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Hello everyone hope you are all good. I am sorry for commenting irregularly on FF/OS/SS as I have been really busy. Thanks everyone who commented on the last part of Punar Vivah and enjoyed it.
Enjoy you reading
3 days after Chinki and Abhay wedding
Twinkle and Kunj were busy packing for Delhi and spending time with Bebe and Usha. They both would occasionally smile with each other and share romantic eye-locks.
It was Chinki and Twinkle results day and Chinki had come over before she moves to New York and Twinj moves to Delhi. Both Twinkle and Chinki had passed with colourful grades and were happy. Kunj wanted to treat his wife and sister to celebrate their success. He had decided that everyone would go out to eat in a restaurant that would be followed by desserts. Abhay had also joined them. Chinki who was still the new bride was dressed in a beautiful baby pink coloured sari with silver jewellery she looked gorgeous. Twinkle on the other hand who was also newly married as she was married for 3 weeks wore an elegant blue sari that had a gold border and a gold blouse. She wore some bangles and simple earrings. She looked beautiful. Kunj and Abhay couldn’t take their eyes off their wife’s and this was noticed by Bebe and Usha who were happy for their children. Everyone left and went to the grand restaurant and took their seats. They all enjoyed their dinner and took lots of selfies. Kunj= Umm Twinkle can we take a selfie he asked. Twinkle smiled and nodded his head. They both took a selfie whilst everyone else smiled.

They were heading out of the restaurants when they saw the Taneja entering. Twinkle’s eyes filled up with tears as she saw everyone smiling. She also noticed a baby’s pushchair and Mahi baby bump disappeared. That means she had the baby but no-one told her. Leela walked to Bebe and spoke to her the first time after TWINJ marriage= Shanti Ji (Bebe name) Yuvraj and Mahi were blessed with a baby boy Yuvan my grandson. Bebe= Congratulations is that why you are here? Leela= Yes we came to celebrate his birth with close relatives only MY ALISHA is missing she said looking in Twinkle direction. Twinkle heart pricked as her mother never liked her existence. Everyone felt bad for her. Bebe then greeted her and left followed by everyone. When Twinkle along with Kunj were walking past Leela words hurt Twinkle even more. Leela= I would have really enjoyed myself today but I have seen a bad omen now I just hope that baba ji protects my family from the bad shadow. She said and walked away followed by her children. Twinkle with tears in her eyes went to the car. Kunj was concerned about her as she was keeping everything in her heart. They reached home and Twinkle quickly excused herself to the room. Everyone knew she was hurt. Usha= Kunj go and console her they have hurt her really badly. Kunj nodded his head and rushed behind Twinkle. He entered the room and saw Twinkle had removed all the bangles and was sat down on the floor crying. He went and sat down next to her and held her shoulder. She looked at him and hugged him and cried her heart out in his embrace. All he did was hug her. She needed to cry to make her heart have some relief. After a few minutes Twinkle came out of Kunj embrace and went to the washroom with her night clothes. After 20 minutes she came out and saw Kunj had already changed into his nightwear and was sitting on the bed. She went and sat down next to him. Kunj held hand and she rested her head on his shoulder. They stayed like that for sometime. Kunj= Twinkle I know its hard but try to forget your old bad memories. Twinkle= hmmm, Kunj can we please move to Delhi tomorrow as soon as maa and Bebe leave cause I don’t know why but I can’t stay in Amritsar anymore as everything plays in my mind. Kunj= Ok we will go Delhi tomorrow and make new memories. Twinkle smiles and nods her head. Kunj kisses her forehead and they both smiled.

I hope you all enjoyed it
TWINJ willl be in Delhi soon
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  1. Sohi

    Fabulous yet emotional episode
    Liked twinkles saree
    Felt bad for her

    Waiting for the next update
    Do continue and post ur another ss too

  2. SidMin23

    Love it and lela is too much wish soon twinj will move and make new momeries and lice happily ever after post soon.

  3. Amazing episode ?❤️?❤️
    Too emotional ? twinkle
    Leela hu???
    Post soon plz jaldi plz yaar ??????

  4. P.....Secret

    Loved it..

    Too good..
    Love u..


  5. Awsome episode di. … plz try to post soon

  6. Nishuu

    Wow simmy it was awesome

  7. simmy tumne kitne dino baad post kiya pta h Maine tumhara bahut wait kiya yrr….?. ? ??

    episode was mindblowing fantastic fabulous ??????
    post soon dear
    luv u ??

  8. Ayesha51

    awesome episode

    just loved it yaar simmy di

    hate this leela

    plz plz plz plz plz plz plz POST ASAP

    love u……..♡


  9. It’s amazing
    Feeling bad for twinkle
    Post soon

  10. Chiku

    Amazing. Post soon❤️❤️

  11. Sameera

    Amazinggggg yaar simmy …felt bad for twinkle ..????

  12. Sidmin ki sadia

    Emotional. Epi but awesome luv it

  13. Ramya

    Awesome dear Amazing
    But feeling bad for twinkle
    Sorry for late
    Love you keep smiling

  14. Baby

    wowowaaa ♥
    simmy di really adorable ♥
    loving it ♥
    amazing ♥
    marveleous ♥
    emotional ♥
    lods of love ♥

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