TASHAN-E-ISHQ Twinj= We went with the flow Part 21

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2 days passed since the airport incident.
Twinkle and Kunj were living their life normally without knowing that the Sarna’s were in Chandigarh.
Twinj home
Kunj had left office and Twinkle was at home alone. She had completed the house chores. She was sitting in their room and realised that her kajol (inside eyeliner) was finishing and she desperately need it as that was one of the only cosmetic she wore every day. She then rang Kunj as she knew it was his lunch break and he would be worried if she don’t tell him.

K= hello wifey how did you remember me ?
T= Kunj I always remember you my dear hubby, I just rang to tell you I am going to XY mall to get my kajol as its nearly finished.
K= Ok thanks for letting me know, see you later
T=Bye and I love you
Kunj smiled as Twinkle disconnected the call.
Twinkle changed her clothes and was wearing a peacock blue long sleeved kurta with white leggings and a white dupatta. She wore silver sandals and left her hair open. She looked sweet and simple.
She left for the shopping mall and went and purchased her Kajol. She was about to leave when she received Kunj call.
K= Twinkle listen, I have finished work early today so I will meet you at the mall, we can spend time together then.
T= Ok Kunj, how long will you be
K= about 20 minutes
T= Ok bye
Twinkle then went to some other shops as she was getting bored. Suddenly she bumped into the Sarna ladies.
T= Sasriakal aunty she said and touched Usha and Bebe feet to get blessings. She then hugged Amrita, Veera and Chinki
B= puttar what are you doing here?
T= aunty I just came to get a few things and now I am waiting for my husband, you should meet him he is on the way
U= We would have puttar but we have to go now as we have a party to go too
T= oh okay aunty have fun, if you don’t mind me asking how long are you in Chandigarh for?
U= 4 more days
T= aunty you should come to my house at least once
U= Ok we will
She gave Chinki her number and told her to contact her. They all left. As the Sarna ladies left Kunj entered the mall. He met Twinkle and they both enjoyed themselves at the mall. Kunj spoiled his wife by getting her lots of clothes and accessorize. They then ate chines food and went home.
On their way home the car suddenly stopped working. Kunj tried to start it a couple of times but it didn’t work. He then called the mechanic who said it will take at least 45 minutes. Somehow they managed to park the car in a corner. They were sat in a car when suddenly Twinkle saw a gola vendor.
T= Kunj look a gola vendor
K= do you want a gola
T= please
K= ok
They go and enjoy their gola by feeding each other. 2 people were seeing this and felt angry. Kunj then realised that the mechanic had arrived.
K= Twinkle quickly finish the gola whilst I go and look at the mechanic
Kunj goes and suddenly Twinkle felt someone touching her shoulder. She sensed it wasn’t Kunj. She turned around and was shocked to see Abhijeet and Mihir smirking at her.
Bebe= I feel ashamed of calling you 2 my nephews
Usha= beta stop crying we apologies
Kunj rushed and saw Twinkles state
Twinkle saw kunj and ran and hugged him
Everyone is shocked to see Kunj
I hope you all enjoyed it
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