So, hello guys i am Rakshita here again with my next part of analysis. As there are more twinj fans, my this part is dedicated to tashan-e-shaadi of twinj. Btw i am very much grateful to all those who have supported me, criticized me and those who silently read it. I am saying so because the supporters boost me up. Plss u guys dont take it as a joke….i am serious. When somebody appreciates for my ff, i am on cloud nine i feel as if i have achieved so great. My spcl thanks to Tara, Aakanksha, Mahira, Sudha, Arush and fatarajo. Though fatarajo had not commented on my ff….i am thanking her because i started writing ff after seeing her ff only…… Guys thank u so much for inspiring and boosting me up. Guys i am sorry if i had missed any other name as i am not having internet connection now-when i am writing. So i hpe u guys understand. Thanks to mr/ms. Unknown also….it was through his/her comments that i came to know that still twinj is not everyone’s favourite. And that i have to work hard to win more hearts. I will surely try to succeed. Thanks dear silent readers also. Now i would like to start. This episode is specially for tara as she wanted and likes discussion on twinj!! Here i go…..
Zee Tv has been able to catch the attention of viewers since last year with its super hit show TASHAN-E-ISHQ starring JASMIN BHASIN as twinkle, SIDDANTH GUPTA as kunj and ZAIN IMAM as yuvraj, the main leads being twinkle-kunj.

This show portrays how young love blossoms between children of two rival businesswomen: LEELA TANEJA [vaishnav McDonald] and ANITA LUTHRA [eva grover]. But they are determined to befriend them. Twinkle-yuvi are madly in love with each other. Though twinkle loves yuvi, yuvi is just pretending to take her revenge from leela [twinkle’s mom]. Meanwhile, leela ties twinkle’s knot with a guy named KUNJ SARNA. He is sweet, calm, quiet interowort type of person, he usually keeps upto himself. Both winkle and kunj are unhappy with marriage as they love somebody else. But soon, kunj and twinkle realise that their families’ happiness lies in their marriage and also both come to know real side of their love Alisha and yuvi. Though yuvi was still determined to ruin their life. Therefore, he tries to disrespect twinkle and tries to force with her and thinks to put blame on kunj. But luckily, kunj comes on time and saves twinkle. But everybody thinks what yuvi wanted to make them think. They still get married. And gradually after marriage, they start taking care of each other, respecting each other, supporting each other and helping each other. Now they have started to fall for each other but not have yet realised.

Now guys, i think they are perfect couple. They help each other, show concern, support and do not let other partner down. Twinkle cannot bear anyone saying against kunj: be it her in laws or her parents. It seems like she has given her life, soul, heart and everything to kunj. She understands every problem of kunj without him saying it. She fights with him, teases him but at last she only supports and stand by him. She puts her life in risk for him and can even die for him. I ask you, dear friends…..is it not love?? Love not only means achieving, it means sacrificing, giving, caring and supporting. What to say about kunj, he is a perfect husband a girl can wish for. He holds twinkle when she tumbles. He has put his life in danger for twinkle. Yuvi, because of twinkle sometimes hurt kunj but he never uttered a word against yuvi- ‘coz he knows his words may hurt her which he cannot see. He cannot see twinkle crying or sad, so he usually diverts her mind with his nokh-jokh when she discusses any topic that hurts her. He always tries to cheer up her mind with his comical dialogues. One such scene is described below:
Twinkle starts thinking something.

K: kya soch rahi hai???
T: mai soch rahi thi ki……
K: actually, tu zada socha mat kar.
T: kyun???
K:{coming closer to twinkle} kyonki jab tu sochti hai na…..
T: to…..
K: to…..
T: to kya, kunj…..{breathing heavily}
K: to na,twinkle…..hamesha ek naya syappa khada ho jata hai…..he laughs heartily.
T: don’t call me…..
K: what….ohh….syappa queen……thike nahi bolunga SYAPPA QUEEN.
T: i should understand that whenever u talk to me sweetly that means u r gng to irritate me or make fun of me.
K: wow!!! Twinkle u became so intelligent after marriage…….actually company matters……sangati ka asar dekha…!!!
Kunj always cares for her and tries not make her feel lonely. Twinj walk side by side of each other……

According to me it will be their sweet tashan and cute nokh-jokh that will end up in their tashan-e-ishq. I wish from core of my heart that they two souls unite into one and bcome an ideal how tashan can also lead to love..!!!  Twinj are the best couple….not only because sidmin share a sizzling chemistry but also they are an ideal married couple who fight, show attitude and make each other dance on their tunes; but along that they also show concern, care and worry for each other even after going through such ups and downs in their relation which currently has no love-type thing in reality. Twinkle feels so secured in kunj’s company. She can freely share anything with him but with yuvi she always had a fear that he would burst upon her. But kunj is so understanding that when her mother had left her he took her hand and handled her. Same was the case with twinkle. Whenever Anita or anybody else taunted him about being poor or anything else, she fought with whole world. She could not stand anything against kunj and would always by his side. Love stories are not born but they have to be created and according to me twinkle-kunj have already created their unique love story: TASHAN-E-ISHQ. Their love story is one they created with tashan, ishq, concern, nokh-jokh, siyappa and each other’s support. Their love story is immortal. Their love story is unpredictable. Their love story is more than just a love story: it is a story of friendship, revenge, tashan, ishq, passion, matargashti, happiness ,tragedy ,syappa and moreover two bodies one soul….!!! they have drama, romance, tragedy, syappa and every component of love story. Their love story is worth remembering….. This is love story i can say which can be compared to one heer-ranjha, romeo-juliet, jodhaa-akbar, salim-anarkali…….. their love story is not like the one of youngsters- being in relation for 2 days and then break up nor is it like of ancient times that the wife is restricted and husband controls everything…….. their love story is one which has lots of understanding , courage, concern, and moreover tashan. The most interesting fact about their love story is that their love in this love story is unrevealed, hidden which they feel and understand and need not be proved…….now i suppose i am right when i say that TWINJ makes the best couple and they’re made for each other…..they ought to be together forever……their love is intense……they have a unique dastan…….they started from revenge and now have ended up in unmatched love!!! Guys in short we can describe their relation as follows:

…….Ajeeb dastan hain tashan ki
Aansu beh jaate hain
Jabki raat hai jashan ki
Tum doorjaate ho to
Zindagi hoti hai khatam si
De jate ho zakhm apne dard se
Aur tumhari muskaan hi banjati hai marham si……

Guys i hope so this is long enough for you all…..i have updated this part especially for tara….the great twinj fan…..and my inspiration!! I know it is not as good as urs but i have made an effort….hope you guys like it. Frnds, the fate of this episodic analysis will lie on your number of comments…so keep commenting. And i will upload next part only if i at least get 15 comments or i will have to end here…!!! Have a nice day….and guys remember this month of February: MONTH OF LOVE and MONTH OF EXAMS. Hope you guys succeed and everybody around you loves u more…!!BEST OF LUCK TOALL BOARD STUDENTS!! Do well and bring laurels to ur parents, family school and nation..!

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  1. Rakshita u have left me speechless i mean how how can someone be so good at analysing.. u known i am a great twinj fan nd i think i have to do something to prove it coz u have opened my eyes that there are many people here who love twinj to the core well rakshita since u started ur ff o was ur big fan nd now with ur episodic analysis i am like how can someone do it so good.. now i m bit jealous of u.. please keep analysing twinj i love it when someone write something about twinj it gives me mew rays of hope dat this couple would someday fell whole heartedly for each other well rakshita i wont write further but i would like to thank u for such an amazing analysis nd please m waiting for ur ff.. do update it

  2. aww….. RAKSHITAAAAAAAAAA M IN AIR NOW..i mean can’y believe that u wrote something specially for me…and of course m a great twinjfan..and always will be..and as komal said now i have turned a fan of ur episodic analysis…however u argue wid me bt u are a thousand times better writer than me atleast in this case…this one was just too good,, imean i loved it.. thanks for adding the twinj conversation..its one of mah fav moments that twinj shares..and this one was the best thing someone has done for me… i wish rakshita i could meet u some day..i so wish yaar……
    THANKS once again for this brilliant analysis..love u from the core of my heart…
    muahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh 🙂 🙂 🙂 😉 😉

  3. rakshita….it is really awesome, stunning , and mindblowing….hats off to u for t marvellous writing…keep updating…eagerly waiting for t next episode…….

  4. wow really awsome rakshita

  5. awesome rakshita u are right twinj is best i love their jodi from core of my heart and thanks for saying best of luck because i really need it as i am also in class 10
    luv ur epi analysis a lot..

  6. wow really awesome/…….. and i am very glad that just a serial can make so many friends…….. of course tashan e ishq is not just a serial ………a beautiful romantic sensible love story which stays for ever in fans hearts (our beloved twinj)…….and i will ever remember all u people and rakshitha just awesome and no words ……

  7. all the best for exam going students…………. i am also going to write my medical pg entrance….

  8. ? great analysis

  9. Wowww itss awesome Rakshita. I agree with u TWINJJ FOREVER

  10. Tara u r so sweet even my best frnd also has not made me feel so special as you…..I love u….Nd surely I am not to b cmprd to u…u r quite high….Nd u can’t deny the fact……thank u so much…..I am relieved that my efforts have shown flying colors Nd u Like it…??

    1. oh thts so swt of u rakshita…i just love u ..

  11. Komal, u r so sweet Nd cute….even Twinj would not have a fan as u….u r so nice…..Nd none of my work remains unappreciated by u….u just make me reach in air……I want to meet u Nd Tara u too.
    ..gals u r my another life☺☺???

    1. awwww dats so sweet to listen it from u m a big fan of ur ff nd surely i wanna meet u once nd i just wanna hug u for ur ff..

  12. I am also really gr8ful to sudha,Tina,Ps,bmaniac and gopika……thank u guys… U all r very nice and inspire me…..pls wish me so that I can present my some more efforts….!! Nd ya spcl wishes and good luck to sudha…..do well in ur exams….☺☺

  13. Guys I am ending my analysis as I am not getting much response at least 20 cmnts….I think my this analysis is worth 20 ohk not 20 so at least 15 cmnts….don’t u all think so???

  14. Rakshita…..u r just brilliant…. Amazing writer…..I don’t have words to describe…..ur episodic analysis are just want I want….long, theme, plot, story…..love u …..all the best to u too

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  17. hey rakshita don’t end it yaar plzzzzzzzzz

  18. No need to thank rakshita because i comment on your ff because i like it and me too a twinj lover…luv u

  19. Ohk…thnx Tara….Nd PS I don’t thank u bciz I wanna show it to u try hat how manner full I am but coz I really feel so gr8 when some appreciates me…!!!

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