Tashan- E-Ishq A Twinj os


Who knew that night would change our lives

A hotel is seen with people celebrating their college reunion. Many people are enjoying themselves by dancing. A girl who is dancing on the dance floor is about to fall as she is not stable on her heels. But a pair of stings hands don’t let her fall. She opens her eyes slowly and sees that she is in the arms of the most bachelor person in Amritsar Kunj Sarna.
He slowly lifts her up.
Kunj- So Miss Twinkle Taneja you still haven’t changed?
Twinkle- what do you mean?
Kunj- you are still as clumsy as you were 3years ago but I must admit your cute
Twinkle- thanks Kunj
Kunj- long time no seen where have you been?
Twinkle- In Amritsar really continued with modelling
Kunj- thats good
Twinkle- what about you?
Kunj- I help Dad in his business
Kunj- So are you not in a relationship with UV anymore. I remember you were going to get engaged after college.
Twinkle- I broke my engagement as I don’t think UV was the best person for me. He was having an affair with Mahi Khanna from our college. I heard they got married a few months ago. Anyway what happened about Alisha?
Kunj- she never loved me. She got married to a guy called Varun as he had more money than me.
Twinkle- So your single like me
Kunj- yes I am
Twinkle smiled.

All the other girls were jealous of Twinkle as she was talking with the bachelor of Amritsar and the boys were jealous of Kunj as he was talking to Miss Amritsar
Kunj- can I have a dance with this beautiful lady.
Twinkle smiled and gave her hand. They danced with each other romantically. They both felt that there was optometrist sort of connection there.
Soon they both went home
It had become a regular thing for them to talk over the phone and go for coffee.
One day they went out for dinner but Kunj car broke down on the way.
Kunj- I think we are going to have to stay in a hotel near by
Twinkle- why
Kunj- the car is broken down and we won’t find any taxi now
They go to a hotel near by.
Kunj- can we have 2 Rooms please
Receptionist- sorry sir we only have 1 room.
They take the keys and go to the room.
They entered the room sat down on the bed and started to talk but suddenly they got romantic
Kunj- Twinkle whenever I see your eyes I feel like getting lost in them?
Twinkle smiles
Kunj- whenever I see your lips I feel like kissing them all day.
He then look at her eyes and lips. Twinkle gives him permission with his eyes. They both lean closer and share a deep passionate kiss. They break the kiss after 10minutes .
Twinkle- Kunj whenever I see you I feel complete.
Kunj smiled and captured her lips again.

Read at own risk.
He then stopped kissing her lips . He went down and kissed her neck . He gave her a love bite making her moan his name. He then went down and kissed her cleavage then gave her a love bite. After a while Twinkle opened his shirt buttons and threw his shirt out of the way. Kunj then slowly removed her dress of her leaving her in 2 pieces only. He then went to her navel and kissed her there. She kept moaning his name making him go crazy. So they both were completely undressed and got intimate. Twinkle was enjoying the pleasurable pain and Kunj was also having fun. They stopped after 3 hours as sleep took over them.

The next morning Twinkle woke up. She saw that she was in Kunj embrace and remembered what happened the night . A small smile appeared on her face. Kunj woke up and saw her. He also remembered what had happened the night before and smiled. They both shared a deep eye lock which then leaned in for another kiss. They were enjoying themselves but the kiss was broken by Kunj phone as it had rang. Kunj was talking to the person on the phone and Twinkle got another duvet and wrapped herself in it. She got her clothes and went in the bathroom. When she came out of the bathroom she covered herself with her arms and she was wearing a short dress but her upper body was covered with love bites. Kunj saw her and removed his jumper and gave it to her to wear. Without saying anything she wore it. Kunj car was now fixed and he dropped her home. The car journey was quiet.
Twinkle went to her house and to her luck no one was in. She went to her room and went in the shower. She remembered her and Kunj moments. A blush appeared on her face.
Twinkle- Kunj I love you she said loudly in the shower. But she remembered that whatever happened shouldn’t have and maybe Kunj don’t love, maybe it was an attraction that they both couldn’t control.
She came out of the shower in her bath robe. To her surprise her mother was in her room.
Twinkle- Maa app yaha is everything ok?
Leela- yeah everything is ok. Wear this salwar kameez in the evening as the Sarna are coming
Twinkle- why are they coming Maa?
Leela- you will find out everything when they come. Just dress up properly
Twinkle was nervous as she didn’t know how to face Kunj
On the other side
Kunj was happy as they were going to go to the Taneja house. He knew that there was something between him and Twinkle but couldn’t work out what.

The Sarna arrived Kunj took blessings from Leela and Twinkle took blessings from Manohar and Usha. They all sat down and began to talk. Kunj would look at Twinkle and when she would look at him he would look away. Twinkle did the same thing.
Manohar – we can talk about other stuff later let’s talk about the thing we came for
Usha – Twinkle beta we understand that your engagement broke but it’s important to move on in life. The same thing goes to you Kunj. Alisha left you so you have to move on.
Leela- we know that you 2 are good friends and friendship is the first step to everything. So we have decided to get you 2 married.
Twinj- What they both said together.
Manohar- you have heard right. Go talk for some time but I am sure that the answer will be positive.
Leela- Twinkle go to the garden with Kunj.
They both go to the garden and just sit down silently. They both a happy from the inside but are not showing it.
Kunj- I think we should go inside
They both go in and are happy to see their parents smiling.
Manohar- Kunj what have you thought about?
Kunj- if Twinkle is happy I don’t mind
Leela then asked Twinkle and she smiled.
Everyone was happy and started to congratulate each other.
The wedding was decided to happen a week later.
It was a very big Punjabi wedding at it was he most desirable boy and girls wedding in Amritsar.
The wedding and other functions happened nicely. During the wedding week Twinkle felt weak. She fainted twice and would wake up and vomit.
After the wedding Twinj went to a resort.
Twinkle was sitting down on the bed waiting for Kunj to come. During the wedding week they both didn’t communicate with each other at all.
Kunj came in a Twinkle was nervous. She sat down next to her and held her hand.
Kunj- I know after that night things became awkward for us. But ever since that party , our regular meetings I have fallen in love with you. Twinkle smiled
Kunj- I love you Twinkle
Twinkle had tears in her eyes and Kunj wiped them
Kunj- why are you crying
Twinkle- I am happy Kunj I thought it was 1 sided love only. I love you too
They both hugged each other in with in no time their clothes were off and they got intimate with each other.
After some time
Twinkle was sleeping on Kunj chest whilst he was holding her waist.
Twinkle- Kunj I need to tell you something?
Kunj- hmmm
Twinkle- I am pregnant
Kunj- what
Twinkle nodded her head. She told him how she felt weak during the wedding week and how she had secretly done a pregnancy test with a kit.
Kunj was very happy and kissed her forehead
They decided to to tell anyone soon as they would have a doubt hat Twinkle might have become pregnant before marriage. 3 weeks later they broke the news that they were going to b parent. Everyone was happy.
Twinkle and Kunj lived a happy life with each other looking forward for their future.

I hope you enjoyed it
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Some of you may know that I am wring 3 ff at the moment- friendship,trusts and love, we went with the flow and parenthood. I do try to post my ff regularly but from now on I will only be able to post twice a week. I hope you understand.
Thanks a lot

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