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Shot 1

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I have decided des to show Aman and Chinki wedding the godh bharai will come up soon.

3 months went by and Twinkle had weird mood swings.
Sometimes she would want to eat sour and the next moment she would want to eat something sweet.She would feel happy sometimes and the next moment she would feel irritated and annoyed. She was 4 months pregnant now and had a small baby bump. Kunj would take her on regular walks and fulfil each of her demands. Twinkle knew that she was a headache in the last 3 months but felt really blessed and happy to have a husband like Kunj.
Its was Chinki wedding with Aman this week.

Twinkle was happy that it was her youngest sisters wedding. But she was also upset that she wouldn’t be able to dance.
It was the Sangeet Day
Everyone in the Taneja house was practicing the dance rehearsal apart from Twinkle as everyone had forbidden her not too. She was making sure everyone was doing it correctly. Chinki was practicing her dance with Kunj that she will be doing will Aman later. Everyone was very happy.
Twinkle was getting ready for the sangeet when she suddenly felt the baby kick. It was the first time she experienced this. It was the most beautiful feeling she had felt. Kunj came out of the bathroom and saw her smiling.

K- what happened?
Twinkle walked to him and placed his hand on her small baby bump. He smiled.
K- Wow twinkle this is the most amazing feeling ever
T- I know Kunj. I haven’t even seen it yet but I am so connected to it
K- just 5 more months and it will be here with us.
Twinkle smiled and got ready. Because she was pregnant and now had a baby bump she didn’t want to wear a ghagra choli where her stomach is visible. She was going to wear a navy blue patiala suit. It was simple yet elegant and pretty. She looked like a typical Punjabi kudi but was Kunj phattaka. She wore heavy jumkas and some bangles. Her hair was tied in a French tail. Kunj couldn’t take his eyes off her.
He went a hugged her from the back

K- you look gorgeous as always he said kissing her cheeks
T-thanks, you also look handsome she said. Kunj was wearing a a navy blue simple sherwani complementing her.
They both then went downstairs where everyone was.
K- listen if you want anything let me know
T- ok
Soon Aman and his family arrived.
Chinki was then brought down with Mahi.
The sangeet ceremony had started.

Everyone was doing their dance performance.
It was time for the couple dance now.
Aman and Chinki started off by dancing on pee loon
They were then joined by yuhi and other couples apart from Twinj.
Twinkle was sitting down next to her 3 mothers(Leela, Usha, Bebe)
T- please can I dance
No they all said loudly
T- but she was interrupted by Usha
U- beta look after yourself.
Leela added on- puttar you are going to be a mother yourself, please don’t be stubborn.
Kunj noticed this from a distance and was going to approach her when suddenly a girl called him.
K- Maya
M- I thought you forgot for college friend
K-no I haven’t .What are you doing here?

M- Aman is my cousin so I am from the boys side
K- oh ok. I’m from the girls side
They began to talk and this was noticed by Twinkle.
She was fuming as she thought Kunj might come to her and ask the mothers if she can dance with his slowly. But no he was busy talking to Maya. She got even more angry when she saw Kunj go on the dance floor with her.
This was noticed by Mahi.
Mahi left the dance floor and went and went to sit next to her.
Usha, Leela and Bebe were attending guests.
Ma- what happened?

T- look at Kunj
Ma- yeah what about Kunj
T- he is dancing with a girl who he don’t even know and I can’t even dance because of him she said without realising what she was saying
Mahi smiled- why can’t you dance because of him she asked cheekily
T- because I’m pregnant because of him. She realised what she said i mean
M- it’s ok she laughed
T- lets go sit next to Chinki
They went and sat down. Twinkle sat down next to Aman whilst Mahi sat down next to Chinki
Chinki noticed that there was something wrong with Twinkle and asked Mahi in sign language.
Mahi then pointed towards Kunj who was coming towards them with Maya
Twinkle made a face which was noticed by Mahi,Chinki and Aman who giggled. Uv also come towards them.

K- Maya meet Mahi my sister in law and this is her husband Uv
M- I remember uv he was in our college
Uv- yeah I was
Maya gave his a friendly hug which annoyed Mahi. Uv saw this was a bit scared.
K- this is Chinki my younger sister in law and this is Twinkle my wife.
Twinkle smiled- hi

M- hey it nice to meet you
They continued to talk
M- how long have you been married for then
T- 2 years and 4 months
M- what about you UV
Uv- 10months what about you Maya
M- 4 years she said shocking the Taneja sisters
Suddenly they heard a little boy
M- Rohan

K- Maya is that your son
M- yes Rohan he is 3years old
She then excused herself and went with her son.
Mahi, Chinki and Aman looked at Twinkle and started to laugh making Uv and
Kunj confused
K- what happened?

T- Nothing she said quickly whilst the 3 continued to laugh
K- anyway forget all this. Twinkle you wanted to dance but Maa and Bebe let ma ask them come with me
They went whilst Uv was still confused why Aman,Mahi and Chinki were laughing
Uv- can someone tell me what happened?
M- Twinkle was getting jealous of Maya
Uv also laughed.
The mothers gave permission to Twinkle to dance with Kunj.
Mahi , Uv, Chinki and Aman also joined them
The screen freezes on everyone’s happy faces whilst dancing

PreCap- Some Twinj moments and Mehndi

I know it was long but I hope you enjoyed it
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    1. Ria

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    Post the next one soon….
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  3. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing fabulous cute funny epi

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    Stay happy and keep smiling…,,,,,

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  7. The episode was awesome
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