Tashan e Ishq twinj os thanks for coming in my life


A Twinj OS- thanks for coming in my life

I have been in a love in relationships with my boyfriend Kunj for9 months Even though we live together in one house, one room and the same bed we never cross the limit.
From a young age I always wanted someone to love me as crazy. I met Kunj in Mumbai . He was my best friend Mahi boyfriends best friend. Before we knew it me and Kunj ended up falling for each other and decided to live together. There were many similarities between us . Both of us originally belonged from Amritsar and sadly his parents died 2 years ago and my mother was divorcedmy mother loved her business more than anything and her children from her second husband who also divorced her maybe that’s why she doesn’t know I am living with my boyfriend. BY the way I am twinkle taneja.

Kunj- Twinkle Twinkle where are you.
I am here Kunj I shouted from our bedroom.
He rushed to out bedroom and went and hugged Twinkle.
Twinkle- What happend Kunj?
Kunj- you won’t believe it that I have got a job as a CEO at kappor industries.
Twinkle- WOW that’s amazing congratulations baby I said and hugged him.
Kunj then took out a ring from his pocket and placed it in my finger and I smiled.
He then kissed my hand and held it- I have loved you from the day I saw you. We decided to live together to support each other and be there for each other. When I asked you if you are ready for the live in relationship you were hesitant at first but I assured you that when I stand on my own feet I will marry you. That day is her now. So Miss Twinkle Taneja will you accept me your boyfriend Kunj Sarna as your husband.
Twinkle with tears in her eyes- of course I will she said and hugged him.
He hugged her back.They both leaned in a shared a passionate deep kiss. They broke the kiss after some time and hugged each other again.
Kunj- listen we are going Amritsar tomorrow to tell your mum about is
Twinkle- I hope mum has time for me tomorrow
Kunj- I am sure she will

Next day
They reached Amritsar . Twinkle went to her home whilst Kunj went to a hotel
Twinkles mother didn’t have time to have time to talk to
Twinkle house
Twinkle- can I speak with you just for a few minutes
Twinkle mum- yes tell me but be quick
Twinkle- I met someone in Mumbai and he is coming in the evening to met you all
Twinkle mum- your telling me this now anyway it’s good you have found someone yourself so in the future you don’t blame me if your marriage breaks
Twinkle had tears in her eyes and goes to her room and gets ready.
Kunj comes to Twinkle home with his mother.
Leela- have a seat
They sit down and talk
Twinkle also comes down and sits next to her mother.
Leela asks Kunj some questions and then agrees to make Kunj her son in lwa.
The marriage was then fixed in 2 days. It was just going to be a small one
Twinkle home.
Mahi was at Twinkls house whilst Uv was with Kunj
Mahi- I can’t believe that you are getting married before me
Twinkle- I know

Mahi- did you tell aunty that you and Kunj lived together before.
Before Twinkl could say anything her mother slapped her across the face.
Leela- I feel ashamed of calling you my daughter, how could you stay with someone before your marriage, after you get married did not ever show me you face
Twinkle with tears- maa I never crossed my limits, you only divorced papa because you stared to Ike RT uncle didn’t you feel ashamed of having an affair with your husbands friends. You got pregnant with someone else child when you were married to dad and that why he divorced you. You never had time for me. You always wanted profit in business and loved your other kids . When I met Kunj he used to do everything to make me smile he is just prefect for me . You know what I will never contact you after I get married I promise.
Leela left the room and Twinkle made a promise from Mahi not to tell Kunj what happened
2 days later the marriage took place and Twinj left for Mumbai
They reached there house . Before they entered Kunj asked twinkle to forget all the bad memories she had is the past and start the new life with lots of love.
Kunj then carried her in his arms and entered the house.
He carried her to the bedroom and placed her on the bed.
Kunj- can we become one today

Twinkle shock her head in a yes shyly.
They shared a deep liplock . Kunj then removed Twinkles necklace and placed love bites on her neck making her moan his name. He slowly opened removed all of her Jewellery and removed his shirt. Twinkle then came on top of him and kissed him wildly. He then turned there positions and was over her. Slowly they both undressed each other and Kunj enters her . Twinkle was about to scream but Kunj stopped her by kissing her on the lips trying to make her feel ok.
Kunj- are you ok?
Twinkle- yes Kunj thanks for making me yours .
4years later
Kunj and Twinkle had been blessed with 2 daughters.
There older daughters name was Amaya and she was 3years old. There younger daughters name was Sanaya and she was 5months old.
Twinkle was feeding Sanaya whilst Amaya was sleeping on the bed.
Kunj walked into the room.
Twinkle- Kunj can you please take Amaya and make her lay down properly in their room I will bring Sanaya after I fed her.
Kunj does as his wife told him.
Twinkle brings Sanaya who was now sleeping and makes her sleep in the cot next to Amayas bed.
Twinkle and Kunj were admiring there daughters.
Kunj- thank you

Twinkle- for what?
Kunj- giving me my beautiful daughters.
Twinkle- it wouldn’t be possible without you she said
Kunj went and switched on the baby senser in case the children wake up.
Twinkle- what are you doing Kunj?
Kunj- Twinkle come on baby
He then lifted carried her in his arms and took her to their room.
They made love .
Twinkle- Kunj thanks for coming in my life and making it perfect
Kunj smiled and kissed her- its my pleasure

Happy Birthday Chiku
Hope you have a good day and many more to come.
I hope you enjoyed it

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  1. SidMin

    Loved it so sweet ??
    Love you keep posting more stories ?

  2. Ramya

    It was awesome simiyy loved it n love u

  3. Chiku

    Hey simiy
    Woaaaah its just amazing ????????lovely. I loved it to the core. So sweet os. Its just mindblowing. U r amazing. Lovely

    U know i suck in writing long comments. All i can say is i am blessed to have u as my frnd. Thank u sooo mucj for everything. ??????????
    Love u?

  4. Adya

    Superb story dear…write more…
    Loads of love

  5. SidMin23

    I just loved it and you’re really good writer and keep writing on twinj.

  6. oh its beautiful. the intimacy scene was beautiful. you haven’t crossed the limits. please update the next one soon as possible. still today i love twinj pair most

  7. dreamer...arundhati

    Simy lovely

  8. Its sooooo swtttttt and cute…..luv it very much …..I love twinj very much and more….keep writing….

  9. Hey simmy,
    Too gud.Lovely plus sweet os.N sry I won’t b able to cmt as today is my last day on TU but I will b back soon.Don’t forget me n will miss u.Bye.Keep writing.

  10. Aanya_pandey

    Amazing yrr jst loved it

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