tashan -e-ishq twinj we went with the flow part 10


Hey guys I think you guys might be confused with the way the l ended the previous episode and now the leap. The confusion will be cleared soon. This is going to be in Twinkles voice.
5 months later
Not a lot of things have changed in these last couple of months. Mahi Di is 6 months pregnant. She was 1 month Pregnant when she came with Jiju and I met her but she never knew. My relationship with Kunj is still the same. We talk to each other and care about our individual needs. We both have feelings for each other but none of us have actually confessed it. Papa broke all ties with me when he saw that I was married to Kunj.

Flashback (5months ago)
We were all leaving the Gudwara when we suddenly bumped into Cherry Bhaiya , Papa and Chotti Maa outside the Gudwara.
Papa saw me standing next to Kunj and wearing sindoor and mangulstura. He came and stood next to me. I was really scared cause after Maa passed away and papa got married again he became really angry and would believe his new wife over his children. I looked at him and saw the same anger in his eyes. I got really scared. Before I could do anything I felt a hard slap against her left cheek. It caused me to stumble a bit but Kunj held me on time from falling. He held me by the side. Papa was going to slap me one more time but Kunj came in between and stopped him.
RT= who are you to stop me from talking to my daughter?

Kunj= You are not talking to her but are abusing her by raising your hand on her.
CM= I told you ji that Twinkle was going to run away that day but you didn’t listen to me. I am sure she knew this boy from before so ran away.
Mahi= Chotti Maa please don’t blame my sister for anything. I admit she ran away from the house but that doesn’t mean you say anything about her.
Cherry= Twinkle just say sorry and lets end the matter here and forget all the past.
RT= from now on I only have 1 daughter Mahi and 1 son cherry. I break all ties from Twinkle.
Twinkle= Papa please listen to me

CM= He is not your father. I don’t think you heard him properly.
RT goes into the Gudwara followed by Cherry . I was going to go behind them but Mahi Di stopped me.
CM= I told you that your father will never give you 2 sisters the love you deserve. Now I will somehow get rid of your brother Cherry and keep all of your fathers property to myself she said and went into the Gudwara.
I was broken but I always knew papa wouldn’t forgive as I ran away from home. However I was feeling blessed to have a sister like Mahi Di and especially a husband like Kunj. 3 days later Mahi Di and Jiju went back. Kunj and me continued to live our life the way we were before.
Flashback ends.

I was waiting for Kunj to arrive home. Suddenly I heard the doorbell ring. I opened the door and Kunj smiling I smiled back.
Twinkle= Did you finish work early today?
Kunj= yes I did and I have a good new
Twinkle= tell me quickly
Kunj= Twinkle you know it my graduation next week and I went for an interview yesterday.
Twinkle= yeah

Kunj= I have got an offer for a job of an architect in Chandigarh and they are going to provide us with a house a car.
Twinkle hugs kunj= congratulations
Kunj= thank you
The screen freezes on Twinj smiling faces happily hugging.
PreCap= Kunj graduation
I hope you enjoyed it.
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  1. Chiku


    |Registered Member

    Woaah simiy its lovely 😘😘😘😘😘just loved it. Awesome
    Waiting for kunjs graduation 🎓
    Post mext soon
    With love ❤️

  2. shayna

    Simiy am a silent reader of ur ff nd whenever Am sad when i see ur ff am feeling relaxed nd u r gng great am really mad of this ff nd my humble request is pls update each episode asap nd u r gng great yaar nd pls do keep on writing

  3. Ayu


    |Registered Member

    Awesome simiyy! Its good for Twinkle’s father! Aise baap se to anaath gona achcha hai…
    Going good dear! Cont soon😘

  4. Priya23

    Wow simmy this is too good epi…ur writing r just simply suparb…….. luv it very much…that bustard rt and cherry hate to the core…plsss write more twinj scenes…. Post next epi soon dear…..luv u…..

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  6. Baby


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    simmy amazing episode
    srsly nailed it bt pta hai graduation sunkr i get tears it was d last timein tei wen i saw kunj n he was waving a bye…………………..
    well loved it 2 core ♥♥cute epsidoe loved it
    love u lods♥♥ 😀

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