TASHAN-E-ISHQ TWINJ OS = My marriage was a surprise and shock

A room is shown where 3 girls are getting ready.
Chinki= I am ready
Mahi= So am I, Twinkle how long are you going to be?
Twinkle= Just 5 more minutes
Mahi and Chinki sit on the bed waiting for Twinkle. Her 5 minutes end up being 25 minutes.
Mahi=Come on Twinkle, how long are you going to be?
Twinkle= what do you mean how long are you going to be? Do you know how hard it is to wear a dress under this heavy anarakli she complained and came out
Chinki= Finally your ready
Twinkle= Can you tell I am wearing a dress underneath
Mahi= No now lets go before aunty comes.
They all go downstairs and see Twinkle mother Leela
Twinkle= Maa we are going now
Leela= Ok beta, take care

Twinkle kisses her ,they all go out of the house.
Mahi= Twinkle are you going to drive?
Twinkle= No Chinki can
Chinki= Ok
Chinki starts to drive. Mahi is sitting next to her on the side seat, whilst Twinkle is removing her Asian clothes and jewellery. She put on some red lipstick and changed her sandals into black wedges.
Twinkle= phew finally I am ready
Chinki and Mahi smiled.
She was wearing a black short dress just above her knees.
Chinki stopped the car where a bike was waiting.
Twinkle comes out of the car and sits behind the bike and gives a back hug to the guy. The guy smiles so do Mahi and Chinki. She waves her hand to them and they leave.
Guy= Are you ready for a long drive baby?
Twinkle= of-course I am she said and back hugged him tighter.
The guy started to drive the bike faster and they were both enjoying the ride. After some time the guy stops the bike near a beach.
They both come out of the bike and have a long walk on the beach. Twinkle was resting her head on her bf shoulder and he was holding her tightly.
Twinkle= Jaan I need to tell you something
BF= so do I, go ahead first
Twinkle= Baby please don’t get angry though
BF= I won’t jaan

Twinkle= I heard maa talking to someone on the phone today about my wedding , apparently a marriage proposal has come for me, when I asked her she said she will tell me later, I am really scared, Jaan
BF= don’t worry , I am sure nothing bad will happen he kissed her forehead and she hugged his tightly. He smirked without Twinkle noticing (Who is her boyfriend?)
Twinkle broke the hug= I thought you wanted to tell me something too.
BF= actually papa told me that there is this girl he wants me to marry, he hasn’t given me a choice
Twinkle in tears= Now what are we going to do
BF= I am sure nothing can separate
Twinkle= I hope so too
BF= listen I don’t know what’s going to happen but just follow your heart
Twinkle nodded her head. Soon Chinki and Mahi arrived to collect Twinkle. She hugged her BF and went inside and sat in the car. They both noticed she is upset.
Chinki= What happened Twinkle why are you upset?
Twinkle with tears= wohh she tells them about her bf parents and what she heard her mother say.
Chinki and Mahi both looked at each other and smiled.
Mahi= Twinkle don’t worry I am sure everything will be fine
Chinki= yes Twinkle try to talk to aunty
Twinkle= what will I tell mum? After papa passed away maa has always done the best for me. I can’t even believe I dated a guy without telling maa
Mahi= duffer which girl tells her mother she has a BF
Chinki= Listen Twinkle whatever happened just follow your heart.
Twinkle= hmmm

The next day
Twinkle was in her room thinking about what will happen next. She also realised that her BF had not texted or called her after their last night talk. She was in her deep thoughts when her mother entered her room.
Leela= Twinkle beta where are you lost?
Twinkle= oh maa app. Nowhere why?
Leela= I want to share an important and good news with you
Twinkle= jee
Leela= do you remember you asked me yesterday who I was talking too, it was my close friend, She would like her son to get married to you.
Twinkle= What? I don’t even know her son.
Leela= tell me if you have someone else in your life, I will say no straightway to my friend
Twinkle= maa can I have some time to think please?
Leela= ok puttar
She leaves her room.
Twinkle was thinking in her room about what her mother said to her. She rang her friends Chinki and Mahi and told them. They both told her to follow her heart. She disconnected the call and looked at her and her BF photo on her phone. She then called him and messaged him but he never answered.
Dinner time
Twinkle and Leela were having their dinner and Twinkle decided to share her decision with her mother.
Twinkle= maa I have decided something.
Leela= tell me

Twinkle= I am ready to marry your friends son, but I have 1 condition.
Leela= condition, what?
Twinkle= I don’t want to meet the boy, know his name or see his picture until the wedding day.
Leela= why puttar?
Twinkle= Please maa
Leela= ok
The wedding was decided to happen2 weeks later. During these2 weeks Twinkle never contacted her boyfriends, neither did he bother. Mahi and Chinki were very happy for her friend.
The wedding day had arrived. Twinkle was dressed in a traditional red and gold lengha. With gold jewellery and her churas. The bharaat had arrived and leela welcomed the boy and his family.
Twinkle came down with her friends. Finally her eyes meet her to be husband. She was shocked to see that he was no-one else other than Kunj her boyfriend.
Chinki= how was the surprise
Mahi= Come on to be Mrs Twinkle Kunj Sarna go sit next to your Jaan she winked at her.
Twinkle quietly= Did you 2 know that I am marrying Kunj?
Chinki= of course we did, it was his plan.
Twinkle was shocked that she was going to marry her boyfriend who kept no contact with her for 2 weeks. She was shocked and didn’t know how to react. She was then made to sit next to Kunj. He looked at her and smiled but she didn’t bother to look at him. She was happy and also upset, angry.
The wedding ceremony had got completed and Twinkle was now Mrs Kunj Sarna. During the Bidaai Twinkle hugged her mother and cried a lot. Shen then hugged her best friends and whispered “I hate you “in their ears. They couldn’t stop but laugh during this emotional moment.
During the Ghar pravesh ritual. Kunj had to carry Twinkle in his arms for her to enter as it was a family tradition. They completed the post wedding rituals and Twinkle was sent to her new room. Kunj entred the room and was shocked to see that all the roses were scattered on the floor and Twinkle was not in the room. Twinkle finally came out of the bathroom and was changed in her nightdress. Kunj ran and hugged her.
Kunj= where did you go, I was so scared.

Twinkle didn’t hug him back.
Twinkle= its late change your clothes and go to sleep.
Kunj= are you angry with me?
Twinkle didn’t say anything .
Kunj= I am asking you something
Twinkle= just go and change your clothes.
Kunj obeyed his new wife and went to change his clothes. When he came out he saw Twinkle was lying down on the couch. He knew if he tried talk to her she would just show him attitude. So he carried her in his arms and placed her on the bed properly to sleep. She didn’t say anything. She saw he was going to the bed to couch to sleep so she stopped him.
Twinkle= there is no need for you to sleep on the couch when there is a bed
Kunj= but your angry with me
Twinkle= just come on the bed and go to sleep.
Kunj went and laid down next to her. Both of them were quiet and couldn’t go to sleep as they didn’t except their wedding night to be like this. Kunj decided to break the silence.
Kunj= I’m sorry jaan , please forgive me, I just wanted to surprise you
Twinkle= surprise Kunj, Really? You gave me a heart attack. You made me hate you knowing that I love you. Kunj do you know how I felt when you didn’t contact me for 2 weeks. You made me think that loving you was the worst decision of my life she said with tear in her eyes.
Kunj couldn’t see tears in her eyes and wiped them away immediately.
Kunj= I know what I did was wrong, but believe me our plan was something else?
Twinkle= OUR what do you mean?

Kunj= mines, mahi and chinki I just wanted to play a prank that I am going to get married to someone else, but really when I was supposed to come and meet you for our actual proposal I wanted to surprise you that I am the guy and you are that girl. But you dint want to meet me before our marriage.
Twinkle punched his chest = still you could’ve told me its you
Kunj= I was going to but Chinki and Mahi told me not to. It was there plan, I tried to deny but they made take a promise. You know I don’t like to break my promises.
Twinkle looked at him with a mardy face.
Kunj= I am sorry I upset you, you know I cant see you upset for long.
Twinkle= upset? I have been upset for 2 weeks and you did nothing she said and crossed her arms across her chest
He looked at her and smiled.
He went toward a cupboard and took out a small boxs. He ten bent down to his knees near her.
Kunj= To Mrs Twinkle Kunj Sarna, I know I may have upset you by not talking to you or telling you I am the person you are going to marry despite being your boyfriend, but the truth is that I love you and will always love, I am sorry please forgive me if possible.
Twinkle looked at him and her heart melted. She got of the bed and kneeled down on her knees to match him.
Twinkle= I love you too kunj, promise me you will never play a prank on me like this again.
Kunj= I promise
They both looked at each other and smiled and joined their foreheads together
The end!
Pheww that was long.
I hope you enjoyed it.
Please share your comments both negative and positive.

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