Tashan-e-ishq: Twinj Ki ajab daastan

Hello guys it’s Rakshita here again. This is 2nd part of my analysis. I am not very much perfect so plss forgive me if I offend someone feelings….!!!

Again, the topic is Twinj….but this time I will focus on twinj’s tashan-e-shaadi. When kunj made an entry and meet twinkle for first time, though being a stranger ,twinj felt an attachment with each other which they can feel with uv and Alisha respectively. What I think, god make these couple once a while and those couples are really lucky ones. Twinkle never felt insecure or lonely in kunj’s company. Moreover she was not afraid even if she committed a mistake as she was when she loved yuvraj. Yuvraj was just wanting to achieve twinkle to show world and he did not loved her. Had he loved her he would have known that her happiness lies in her mom’s ie leela’s happiness and leeal’s happiness lies in kunj. Twinj are perfect for each other. Twinkle is best wife while kunj is best husband any girl can think of…..!!! They may be opposite but they are made up for one another. Twinkle is so bubbly, modern,smart, talkative and loving girl….while kunj is so quiet, calm, modern with his roots embeddde in tradition. He bears everything anybody says while twinkle gives another person a very nice answer then and there. While kunj remains quiet most of the time, twinkle is no less than the chatterbox. While kunj is so practical and yet so soft hearted while twinkle believes in love and has full faith that she will get his live of life:Mr.Perfect in his so called boyfriend yuvraj.

But her life takes a very different turn when she meets kunj. Kunj is a guy who respects every body be it a girl or boy. He has two rules: never play with anybody’s feelings and never play with anybody’s respect!! He is an ideal sonn husband,jamai,brother,jiju,devar….. When he enters the show, twirj are not very happy. However, seeing kunj’s better side twinkle starts liking him but she does not reveals. Leela feels that kunj is one who deserves to be best half of twinkle. And she decides to make them marry. When twinkle come sto know , she is shattered as loves uv. However uv instead of finding a solution starts ruining his relation with twinkle…. He becomes angry with twinj’s marriage that he even tries to disrespect her and puts blame on kunj. This shows what real values uv has been brought up with!! On other hand kunj always took this blame and married twinkle and this was the best thing twinj did in their life….. From here starts there tashan-e-ishq……. A unique love story we all wish was true….It is kunj’s tashan-e-ishq and twinkle’s syappa that has brought them together……

Vo ishq hj Kya jisme tashan-e-ishq na Ho
Aur vo dushmani Hi Kya jisme jalan na Ho
Ye ishq nahi hai aasan
Apne tashan-e-ishq ko pehcan…!!!

Hope you all like it…..plss do comment only then I will continue….as fate of this article depends upon ur comments and no.of comments. Thank you
Sincere regards

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  1. Guys there is going to be kunj and yuvis badd fight in todays or tomorrows Epi…just saw it on sbb…hope nothing happens to kunj

  2. I totally agree with you every girl will love to have kunj character type of husband

  3. the first tym I saw twinj being together was in tat episode where dey both go to gurudwara n sit near each other as they don know they r sitting together n then twinkle has a wish where she says babaji I want mah husband to sit near me at dis tym n when she’s about to go her dupata falls on kunjs face . I understood there it self tat they both r gonna be d Hus n wife n not twiraj…….. N obviously I jus love twinj . rakshita I like ur episodic analysis. Coz die is d place where we can share our views . thank you soon much ……….?????keep on writing more ……..

  4. wow rakshita… awsm one..nd the poem was best…plzz continue ..lots of love…, <3 <3

  5. Rakshita …..u r so true…..I completely agree with u …..kunj is the best husband, son, dear,bhai etc….Twinkle ‘chatterbox’ …they look the best together…..made for each other…. I hope their lovely non jhok in which love is hidden continues…… Love them a lot…..?????

  6. Hoi rakshita welcome back… please continue…

  7. Wooow well said i agree qid ur each n evry sentence i cme to knw day day dey had dine prayer un gurudwara wer twinkles duppata falls on kunj bt kunj n twinkle dont identify n doo matha taaake i lov dem vry much n dont wnt dem to seprate sme times fwwl lyk kich out uv n mahi she soo dumb i dont lyk her as aperson itslef n her ovracting huh!!! Its juss freaking me out

  8. Kunj and Yuvraaj a have a big fight in the hospital ward. They both show the real tashan. But why are Kunj and Yuvraj fighting so much that it seems either one of them will survive. They both get their anger on each other and this makes an action scene seen after a long time in the show. The reason for this is Twinkle again. During Yuvraj and Mahi’s sangeet, Mahi gets hurt. There is abshagun in sangeet, the champagne bottle opener hits on Mahi’s face and she falls down. Leela worriedly rushes Mahi to hospital. Yuvraj reaches hospital and romances with Twinkle. Kunj gets to know that Yuvraj was eyeing Twinkle with bad intentions. Kunj can’t bear that Yuvraj misbehaves with Twinkle. Kunj takes Yuvraj aside and slaps him hard. Angry Yuvraj gets into a fight with Kunj. Yuvraj will bring more problems for them in next track.
    omg guys..what this now..i just read this…

    1. it is quite common spoilers tara nothing happens to kunj

  9. love u kunj…u r the best…

  10. a twinj are are always the best pair andtei is always best show no more words for it and rakshitha a gud analysis and keep writing

  11. Guys plss do comment and only then I will continue…!!!

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