Tashan e ishq – Twinj parenthood shot 3


Shot 2

After the sangeet ceremony everyone went to their rooms as they were all very tired. Twinkle had changed into her night dress whilst Kunj also changed into his joggers.
There was a knock on their room door.
Twinkle-!come in
It was meena the maid.
Meena- Di Leela ma’am has said to give you this turmeric milk.
Twinkle made a weird face
Twinkle- take it down I don’t want it.
Meena- but
Kunj interrupted her
Kunj- Meena leave it on the table
Meena left it on the table and went.
Kunj went and took the glass in his hands.
Kunj- twinkle come on drink it now
Twinkle-please Kunj I don’t want it she complained like a child
Kunj- I am not going to listen to anything . You have to drink.
Twinkle made a face but drank it
Kunj- that’s like my good wife
Twinkle smiled.

Kunj came and laid down on the bed next to her.
Twinkle looked at him and smiled, she then rested her head on his chest.
Kunj smiled and massaged her head with his fingers.
Twinkle- thanks for coming in my life Kunj. I am so blessed to have a husband like you. I love you
Kunj- I love you too.
Twinkle- do you know Kunj when I saw you with Maya I became a bit jealous.
Kunj- I know you did I could see it on your face. You know what Twinkle no matter which lady who I talk to no one will never replace you.
Twinkle looked at him and smiled.
He kissed her temple and they both went to sleep in each other’s embrace.

Next day
Mehndi time
All the ladies were busy applying mehndi on their hands. After the mehndi had been applied Chinki went upstairs to her room and was accompanied by her sisters. Everyone else were singing and doing other preparations for the wedding.
Chinki was sat down in the middle of the bed with both of her sisters on each side.
Mahi- Chinki marriage is a beautiful relationship that you share with someone special. Aman is a very good guy I am sure he will always keep you happy.
Chinki smiled.
Twinkle- you know when you will get married you will have ups and downs in your life but never think it’s if you and Aman together hold your hands together nothing will be impossible to do.
She smiled. Suddenly the baby started to kick her. She smiled.
Mahi- what happened twinkle why are you smiling for?
Twinkle- baby kicked
Chinki/Mahi- already
Twinkle- yes it kicked for the first time yesterday before the sangeet
Mahi- Awww
They both wanted to feel the kick but couldn’t as they had mehndi in their hands.
Twinkle nodded her head positively
Twinkle- Mahi , Chinki you know when you decide to have a family and you find out you are pregnant it’s the most beautiful feeling ever. Kunj and Me didn’t want a baby straight away we were happy the way life was going. We never everyone wanted us to have a baby soon but we went with life. When I found out I was pregnant I was so happy. Kunj was even more happy. He is always there for me. I know I will get angry and upset over no reasons sometimes but he knows how to handle me. Whenever you 2 find out you are pregnant you will feel like a parents straight away.
Mahi and Chinki both smiled as they were happy for their elder sister.
The 3 sisters continued to talk like they would when they were little.
Leela entered the room and looked at her daughters. She couldn’t believe how they had grown up. Twinkle saw Leela
Twinkle- maa come sit down she said getting up
Leela- stay seated she went and sat down on the other side of the bed.
Leela- I can’t believe my daughters have grown up so quickly that the younger ones getting married and the older one is going to be a mother she said with tears in her eyes.
Mahi- maa please stop crying.
Chinki- maa I am going to miss you she said not controlling her tears.
Leela-puttar stop it she said wiping her tears but started to cry herself . All the the Taneja ladies had a bit of an emotional moment crying.
RT- please stop crying all of you he said entering
Twinkle- papa
RT- if you continue to cry I won’t be able to stop my tears. No matter how much olderyou get you will always remain my princesses he said. They all shared a family hug.
They then heard a knock on the door. It was Kunj.
Kunj-RT uncle some people have come to meet you.
RT smiled and kissed his daughters forehead and went downstairs with Leela.
Kunj looked at Twinkle and smiled.
Kunj- By the way listen to me Twinkle.
Twinkle- hmmm
Kunj- if we have a daughter she won’t get married.
Twinkle- What are you saying Kunj?
Kunj- I mean she will get married but we will get her a ghar jamai (house son in law)
Twinkle looked at him and then she looked at her sisters who were admiring the would father. She was about to say something to Kunj but he left the room.
Twinkle looked at her sisters and told them that she is coming back in a bit. She left the room.

Twinkles room
Twinkle entered her room and saw Kunj on his phone.
He was talking to someone. Twinkle hugged him from behind.
Kunj smiled and disconnected the phone call.
Twinkle- Kunj I never knew that you would be such a protective father.
Kunj turned around and kissed her forehead.
Kunj- I love you and our baby
Twinkle-I love you too Kunj she said and hugged him.
The screen freezes on the their hugging faces

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