TASHAN-E-ISHQ TWINJ Parenthood shot 8

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Shot 7
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Twinj room
Twinkle was getting as it was their Angels name ceremony in 1 hour. She was wearing a pink and gold velvet Salwar kameez that had heavy dupatta. She looked very pretty.
Twinkle infront of the mirror

Twinkle= Wow twinkle finally you can fit into a normal size clothes. Just a few months then I will be back to my normal figure size.
Kunj who was noticing this from a distance a smiled. He went towards Twinkle who was looking at the mirror and smiled at her.
K= like I said before, no matter how you look I will always love you
T= and I love you too she was about to hug Kunj but suddenly their Angel started to cry. Kunj went and carried his Angel in his house.

K= what happened why are you crying? He said trying to calm her down. She calmed down after a while and Twinkle changed her clothes.
T= Kunj let’s take a family selfie before we go down
They take a cute family selfie and go downstairs.
Everyone was sitting down as the name ceremony had started. Twinkle and Kunj were sitting down in front of everyone and everyone else was around them. Their Angel was in Kunj lap.

Bebe= Have you 2 thought of a name?
Twinj nodded their head in a no
Kunj= Why don’t everyone suggest a name then me and Twinkle will deicide
Usha= Veera
Bebe= nai I think Amrita

Leela= Why don’t we name her Lara
Chinki= No maa I think we should name her Ira it sounds so nice and modern
Mahi= What about Aarohi
Guru ji= I would suggest you name her Rajshree
Everyone= No that’s very old fashioned name
They all begin to argue about what to name Twinkle and Kunj angel.
Whilst everyone is arguing Twinkle and Kunj look at each other and start to whisper. After a few minutes Twinkle and Kunj look at each other and smile.
Twinj= ALVIRA they say loudly making everyone look at them and smile
Kunj= hamari beti ka naam Alvira (Our daughters name will be Alvira)
Everyone smile

Twinkle= Amrita’s A, Lara’s L, Veera’s V, Ira’s. Rajshree’s R and Aarohi A makes Alvira
Everyone smiles as they think it’s a nice name and smiles.
Guru ji= Alvira is a nice name it means dearly loved
Everyone smiles as they all like the name.
They all celebrate as Alvira has come home and they named her. Guest also come and bless the new born and her parents.
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