Tashan e Ishq – Twinj os (Arrange marriage with Lots of Love)


Hi guys I hope you are all well. I know many of you were upset when I ended my ff when will happiness arrive in our lives. So I thought to write this os . I will try to write a new ff soon.
I would like to thank everyone who supported me: Purnima,Agarwal,sameera ,ria,ayu,twinjfantammna,chiku,shreya098,riya,ramya,sana(sanu),anam_sidhant,twinjsidmin,sidmin,angita , kruti,sidvee,ayeshakanum,baby,romisha and sayeeda appi. I would also like to thank all the silent reader who always read my ff. sorry if I forgot to mention anyone.

A room is decorated in flowers and candles. A bride is sitting on the bed wearing a maroon and gold lengha that has a bit a green embroidery. She is very nervous and is playing with her hands.
Girls pov
Oh baba ji please make my husband be a good person who loves e and tries to understand me. I always craved for love from someone but never got. Papa gave me away as I was a burden on him. Please give me strength . pov ends
A guy enters a room and sits on the bed next to her. He removes her gunghaat and they are both mesmerized to see each other. She share a eyelock and then compose.
B- hi I am kunj he said fowaring his hands
G- hi I am twinkle she said. She is about to put her hand back but kunj stops her.
k- what happened to your hand
t- ummm… I cut it whilst cutting an apple.
k- be careful … go get changed then I will apply some cream on iy
twinkle went a wore a night maxi. She covered her arms with a duppata to cover some brusies and scars.
k-come sit here
she went and sat next to him. Kunj was applying cream with lots of care. Twinkle was admiring him.her duppata fell and she was quickly going to cover her hands but kunj stpped her
k- what happened ?
t- she didn’t reply but had tears coming out of her eyes
k- you can share everything with me he said holding her hands
t- wohhh … mum passed away when i was 16 and dad got married again. Since then my life has been like hell. His wife and her children manipulate him against me and he slowly started to hate me. I am sorry I know our wedding is just a business deal …
kunj wiped her tears and asked her to forget everything and start everything new.
k- I know our wedding is a business deal but I have taken 7 vows with you and try my best to handle it properly.
t- thank you
k- its ok…. Now lets go to sleep… you can sleep on the right side and I will sleep on the left.
They both went to sleep .

Next morning
Twinkle was getting ready infront of the mirror she was wearing a pink salwar kameez that had heavy gold embrordry on the duppata . she wore matching earing . she applied kajol in her eyes and wore pink lipstick. Kunj came out of the bathroom and was mesmerized to see her. He went to her and applied sindoor on her and made her wear a mangalsutra. He then kissed her forehead
k- you are looking beautiful … always dress up like this..
thanks twinkle said with a slight blush.
They went downstairs and twinkle prepared food that was appreciated by everyone .
4 days later.
Twinj began to share everything with each other. When kunj went to office he would always text or call twinkle when he had time. They both new that they were made for each other. In just 4 days of marriage they became really close and couldn’t imagine life without each other.
Twinj bedroom … night time
Twinj were lying down next to each other quiet closely.
t- so how was your day?
k- it was good thanks … wohhh I want to tell you something
t- yeah sure go ahead
k- my friend yuvraj is coming to Amritsar tomorrow … because he wasn’t here on our wedding him and my oher friends have decided to go out.. so would you mind
t- no not at all… its been years that I have ever been to a party … the last time I had a party was on my 16th birthday it was really good. Mum planned everything for me. She said and had tears in her eyes.
k- stop crying… now there will be many parties you will go to : our wedding anniversary, ypur birthday my birthday, soomeones in the family or our friends and then we will also keep parties for our children he said without thinking
twinkle and kunj looked at eachother and smiled.
t- its ok… lets go to sleep now
yuvraj was happy to see his friend settled with a beautiful and caring wife.
Party day
Twinkle and Kunj got ready and went to the party. Everyone was happy to see each other and had a good time.
y- so kunj how did you do arrange marriage?… I always thought you and pallavi would be together …
k- no yaar
twinkle was shocked to hear about paallavi . the car journey was quiet .

twinj bedroom
they were both lying down on the bed and twinkle was sleepin right at the edge of the bed.
k- the party was good wasn’t it.
t- hmm
k- what happened how come your so quiet?
t- no nothing.. wohhh… kuch bhi nai good night
k- what happened ?
t- nothing
k- tell me
t- nothing go to sleep …
kunj pulled twinkle towards him and her hands landed on his chest and he held her waist
k- tell me he whisperd in her ears
t- maa ki yaad ayi
k- ohh … are you sure yahi baat hai
t- hmmm
kunj put his fingers in her hair and started to stroke it . they both fell asleep with tinkle sleeping on kunj chest and him holding her by the waist they both fell asleep with a smile on their face
next morning.
Twinj both woke up at the same time and were shocked to see the positions they were sleeping in but had smiles on their face
Twinkle got up and went to get ready whilst kunj was smiling .
2days went passed and twinkle kept heslef a distance from kunj. He noticed that and thought to ask her later
Twinj room.
Twinkle walked in with clothes in her hands to put away.kunj was marching across the room.
t- what happened kunj?
k- I should be aking you what happened?
t- what do you mean?
k- since that party you have distanced yourself from me …
there was a few miniutes of silence
t- who is pallavi twinke finally said.
k- pallavi she was in a girl in my batch… apparently she had a crush on me but I would only treat her as a friend but everyone would tease me with her and I would hate it.
t- oh ok.. sorry I over reacted she said
k- its ok come here… he said pulling her into a hug. After breaking the hug …. Never hide anything from me again..
t- I wont promise she said and hugged her again.

Twinj went out for dinner one day and the Taneja family were also there.
k- I will go and pay for the bill
Taneja family came to the table and surrounded twinkle.
Step mum- someone is dressing up well
Step sis- just look at her … I wish I could still ruin all the things your dad brought for you and would shout at you for thinking it was you but really me
Step bro- chotti leave her alone… I am sure she misses my tortures the most.
Twinkle tried to get up and go but her step bro kept pshing her back to sit.
t- please let me go bhaiya
he was about to hold her from the hand but was stopped by someone
k- she is not twinkle Taneja anymore… she is twinkle kunj sarnamy wife and no one messes with her do you get it.
He held her hand and was about to leave from the restaurant but stopped near her father…
k- don’t you feel ashamed of being her father … you were blind for so many years
father- I am sorr please forgive me
k- you have only done one good thing in life and that is making twinkle marry me …. Saying this he held her hand and left the restaurant
in the car
k – I am sorry I left you alone at the table….
t- no its ok … anyway I am used to it
k- I promise you wont go through that again…
they both look at each other and come forward to have a kiss … they come back to their sense when they hear a car horn at them. They both feel awakwrad and go home . they just change their clothes and go to sleep.
Breakfast table next morning
U-this is for you 2
k- what is it maa
u- honeymoon tickets you are going paris
t- there was no need for this aunty
u- how many times shall I tell you its ma no aunty
t- sorry ma
u- I am not hearing anything I want you to enjoy yourselves. They were both feeling happy from inside but didn’t show it
there flight was the next day early morning.
There flight had landed in paris.
Kunj had booked the 2nd floor of the effiel tower for the for 20 minutes.

Twinkle was wearing English clothes that kunj brought her. She wore a short floral dress
t- wow kunj this is amazing I love it
k- and I love you
they looked at each other
k- since our wedding day I have fallen in love you. I cnat imagine my life without you… I love you twinkle he said .
t- I love you tooo. Thanks for aways being their with me. They hugged each other as tight as they could . after they share a passionate liplock . they were ditured by the waiter as they heard a knock
w- sir your time is finished …
k- thank you
they left the effiel tower and went to their hotel room. The shared another liplock then kunj carried her in his arms and placed her on the bed. He came on top of her and slowly they started to undress each other. They took their marriage to the next level and 2 bodies finally became one soul.

The end.
I hope you enjoyed it.. please comment

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