TASHAN – E – ISHQ Twinj I should have loved you from the start OS PART 1


Hi guys hope you are well. I decided to write an OS . I hope you enjoy it.

A girl is seen partying wearing a short blue dress. Her hair is flying everywhere. She is surrounded by a few guys and is dancing with them openly.
Guy1= Hey s*xy I always see you clubbing with many boys that too openly. Don’t you feel scared?
Girl= Scared of who hun? I only come to clubbing and I lovedancing with guys is the only way that makes me happy.
Guy1= Only way…. I can make you even more happy …. Spend a night with me and I promise you will want to spend more with me he said with a smirk on his face.
The girls smiles back and moves more closer to him whilst the a few other guys hoot for that one guy.

The girls puts her fingers on the boys face who smiles. But the next thing you now the girl kisses the boy on the lips. They Guy then cups her face and kisses her hardly.
Girl= Come lets go she said holding the boys hand . They go toward the hotel room.
Kunj looks at this from a distance and is shocked.
Kunj= how could you do this to me ? I loved you so much I told you to give me some time . Once I divorce Twinkle I would have come to you. I HATE YOU NOW ALISHA I HATE YOU. The other girl is revealed to be Alisha
A heartbroken Kunj manages to go home thinking about the times where his wife twinkle told him that Alisha don’t really love him. But he would always shout at her.
He goes to his bedroom and sees Twinkle waiting for him . He closes the door behind him.
Twinkle = Kunj are you okay? What happened ? Where did you go?
Kunj didn’t say anything. He just hugged her.
Twinkle was feeling really happy. It was the first time after their 4 months of married life that Kunj had hugged her.

He then broke the hug and went to the bathroom to change. When he comes out of the bathroom he sees Twinkle putting her pillow and taking her blanket to the couch.
He stops her by holding her hand. He took the pillow and put it on the bed.
Kunj= You can sleep on the bed
Twinkle= But I always sleep on the couch
Kunj = just sleep on the bed
Twinkle= where will you sleep?
Kunj= next to you on the bed I am your husband.
Twinkle smiles and sits on the bed.
Kunj comes to the bed and put his head on Twinkles lap shocking
Kunj= Twinkle I am sorry he said. He got her hand and kissed it and went to sleep on her lap.
Twinkles Pov=

Baba ji don’t know what happened to Kunj but please always keep him happy. I hope he loves me one day like I love him Pov ends
Twinkle begins to think

Taneja House
Twinkle= How can mum take my life decisions with out asking me Mahi twinkle complained to her sister.
Mahi=I am sure Mum wont do anything bad for you. She probably thinks Kunj is a good person that’s why she wants you to marry him.
Twinkle= But …. She was interrupted by Mahi
Mahi= Twinkle understand its mums last wish to see you married that’s why she is getting you married.
Mahi’s statement brought tears in both the sisters eyes.
Twinkle= tell maa I just want to meet Kunj once.
Twinkle and Kunj then met the next day in Taneja house.

Leela= Twinkle take Kunj to the terrace.
Twinkle takes him to the Terrace. There is an awkward silence for a few minutes.
Twinkle= I don’t know if you want to marry me or not but I am only doing this Marriage as my mum has gate last stage cancer and it is her last wish to se me get married she said with tears in her eyes.
Kunj= I am sorry to hear that….
Twinkle= I will always try my best to fulfil the duty of a wife.
Kunj smiles at her.
During the wedding functions Twinj began to come closer with each other. However everything changed on their wedding night.
Twinkle was waiting for Kunj on the bed. He came and sat next to her on the bed and took her hand in his. He smiles at her and she smiles back. He was about to say something but his phone rang.
Twinkle= You can answer your phones?
Thank you he said and went to answer it.
It was Alisha on the phone.
Alisha= Kunj I am sorry baby please forgive me.
Kunj= I am married now.

Alisha= I am sure you still haven’t forgiven me.
Kunj just disconnected the phone and went to the bed. He fell asleep on the right side shocking Twinkle.
Twinkle went to sleep with a dull face.
Next day
Twinkle tried to talk to Kunj but he told her that he is stressed about Business work.
A few days passed and Kunj had drastically distanced herself from Twinkle. She would try to talk to him but he would only answer in yes or no .

1 week later after their wedding
Twinkle went to her mums house and when she came back she was shocked to see Alisha in her bedroom hugging Kunj. She was taken back and accidently the vase fell on the floor.
They were both shocked to see Twinkle.
Kunj= twinkle listen to me
Twinkle= Kunj if you didn’t want to marry me you shouldn’t have.
Kunj= But it was maas last wish to see you married.
Twinkle= my maa not yours…. And I would have fulfilled her wish .
Alisha= Twinkle Kunj and Me both love each other and he is going to divorce you soon. By saying this she left with a smirk on her face.

Kunj= listen its nothing like that
Twinkle= You are going to divorce me I know . You don’t have to fulfil any of husband duties.
Kunj would go and meet Alisha as he loved her once. He was going to divorce Twinkle .
Twinkle soon found out that Alisha just wanted Kunj money. She tried to tell Kunj many times buy he didn’t believe her. However she would always fulfil the duties of a wife.
Flashback ends

Twinkle falls asleep shortly.
Next morning
Twinkle woke up but couldn’t come out of bed as Kunj was sleeping on her lap. She was admiring his in his sleep. She began to massage his head with her fingers. Soon Kunj woke up and looked at Twinkle and smiled. He then realised that he was lying down on her lap. He quickly lifted his head and put his head against the bed head. Twinkle then came out of the bed and went to get ready. She came out of the bathroom and Kunj then went to take a shower,

He came out of the shower and saw Twinkle getting ready in front of the mirror. He went to her and put sindoor on her head and made her wear her mangulstura. He was about to kiss her forehead but Twinkle moved to the side and went downstairs.
Kunj pov= Why am I feeling sad because she ignored me . What is happening to me?
I hope you liked it please comment both negative and positive

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