TASHAN – E – ISHQ TWINJ= we went with the flow part 11



It was the night before Kunj graduation. Twinkle was making sure that all of his things were ready. He was going to wear a black 3 piece suit with a white shirt and a checked tie. He made sure his smart shoes were sparkling and his watch was working properly. She was more excited than him. Kunj was secretly watching her preparing for everything and was smiling. He then went to her and asked her to calm down.
Twinkle= Calm down? What do you mean calm down? Tomorrow is a very important day for you Kunj and I want everything to be perfect.
Kunj smiled= Twinkle everything will be perfect as long as your with me.
Twinkle was touched by his words and looked at him and smiled. They both shared and sweet eye lock which was broken by Kunj. He asked Twinkle to sit down just for a few minutes. She did as he said. He then gave her a gift bag and asked her to open it. She opened it and was pleased to see a blue and gold saree (the same 1 she wore when Manohar had a heart attack)
Twinkle= WOW kunj this is beautiful
Kunj= I am happy you liked it

Twinkle= But Kunj it must be expensive. Give it back.
Kunj= are you silly? You have worked harder than me for me to get this degree. You stayed awaked to give me coffee and tea during midnights, You woke up early to join for my morning jogs which is important for my for my health, you helped me study, if it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t have got the degree. So this is just a gift for you.
Twinkle looked at him and smiled
Kunj= please don’t say thank you now
Twinkle= how do you know
Kunj= cause I do
Twinkle smiled and went to sort out the rest of his things. They both fell asleep sometime later.
Next morning
Kunj was getting ready and he just needed help with his tie. He went inside his room and was shocked to see Twinkle. She was looking breath taking. Twinkle turned around and saw him. He then complemented Twinkle.
Kunj= You look very beautiful MRS Wife
Twinkle= Thank you MR Husband. Why have not worn your tie?
Kunj =I don’t know how too
Twinkle then made him wear his tie. All the time he was just staring at her as if he hadn’t seen a beautiful person in his life before.
They soon left for the graduation ceremony. The ceremony had started and Kunj was awarded as the best student. After the graduation ceremony everyone threw their hats in the air. Twinkle was very happy to see Kunj smiling.
Kunj was talking with his friends. He then noticed that Twinkle was standing in the a corner by herself admiring him. He then excused himself and went to Twinkle.
Kunj= I did it Twinkle, I did it

Twinkle= yes you did Kunj.
They then hugged each other. Kunj then introduced Twinkle to his friend. Some time after Kunj and Twinkle decided to go out to eat to celebrate his graduation. They enjoyed themselves and went home.
Twinj home. (READ AT OWN RISK)
Kunj was removing his ties, coat and waistcoat
Kunj= Twinkle you don’t understand how happy I am today and hugged her. She to reciprocate the hug. They then broke the hug and dig his face in Twinkles neck placing wet kisses. He then gave her a love bite making her moan his name. He then stopped and carried her in his arm and laced her on the bed. He made her lay down and then he himself layed down next to her. Their eyes were locked on each other all time. Kunj then began to take her bangles out from her hands chucking them off the bed. He then removed her earrings and kissed her ear. Twinkle started to unbutton his shirt button and took it off and chucked it down. They both then shared a deep lip lock. Twinkle accidently opened her mouth which made Kunj explore inside her mouth. They both then started to play with their tongues. After some time they broke the lip lock and looked at each other. Soon they both looked at each other and realised what they were doing. They didn’t say anything but shared a sweet eyelock. Kunj then pecked Twinkles lips which made her blush so she hid herself in Kunj chest. Kunj then held her a wrapped his arms around her. They both fell asleep in each others embrace.

PreCap= Twinj moving to Chandigarh

I hope you enjoyed this chapter.
Thanks everyone who commented in the previous chapters.
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