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Hey guys firstly I would like to wish you all a happy new year I hope it brings lots of happiness.
I would also like to apologise for posting late

Finally the big day had arrived for Chinki and Aman.
Chinki was beautiful dressed in a marron and gold lengha. She looked beautiful in her crystallised jewellery. Her make up was done heavily. She looked beautiful.
Twinkle- I am sure Aman won’t take his eyes off you today?
Chinki blushed
Mahi-ohho someone is blushing
Chinki- maa tell them?
Leela was going to say something but Mahi took over her
Mahi- what do you mean “maa tell them” Did you forget how you teased me and Twinkle during our time.
Chinki became quiet and made a face.
Leela kissed her daughters forehead and went downstairs to look at the arrangements.
Twinkle- come let’s share a sisters hug before this one gets married.
They all shared and hug and got tears.

The baraat arrived after sometime and Chinki was called and made to sit next to Aman. The wedding ceremony began.
Twinkle was standing next to Kunj who looked at her and smiled. She didn’t smile back and was about to walk away but Kunj held her hand.
Kunj- what happened to you?
Twinkle- nothing
Kunj- tell me
Twinkle- you never said how I look
Kunj smiled- is that it
Twinkle- why are you smiling?
Kunj- am I not allowed
Twinkle- Kunj I know that you don’t love me anymore
Kunj was shocked to hear this? What are you saying? You know I love you more then my life
Twinkle- you used to love me more than your life but not anymore. You just don’t love me Kunj. It’s cause I have gone fat.
Kunj- no matter how you look I will always love you.
You look the best in this outfit.

Twinkle was wearing a grey long heavy maxi anarkali style.
Twinkle smiled at him
The wedding had finished and the bidaai had happened.
The atmosphere had turn sad after Chinki bidaai. She was the youngest and was always spoilt by everyone. Twinkle and Mahi decided to stay the night.
Leela and RT were lucky as all of their daughters would still love on the same road as them after they got married.
Twinkle lived in Sarna Mansion
Mahi lived in Luthra Mansion
Chinki would now live I. Malhotra Mansion
Twinkle and Kunj were back home
Twinkle was resting on the bed whilst Kunj was busy working on his laptop.
Twinkle was admiring her husband.
Kunj noticed this and asked what happened.
Twinkle – Kunj I love
Kunj- I know you do
He went to her and kissed her forehead I love you too
They smiled

Precap- Twinkle Godhbarai

I hope you guys enjoyed this
Happy new year once again
Lots of love
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