kunj and stopped she hugged his as tight as she could and cried. He to hugged her back.
Sunny- oyy hero what do you think your doing?
Kunj- broke the hug and took Twinkles hand and moved it behind her.
Kunj- what’s the problem?
Cherry- listen she is my sister and I just want to talk to her so please move from the way.
Kunj- so she is your sister that you told to runaway and never contact you again.
Sunny sees a police officer and call him
Sunny- sir this person is flirting with my would be wife.
Police officer- what do you think your doing. Havaldaar arrest him.a
Kunj- sir she is ….
He is interrupted by the police officer
PO- I have seen many like you
Twinkle- sir he is my husband Kunj
Cherry and Sunny are shocked to hear Twinkle got married.
Kunj then takes out his walllet and shows a picture and wedding certificate.
Po- sorry he then turns around to see that Sunny and the other 2 guys have ran away.
Po- havaldaar go get them
He leaves to find to other 3.
Cherry- when did you get married?
Twinkle didn’t say anything But had held Kunj hand tightly.
Cherry- I asked you something!!!
Kunj- please don’t talk to my wife in that tone and we got married 3weeks ago he said .
They then left for home.
As soon as they reached home Twinkle hugged Kunj tightly again.
Kunj- it’s ok calm down
Twinkle calms down and then goes to change her clothes.
Twinj room.
Kunj is doing some work whilst Twinkle is combing her hair.
Even though Kunj is working his attention is on Twinkle.
He stood up and went to her and made her sit on the bed
Kunj- Twinkle I am so sorry
Twinkle- Kunj why are you saying sorry it’s not your fault.
Kunj- It is. If I never forced you to come this wouldn’t have happened?
Twinkle- Kunj we don’t know what is going to happened in life so please don’t be sorry . You just wanted me to smile
Kunj- but still
Twinkle- Kunj forget about the bad thing that happened before all that we had some good time didn’t we
Kunj smiles and looks into her eyes.
She also looks at him . They come closer and Twinkle closed her eyes.
Kunj then locks his lips with hers and they share a short sweet liplock. Kunj was about to break it but Twinkle cups his face and kisses him with lots of passion. They break the kiss after 5 minutes and smile at each other.
After a few seconds they realise what they did and feel awkward. They both look away.
Twinj at the same time- SORRY
they then smile.
Kunj- twinkle go to sleep and let me complete my chapter you distract me a lot.
Twinkle- what did I do?
Kunj- you don’t want a round 2 to happen now do you he said ands winked at her whilst going to complete his work.
Twinkle gets herself comfortable for bed.
Twinkle thinking – OMG what happened? Why do I have butterflies in my stomach? Why did I feel happy? What is this feeling?
She smiles and goes to sleep after thinking about what happened?
Kunj looks at her sleeping and smiles.
He finishes his chapter 1 hour later and goes to sleep. He lays down next to Twinkle and smiles. He removes hair strands that were in her face and kisses her cheek.
Kunj – I don’t know whether it was right what happened but I now know that you also have feeling for me the way I do for you.
He also fell asleep with a smile on his face.
During the night they both come closer and ended up sleeping in a cuddling position.

PreCap- Will destiny make to sisters meet

I know it was extra long.
Please comment and tell me if you liked it
Both negative and positive

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  1. Ramya

    Simiyy it’s awesome amazing n also ha romantic I hope both sister will meet eo plssssss asap dear

  2. SidMin

    Loved it Kunj saved Twinkle that part was so sweet 🙂 and waiting for the precap I want them to meet soon 🙂

  3. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing fabulous cute epi

  4. Angel20

    Aww it was so cute! I loved it very much! Their love and each and everything was perfect. Is Cherry a positive character?
    Post the next one soon..

    With love <3

    1. Simiyy

      He is a bit of both
      A bit negative and positive ??

  5. Chiku

    Hey ??
    Woaaaah it’s amazing ?????so cute loved it. Itss soo nice. I loved it
    Finally twihi will meet??????
    Post mext soon
    Love u?

  6. Today’s episode was out of the world simmy that first kiss and kunjs care for twinkle loved it

  7. Hey simiyy…….the episode was awesome and toooo good……luv it very much…….this charry..uurrrrrggg….idiot kahika….. Omg twinj first kiss and sleeping cuddle position was soooo cute and swttttt…..post next epi soon…..tc…byyy….luv u…..

  8. Kruti

    Amazing epi simiyy……..nd if this is extra long epi then I want only extra long ones
    Continue soon

    Loads of Love 🙂

  9. Roshini125

    U nailed it

  10. Adya

    That was superb yrr…their first kiss…omg ..super romantic..
    Post soon..
    Love u

  11. Awesome epi

  12. Awesome amazing cute epi

  13. dreamer...arundhati

    Simi….. Lovely one

  14. Anshikajainn


  15. Aanya_pandey

    That ws so so cute episode.. hope mahi n twinkle meet eo soon

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  17. Baby

    ohhhhh god………dis was soooooooo cute
    kunj saved winkle thnk god
    n twhi meet eo asap i hope
    d kiss ohhhhh goodness soooo romantic
    loved it uske baad round 2 hahahaaaha naughty kunj
    n kunj hv feelings for twinkle……… 😀
    loved it♥♥♥
    love u lods♥♥ 😀

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