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Happy Birthday Baby, I hope you have a amazing day. I pray this year brings lots of success and happiness in your life. Lots of love your simiyy di!???
Surprisingly my brother also had a baby boy today morning , he is really cute and healthy…
Guys sorry I have been really busy lately as college is going to start next week ,also eid is coming up that’s why I haven’t been able to post my ff twinj:pyar ka bandhan. I will ft to post soon.

Twinkle taneja : best friend of kunj and share everything with him. Youngest child of leela and rt who always gets compared with her sisters mahi and Alisha.

Kung Sarna: best friend of twinkle always there with her . Helps in his fathers business and is the CEO.

A beautiful house is shown where a family is having breakfast.agirl comes in hurriedly and apologises for being late.
G- sorry I was finishing of my assignment my manager want it in today and I couldn’t finish it yesterday as I was busy helping Alisha di… She was interrupted by Alisha
A- can you stop bringing me in … You are late so just admit it twinkle
The other girl is revealed to be twinkle .
RT- twinkle just sit down and have your breakfast…i don’t have time listening to you
L- twinkle beta hurry up …
Twinkle ate her breakfast and left home … She had tears in her eyes as none understood her they always listend to her sister instead of her. There was only one person who could understand her . Her best friend Kunj.

On her way to office
Her phone rang and she picked it up.
B-stop crying I don’t like it when you cry
T- how do you know I am crying?
B- because I am your best friend Kunj
T- thank you Kunj for always being there for me … No one understand me apart from you…
K- stop crying and listen to me… I am going out for a few days and will be back on Monday so look after yourself ok and don’t hesitate to call me cause I am always there for you
T- do you have to go ?
K- it’s a important business meeting otherwise I would have met you and went…don’t cry and stay strong.. Bye take care…
T- bye I am going to miss you
Twinkle and Kunj were best friends from childhood they understood each other really well. Usha kunjs mother always wanted a daughter but only had sons she always wished that twinkle becomes her daughter in law but she never wanted to spoile twinjs friendship.

Taneja Mansion …
Twinkle came home and was surprised to see her elder sister mahi with her husband yuvraj. Twinkle went and hugged her sister and was about to go when she was stopped by UV.
UV- won’t you meet me Saale sahiba.
Twinkle smiled and gave a side hug to UV she felt uncomfortable but had no choice …she didn’t want to say anything that would spoil that atmosphere
L- twinkle go get ready dear … UV cousin brother Amar is coming to see Alisha …
T- Ji mama… (In her mind … Why does none tell me anything .. And way is uv here for I always feel so uncomfortable when he is around on top of that his cousin is coming and I always feel so uncomfortable when they are here .. I feels that something will happen to me…)
Later on that evening Alisha and amars marriage was fixed I was going to happen a week later .
Twinkle received a call from kunj who said he won’t be able to make it for the wedding as his meetings have been delayed .
2 weeks later.
Alisha and amar had got married . Kunj was still not back. Leela had told usha that she would like twinj to get married .
Mahi and Alisha were coming over for dinner with there husbands. However they decided to go
shopping first with leela. Twinkle was at home alone in her room. She was talking to usha and asked when her best friend will be back. Twinkle also told her that she was home alone and everyone was supposed to come for dinner . She heard the doorbell ring and went to open the door . The phone was still on. When she opened the door she was shocked to see both of her
brother in laws . She greeted them in asked if they would want something . She left the phone on . Usha also never cut it as she always thought that uv and amar are not right.
A- twinkle come and sit here … Next to me.. He began to come closer to her…
Uv- Saale sahiba … You are so pretty compared to your sisters.. He said as she moved his finger
across her face.
Twinkle was trying her best to escape but couldn’t she say crying and screaming …
Suddenly someone pushed amar and started to beat him . There person then Began to have a fight with uv. He then ran toward twinkle and hugged her and she hugged him too. The rest of the family came and saw twinh hugging and uv Amat on the floor. Uv and Amat lied and said that they saw twinj together and Kunj started to hit him when they asked him to go away.
Twinkle was greeted by a slap by her father …
RT- I always knew that this girl will do something that will tarnish our reputations …. Leela call usha ji and tell her we will get these 2 married Tommoro in the gudwara.
L- let’s listen to her at least she looks to scared…
A&M-mum are you trying to say our husbands are lying
T- papa please listen to me … Don’t ruin kinks life…
RT- you have lost that right to call me papa and don’t tell me what to do or not .
K- uncle I will marry twinkle tomorrow morning itself and will keep her saw happy that she will forget you all… Then a time will come. When you realise how bad you were with her and will want her back.
Twinkle room.
Twinkle was crying with her head on her mothers lap…
Leela thinking- thank god Usha had called me and Kunj came on time otherwise I don’t know hat would have happened with her .
L- twinkle listen.. Forget everything that has happened in your life so far.. Start a new life with kinj tomorrow
Twinj get married to each other all the family members are present .
During her bidaai she only hugged leela.. Rt and her sisters refused to meet her.
Her brother in laws looked at her a smirked. This was noticed by leela , Kunj and usha. Junk held twinkles hand and left from the gudwara for home.
Twinkle was welcomed into her new family with lots of love.

Twinj room-
T- thank you so much if it wasn’t for you I would ha e killed my self .. She said sobbing ..
K- don’t say that again… You will always be special for me… He hugged her and asked her to change her clothes as it was still the morning. Twinkle changed into a red Anarkali and was looking reply,pretty.. Kung was mesmerised to see her and compliment her.
Kunj left for office and twinkle spent the rest of the day with her mother in Law.she then made dinner. She cooked daal, Sabzi,puri,and rice with the help of her mother in Law. She had so made gajar halwa.
The food was appreciated y everyone in the family

Twinj room at night
K – sleep on the bed I will sleep on the sofa.
Twinkle stopped him and took him to the bed… They person who can save me from being raped can do anything for me I know that he won’t do anything without my permission… She made Kunj lie down next to her.
It was silent for a few mins .. Kung new something was bothering her..,
K-spill the beans … Ik you want to tell me something…
T- no one has ever understood me in my life kunj papa always loved mani and Alisha more. He never cared about me ever… Mama was always scared of papa so she couldn’t take my side… My so called sisters never loved me they believed there husbands who they ah e only know for sometime then me who they have know all there life’s…. Kunj if you never arrived on the right time then… She starts to cry .
Kunj immediately hugged her and asked her to stop to cry – he made her drink water.. It’s a new start for both of us so let’s forget everything and start fresh …
T- okay mr sarna
K- thank you Mrs Kunj Sarna. They smiled .
They were both laying down next to each other but twinkle couldn’t sleep.
She kept going closer to Kunj when suudeny she felt to hands hugging her. She also hugged Kunj . Kunj kept rubbing his fingers on her hair and she finally fell asleep on his cheast.

Twinkle woke up and saw how they were sleeping and smiled .
She got ready and went down. She started Pooja as she was the new daughter in law.
She made everyone’s tiffin
M- I am so happy that my other daughter in law is also very Goode blessed her and left for office.
Us ha brought some bangles and gave it to twinkle as it belonged from there ansectories .
Days passed and twinjs friendship became stronger and they began to come closer . Twinkle couldn’t thank her babaji enough for giving her a supportive family and caring husband…
Twinkle and Kunj went to dinner and on there way back twinkle demanded to have kulfi
T- please Kunj
K- noo
However they were noticed by a few unwanted people .
Uv- salisahiba It seems like your husband don’t want you to have ice cream
T- no he don’t want me too fall ill she said…. Let’s go Kung I.dont want to spoil my mood.. As she walked passed she saw her sisters . They looked at each other but Kung held twinkle hand and hey walked till the car.
The car journey was silent . They went home changed and sleep

Luthra mansion
Amar and uv were talking about how they trapped but there bad luck that mahi and Alisha heard everything .
A- we blamed our sister when it wasn’t her fault
M- marrying you was the biggest mistake of my life.
Uv&A- listen to us
They stormed off and went to taneja house and told rt everything…
Rt was shocked . Leela told them that they should have listened to twinkle but now it’s too late.
L- twinkle and Kunj have always been best friends from childhood . That day when everything happened us ha rang me and told me how she was talking to twinkl and everything happened. Babaji sent Kung as a angel and saved our daughter. I am so happy that she has got such as good life partner. You always failed to understand twinkle. I fear that it’s too late .
The tanejas rushed to sarna mansion
U- aap log yah a
Rt- where is my daughter
Manohar- now you remember she is your daughter?… Twinkle and Kunj have gone out of the city as King had a an important meeting so twinkle went with him too.
Rt- but where?
Manohar -I don’t find it important to tell you…
The tanejas were about to leave but us ha went to leela and assured her that twinkle is fine…

Kunj and twinkle are on there way to goa.there was still time for the plane to take off.
Twinkle was sitting on the Window seat and Kunj next to her. Another girl comes and sits next to kunj and starts to talk to him which makes twinkle a bit jealous.
G- hey handsome .
Kunj and twinkle were shocked at the way she greeted …
K- hi
G- so what’s your name?
K- Kunj sarna .. Wbu?
G- omg the ceo of sarna empires… I am rupali Singh
K- nice too meet you…

The plane was about take off and twinkle was scared of take off so she quickly held kunjs hand he smiled at her and held her hand … When the plane took off Kunj side hugged twinkle and asked her to sleep. Twinkle fell asleep on Kunj fell asleep on kunj shoulder.
R- you love your wife a lot don’t you… You can see it in your eyes..
This made Kunj blush and said yes…
Rupali excused herself and put her seat a bit back and listened to music.
Kunj thinking- I don’t know when that day will come where I will be able to confess my love for you. I’ know we have been best friends from childhood… But I have always loved you a lot.. I realised I love you when I went to London 4 years ago for my studies.. I missed you so much … But thank fully we still stayed in contact. And thanks to Babaji we are married now.

The flight had landed and twinj checked in their hotel.they were shocked to see there room was a honeymoon suit. From inside both Kung and twinkle were happy but weren’t showing it.
K- ummm. I will go ask for another room.
T- it’s ok Kunj… Let’s rest for some time as we have to go for a meeting early in the morning .
The meeting had finished and Twins had 2 more days left so they decided to Roam about in goa. The first day they did sight seeing and brought gifts for everyone…. Kung secretly brought a ring for twinkle as he though it’s the right time to tell her his feelings…twinkle also brought a ring for Kunj…
The next day in the evening…
K- twinkle this is for you … I hope you like it … If you don’t mind can you wear it today
T- twinkle opened the wrapper and say a long peach gown that had a silver strap (same one as she wore in tei)
T- omg Kunj I love it so much she said in excitement and pecked his cheek… She realised what she had done and started to blush… I will go get ready …
Twinkle got ready and Kunj couldn’t take his eyes off her… This made her blush..
K-you look beautiful…
T- thank you…
They had there dinner… They then had a little dance and we’re back on the way to the hotel… They were going through the beach and were holding each other’s hands.
Twinj – I want to tell you something…
K- you first
T- no you…
K- I know that we have been best friends since childhood. But I never realised when I feel in love
with you…I ant imagine my life without you… I love you … A smile appeared on twinkles face…
T- I love you too kunj … I can’t live without you…

They hugged each other really tight and didn’t want to let go… Kunj was leaning in to kiss twinkle but backed off
T- what happened .
K- I don’t want to come close without your permission … Twinkle smiled at his honestly and the respect he had for her and pecked him on the lips shocking him…
T- come lets go to our room.
They reached their room quickly and hugged each other again..
K- this is for you… He makes her wear the ring.. Twinkle also makes him wears the ring he
brought for her…
This time they both lean in forward and share a passionate kiss. They then stop .. And smiles at each other .
K- do I have the permission to come closer.
Twinkle nodded her head and was shy… Kung carried her in his arms and went to the bed he
switched of the light and came on top of her. They finally consummated there Marriage

Next morning..
Two bodies have finally become one and are sleeping in each others embrace …twinkle wakes up and blushes rembering her night .
K- stop blushing … I can’t control myself then …
T- chup Ho jao…
K- on a serious note I hope your feeling ok… I hope I never hurt you much…
T – it was the best night of my life thank you… I love you Kunj
K- I love you too

Twinj came home and were surprised to see Taneja family there.
Twinkle greeted all the sarna family and only hugged her mother
L- tu teek hai
T- Ji maa
Rt was about to hug but she went and stood next to manohar ho always loved her as a daughter .
Rt- what happend …will you not meet your father…
T – I am standing next to my father she looked at Manohar and smiled
A- please forgive us … We shouldn’t have trusted our so called husbands…
Ma- we at sorry twinkle
Twinkle went to her mother and said that she can’t forgive anyone so easily … The tanejas had left . The atmosphere became quiet for some time…

2 months later…
Twinkle would only talk to her mother whilst her father and sisters regretted being bad to her
Twinkle was waiting for Kunj to arrive as she wanted to tell her something .
Twinj were laying down on the bed when twinkle said to Kung she wants to tell her something.
She put his hand on her stomach and said we are having our baby…
Kung was so happy that he kissed her on the lips and forbidden her for doing any work.
The next day they went to the doctors and did a check up and the reports were all positive .
The good news was broken to the family everyone was happy.
Usha rang leela
L- Kay mein Nani banai wali Ho…
U- haan

9 months later
Operation room… Kunj was holding twinkles hand assuring her everything will be good.
Usha and leela were waiting outside when they heard a baby cry … They were so happy that they hugged each other .
Doctor- congratulations it’s a girl
Twinkle and Kunj looked at each other and smiled and twinkle held her angel in her arms, Kunj was scared to hold his princess but twinkle made him hold her. He told her it’s his best gift of the world and kissed twinkles forehead. usha and leeway were happy to see there granddaughter. Twins named there daughter Malika .
Twinkle had started to talk to her father and sister when Malika was 4 months.
Mahi and Alisha found other guys and got married .

4 years later..
Twinjnwere blessed with twins a girl and a boy again. Malika was happy on being a big sister.
Twinj couldn’t ask babaji for anything better .
K- true love lies in friendship
T- i know I loveyou …
K- I love you too..
Like other stories they lived happily ever after with there 3 children.

Sorry if there are any mistakes I never read it again .
Please comment negative and positive.
Happy Birthday Baby once again xxxx

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