Hi hope you are all well. I am getting a feeling that everyone is losing an interest in my writing as the comments have decreased. I understand that I haven’t been posting regularly but I have been busy lately and have also been really ill. I still try my best I hope you all understand! Thank You

The next day
Everyone was waiting in the lounge with their entire luggage packed waiting to go. It was an emotional moment for everyone in the Sarna house. Bebe and Usha Maa were Wher new home as Abhay work would start in 1 week and they wanted to settle in properly. Kunj and Twinkle were moving to Delhi for their new business to start and where they could make new memories and forget their old past. Usha= Abhay our Chinki for the first time is going away so far from us. I must admit that she would stay here with Kunj when we weren’t here but still she is my daughter. Look after her and please forgive her she said with tears in her eyes. I don’t know when I will see her now. Chinki hugged her mother and ended up crying. Abhay= Maa don’t worry I promise that I will always keep her happy. We will face call you every day. Bebe= Chinki you also look after our son. They all smiled. Usha= Kunj you look after Twinkle, make sure you don’t disturb her and keep her happy. Kunj= I will maa promise he said and hugged her. Bebe with a cheeky smile= Twinkle puttar quickly give us a good news so we can come Delhi too. Twinkle felt shy= What are you saying Bebe? Bebe= I mean kai. Kunj could tell that Twinkle was nervous. Kunj= Bebe please lets leave this topic and leave as its time for your train. They first went and dropped Bebe and Usha too the train station and then went to the airport. Chinki, Kunj, Twinkle and Abhay meet for the last time and then went to their different terminals.

In the plane
Twinkle and Kunj were finally on the plane after going through all the security process. An airhostess came and looked at Kunj who was putting on his seatbelt. Airhostess= Sir let me do it for you. She went closer and was about to do his seatbelt but he quickly done it. Kunj= thanks for the offer. The airhostess went closer and whispered in Kunj ear= Listen s*xy if you want meet me in the corner 10 minutes after the plane is in the air. Kunj eyes widen and Twinkle didn’t like the air hostess. Twinkle= Excuse me she said getting the airhostess attention and wrapping her arm arounds Kunj. If you don’t mind could you leave my husband alone. We are going on our honeymoon she lied and want some time to ourselves. The airhostess made and face and went whilst Kunj looked at Twinkle who was embarrassed with what she said. Kunj= don’t feel embarrassed Twinkle I am happy you got rid of her. Twinkle smiled= I cant wait till we reach Delhi Kunj to start our life from scratch again. Kunj= even I cant….. ummm Twinkle I am sorry. Twinkle was confused= Sorry for what? Kunj= Our wedding night. Twinkle= I have forgiven you Kunj don’t feel guilty. I am leaving all my memories in Amristar to start new memories with you. Will you make new memories with me? Kunj smiled and shook his head= of course I will! He kissed her forehead and they leaned closer and held hands as the plane took off.

I hope you all enjoyed it.
Take Care

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    Simmy it was awesome
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