Tashan-e-ishq: Twinj or twiraj???

Hello Tashan-e-ishq family and Twinj fans, I am rakshita here. I am here to share my analysis our favorite on screen pair Twinj viz.. Twinkle-kunj…☺☺

Now guys, initially this story was about love blossoming amid twinkle Nd Uv. I think that their love was not at all Tashan-e-ishq as there was no TASHAN….there was only craze,enemity and revenge. There was no love….’coz love only blossoms when it comes from both sides…Bt in this case it was only from twinkle’s side. Now I know that there r many twiraj fans and of course I am not offending them but only sharing my views. So j guys do not take it personally as I do not knw any one of u here personally☺☺. Now when I think of twinj….I think it is right pair according to title Tashan-e-ishq…as there is TASHAN everyday in every episode….their nokh jokh….their fights r so cute. Even their fights are for each other…there is only love, peace, concern Nd care for each other. Nd siyappa is no exception….

when some one is in trouble other is there to take care….. Be it twinkle or kunj..???. Kunj always favour twinkle when she is in a problem…Nd twinkle always supports kunj not only in front of in laws but also in front of her own family….!! Their love is so intense nd they are really a couple made for each other…!!!
Guys I know it is short and purposely I made it short. I thought it may b boring…this is my first effort….so u guys read and then I will upload next part….Plss do comment. If the response is positive only then I will proceed. Go ahead Twinj fans….!!???

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  1. I sooo agree with u rakshita….twinj forever….kunj is the best husband and twinkle is the best wife so twinj are the best couple…about yuvi I simply hate him tough I like zany he is cute but not more than sidhant….I m a passionate lover of sidhant so for me it just twinj and twinj forever

  2. U r absolutely ri8 Rakshita… 🙂 🙂
    Twinj r made for each other… Nd i just £uv there cute nok-jhok… 😉

  3. Thanx dear, pls carry on am so intersting when am read your first ff….. Don’t interfere in your ff anita…… And due a main couple nd main role of twinkle nd kunj

  4. u r actually right rakshita….. twinj r t best and t name of t serial also just matches for them……and i really loves t cute fights b/w twinj….and plzz proceed ur writing

  5. Rakshita what could be a light to the eyes to see ir post u r absolutely right twinj is wat the title suits for… m wid u..

  6. I also agree with u rakhshita ….

  7. Where is ur ff twinj forever next part…??? M mising dear

  8. Thanks Aakanksha…ya Guys….Twinj are the best. Actually it is their TASHAN Nd nokh jokh that has impressed me. Their relationship is so pure and perfect…..I just love them……so cute….actually I don’t like sidmin to that extent as I love Twinj….again then for compliment…!!!

  9. Thanks Aakanksha…ya Guys….Twinj are the best. Actually it is their TASHAN Nd nokh jokh that has impressed me. Their relationship is so pure and perfect…..I just love them……so cute….actually I don’t like sidmin to that extent as I love Twinj….again then for compliment…!!!☺☺☺

  10. Anubha(Rakshita)

    Thanks Aakanksha…ya Guys….Twinj are the best. . Their relationship is so pure and perfect…..I just love them……so cute….actually I don’t like sidmin to that extent as I love Twinj….again then for compliment…!!!☺☺☺

  11. Anubha(Rakshita)

    A spcl thanks to Ruchi and aarush also …..u all r my inspiration….Bt I will upload next episode analysis only if I get at least 10 comments or positive response…btw then to u all…!!

  12. aww thank u so much dear rakshita..i always wanted n article on twinj..plzz continue it..nd u s absolutely correct tei is incomplete without twinj..

  13. Twiraj looks so cute wid each other.so romantic wow!

  14. Anubha(Rakshita)

    Tara,Komal,mahirand gopika thank u so much. Actually Komal my boards r gonna start so kst prpring 4 it btw if I get time I all post PR after 18 march.,.pls tryaa understand…… Nd then for rmbring my FF!!

    1. heyy r u in 10th or 12th

  15. Twinj are like made for each other even most of my friends in Malaysia are waiting for the confection of their love like even people who don’t understand hindi watch tei for kunj
    So yaaaaa

  16. Anubha(Rakshita)

    Aakanksha m in class’s 9 class

    1. so then boards

  17. boards in class 9?? howz that possible??

  18. Rakshita…. I totally Agree with u….. Twinj is the best…love them forever….. Made for each other twinj…..???????

  19. Anubha(Rakshita)

    So you guys tell should I post next one or not….if not then I will focus on my FF…!!!

  20. Anubha(Rakshita)

    Ya Tara I know that actually our papers come from board…..only difference is that it is checked by our teachers….so now v are board students??? so plzz don’t mind!!!

  21. I’m sorry guys, if it hurts you. But according to me,this serial is actually for twiraj and suddenly they changed it to twinj. If they have created the same scenes between twiraj then there will be tashan between them also. Sorry if it hurts twinj fans..

    1. its totally fine lucy u r free to share ur views but I don’t think twiraj wud hav had this good chemistry

  22. Best of luck for ur exams rakshita

  23. haha..do u belong to an CBSE school?
    btw u can write both.. i mean i want ur ff bt this episodic analysis is also very interesting.

  24. Thnx mahira….Nd Tara…..I will try to fulfill ur wish….thnx for commenting…ya I am CBSE student….!!! And Lucy, we don’t mind if u share ur views…but o don’t think zaimine ie zain Nd jasmine would have able to share sizzling chemistry as sidmin shares…Twinj are the best Nd not twiraj….so sorry if it hurts twiraj fans….!!!

  25. agreed rakshita twinj chemistry is superb..twiraj was sweet bt twinj is hottt n sizzling..i jst love them!
    nd looking frwrd to ur next ff ..

  26. I want to ask you all a question… Wherever you will searched the storyline of tashan e ishq you will get: enmity between two families/mothers and their children are in love, this is in the case of twiraj. Just tell where is the enmity between sarnas and Tanejas.
    In the beginning tashan was between the families and love between the lead, right???
    Sorry to offence twinj fans but tell me where does the story fits the storyline. Is there any enmity between tanejas and sarnas.
    Give me a reason and i will too become a twinj fan!!!

  27. Please rakshita i have been saying it in so many posts that i so much need the next part of ur ff its way too awesome..

  28. Dear unknown, no the lead swere not in love…..this because love is only there when it is from both sides…but in this case it was only from twinkle’s side as uv was just acting to take his mom’s revenge…..it was just after her marriage that that revenge converted into craze for twinkle….evn now he wants to achieve twinkle nd he doenot love her..,….as love not only means achieving,it also means sacrificing…!!! Sorry if u feel offended…I dinot intended to hurt any twiraj fan…!!!

    1. Thanks for replying, but we should not forget that in the first epidodes, no one knew that yuvi was doing this for revenge, it is only after twinj engagement that we got to know it.
      But still, for the storyline it is not yet clear…

      1. you can read story line completely that tei is story of twinkle taneja and help her find the true love, which she gets from kunj u may be twiraj fan but think wise dont be at past episode when present show showing u a different angle of yuvaraj and sorry to hurt u

  29. Komal…I feeling so happy that u really appreciate me n my f but actually I do not have time….nd even today is my 2 nd practical….I will surely try….thnx for boosting me…..so guys now I am posting next part of my episodic analysis….!!!

  30. hello..mr/ms unknown whatever rakshita said is correct nd i want to add smthng..that is tashan e ishq is the love in tashan..as love blooms btwn 2 ppl family is nt required as such..there was always a tashan btwn twinj b4 they got married nd also aftrwrds..they agreed to marry each other 4 their mother’s sake..nd if u hv watched TEI 4m beginning u shld be knwng the dialouge when kunj told twinkle…’tu ne abtak sirf mera bhala roop dekha hai ab tu mere tashan dekhegi’ remember?? i hope u got an justification…nd sorry if i offended u,,!

  31. always a twinj fan and i started watching the show from twinj haldi scene and the next epi i saw was twinj writtening home after honeymoon meanwhile yuvi confessing truth to leela etc etc etc then i got interested in story and read written updates to know from beggining and it may be dissapointing from twiraj fans ,but no lover makes her love insulted and if u rewind scenes and see that behind every action of uv there is anitha but not love then how any girl will love such a person and kunj really very nice cant see twinkle crying since first episode

  32. its not writtening but returning

  33. Sudha and Tara u both are right…..!!

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