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Sameera= I am loving both your FF can’t wait to read more of Katil
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Twinkle and Kunj arrived in Delhi after a 4 hour flight. The flight went by fast and Twinkle was sleeping on Kunj shoulder and he held her closely and slept. The airhostess who seen this fumed. After they reached Delhi they were collected by Mr and Mrs Kohli whose house they were going to rent out. Mr Kohli seemed very friendly whilst Mrs Kohli seemed nosy. She kept asking Twinkle about her marriage with Kunj and how they met.
Mrs K= So how long have you been married for?
T= 3 weeks
Mrs= Ohooo that’s so cute, was it a love or arrange marriage?
Twinkle stared at Kunj who stared back at her
T/K= Arrange/ Love
Mrs K= what do you mean? Twinkle you are saying Love and Kunj you are saying arrange? She said looking at them suspiciously
K= Orignially when we met through our families as they wanted us to get married but we fell in love before we got married he lied and Twinkle smiled at him.
Mrs K= How cute!!!!
They reached the house which was more of an apartment in 20 minutes. It was a small house that had one bathroom, one bedroom and a lounge.
Mrs K= this is your sweet home welcome she smiled and left with her husband
Twinkle and Kunj both looked at each other and then the house that was in a mess.
K= It seems like we have a lot of cleaning and clearing to do before we can rest
T= I know lets start
They divide the work they had to do and shared a few eye-locks. After they finished all the cleaning that took 3 hours they went to their bedroom. Twinkle took her clothes and went in the bathroom to freshen up. After sometime she came out and Kunj went in the shower. When he was out he went back into the bedrrom and seen that Twinkle had already gone to sleep. He smiled and wrapped the blanket around her and slept next to her.
The next day they both woke-up at 11 which was really late.
T= Oh god its so late I am really sorry Kunj
K= Its ok calm down, listen Twinkle go get ready then we will both go out for breakfast and do some house shopping.
Twinkle smiled and nodded her head. After an hour they left the house. Kunj had managed to get a car for their convinces before they arrived to Delhi . They went to a near by punjabi dhabha and ordered parathas and tea.

After that we both spent the whole day buying things for the house. When we came back home we put the things back in its new places and sat down on the sofa.
K= Twinkle from tomorrow my new business will start hopefully and its just going to be thee start. I was just wondering if you would want to join me with our family business?
T= Me Kunj? She said surprised
Kunj nodded his head= Yes you have just graduated in business management I would love it if you help me. Also you will get bored at home alone.
T= Thank You Kunj she said and hugged him in excitement
He smiled and hugged her back
Next Day
Twinkle and Kunj were both getting ready for their first business meeting. Kunj was wearing a black tuxedo suit with a white shirt. Twinkle was wearing a black box pleat skirt with a white shirt. She tied her hair up in a ponytail and wore two small studded earing with her make up done lightly.
T= Kunj I have always seen from a young age and heard that whenever someone goes to do something with a good intention they are fed yougurt with sugar so her she said and put and spoonful in his mouth.
Kunj smiled and took the spoonful and then put a spoonful in Twinkle mouth. They both left for the start of their new business.

PreCap= Leap and Alisha re-entry

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Sorry once again
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